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Michael Levin (II) (Actor, Ryan's Hope (1975))
Michael Levin (XVII) (Miscellaneous, The Grinder (2015))
Michael Levin (IV) (Actor, Hey Arnold! (1994))
Michael A. Levine (I) (Composer, Cold Case (2003))
aka "Michael Levine"
Michael Levine (III) (Editor, Restrepo (2010))
Michael Levinson (II) (Actor, The L.A. Complex (2012))
Michel Michelet (Composer, Voice in the Wind (1944))
aka "Michael Levine"
Michael Levine (IV) (Director, Renegade (1992))
Michael Learned (Actress, The Waltons (1971))
Michael Levy (II) (Producer, Demolition Man (1993))
Michael Trevino (I) (Actor, The Vampire Diaries (2009))
Michael Legge (II) (Actor, Angela's Ashes (1999))
Michael Le Vell (Actor, Coronation Street (1960))
Michael Levin (XIII) (Actor, Next! (2011))
Michael Levin (XV) (Editor, Freaky Eaters (2010))
Michael Levin (XIV) (Editor, Freaky Eaters (2010))
Michael Levin (XIX) (Producer, Chabad 'To Life' Telethon (1980))
Michael Levin (XXIV) (Self, Fox and Friends (1998))
Michael Levin (XVI) (Self, KI: Michael Levin (2011))
Michael Levin (XXIII)
Michael Levin (I) (Sound Department, The Times of Harvey Milk (1984))
Michael Levin (XII)
Michael Levin (XI) (Actor, K.C. (2010))
Michael Levin (XVIII) (Actor, Two Faces West (1960))
Michael Levin (III) (Editorial Department, Never Cry Wolf (1983))
Michael Levin (V) (Location Management, Out in Fifty (1999))
Michael Levin (XX) (Cinematographer, The Bearing Wall (2002))
Michael Levin (VIII) (Miscellaneous, The Daily Show (1996))
Michael Levin (XXI) (Self, Ask This Old House (2002))
Michael Levin (IX) (Music Department, Independent Lens (1999))
Michael Levin (XXII) (Producer, Road to Krasnostav (2015))
Kevin Michael Richardson (I) (Actor, Lilo & Stitch (2002))
Lawrence Michael Levine (Actor, Wild Canaries (2014))
Michael Leavy (Producer, Abnormal Attraction (2018))
Kevin Michael Martin (I) (Actor, The Last Ship (2014))
Michael Nevin (Actor, Game of Thrones (2011))
Michael Lewis (XII) (Writer, The Big Short (2015))
Michael Leone (IV) (Actor, Mr. Church (2016))
Michael Lerner (I) (Actor, Barton Fink (1991))
Michael Lembeck (Director, Friends (1994))
Devin Michael (Actor, Boy Erased (2018))
Michael Levinson (I) (Production Designer, Born This Way (2015))
Michael Lehmann (I) (Director, Hudson Hawk (1991))
Michael Levine (I) (Producer, Republic of Doyle (2010))
Michael Lehr (Stunts, Logan (2017))
Michael Levy (XXXIII) (Miscellaneous, Somewhere Between (2017))
Noah Michael Levine (Actor, Top Dog (1995))
Michael Levine (VIII) (Editor, CBS News Sunday Morning (1979))
Michael Levy (XVI) (Self, Untold Stories of the ER (2004))
Michael Levy (XII) (Production Manager, The Last Confederate: The Story of Robert Adams (2005))
Michael Levy (XXXIV) (Production Manager, Magic City (2015))
Michael Levy (XXVIII) (Camera Department, Centre Stage Chronicles (2000))
Michael Levi (Miscellaneous, 24 (2001))
Michael Levy (IX) (Miscellaneous, Dreamcatcher (2003))
Michael Levy (XXX) (Producer, Frankie & Alice (2010))
Michael Levy (VI) (Music Department, In Search of the Great Song (2016))
Michael Levy (X) (Self, The Blair Years (2007))
Michael Levy (XXVII) (Sound Department, 2012 Hero Dog Awards (2012))
Michael Levy (XXVI)
Michael Levy (XVII) (Miscellaneous, Like Dandelion Dust (2009))
Michael Levy (XXV) (Music Department, Becket 2 (2013))
Michael Levy (IV) (Miscellaneous, Batman & Robin (1997))
Michael Levy (XXXI) (Miscellaneous, Mr. Church (2016))
Michael Levy (XV)
Michael Levy (VII) (Sound Department, The Congressman (2016))
Michael Levy (VIII) (Visual Effects, Sweet Home Alabama 4 (2013))
Michael Levy (XXI) (Actor, Exhibit A (2009))
Michael Levy (XXII) (Producer, Castabajak ou le royaume à pépins (2011))
Michael Levy (III) (Actor, The Grapedealer's Daughter (1970))
Michael Levya (Miscellaneous, Gold! (2001))
Michael Levy (I) (Editorial Department, The Killing (2011))
Michael Levy (XXIII) (Actor, Harmless (2012))
Michael Levy (XVIII) (Cinematographer, Skate of Mind (2010))
Michael Levy (XIX) (Miscellaneous, Quetzal (2010))
Michael Levy (V) (Producer, Playboy: Asian Exotica (1998))
Michael Levy (XXIV)
Michael Levy (XX) (Miscellaneous, Morning Light (2008))
Michael Levy (XIV) (Producer, The Night of Pistol Pete (2004))
Michael Levy (XIII) (Editorial Department, Ethel (2012))
Michael Levy (XI) (Miscellaneous, Starz Special: The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep (2007))
Michael Levy (XXIX) (Producer, Midnight Las Vegas (2014))
Michael Levi Harris (Actor, The Hyperglot (2013))
Michael Leoni (Director, The Fame (in development))
Michael-Leon Wooley (Actor, The Princess and the Frog (2009))
Michael Blevins (I) (Actor, Chaplin (1992))
Kellen Michael (Actor, Shameless (2011))
Michael Lees (I) (Actor, King Rat (1965))
Michael Lee Kimel (Actor, Lodge 49 (2018))
Scott Michael Levine (Miscellaneous, Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000))
Michael Levine (XXIX) (Writer, EastEnders (1985))
Michael Leahy (I) (Producer, Feast (2005))
Michael Lavelle (I) (Cinematographer, Cardboard Gangsters (2017))
Michael Levitt (I) (Producer, Skin Wars (2014))
Michael Lewis (XIV) (Actor, Gladiators: The Ashes (1995))
Michael E. Levin (Director, Rip Van Nelly (2001))
Levin Michael (Editor, Freaky Eaters (2010))
Michael LeSieur (Writer, You, Me and Dupree (2006))
Michael Levine (IX) (Director, Streit's: Matzo and the American Dream (2015))
Michael Levinge (Miscellaneous, The Fundamentals of Caring (2016))
Michael Levine (XLV) (Director, Inside Out Show: Michael Levine (2002))
Michael Levine (LX) (Editor, All-American Muslim (2011))
Michael Levine (LVIII) (Music Department, Pump (2014))
Michael Levine (XLVII) (Editorial Department, Flora's Garment Bursting Into Bloom (2003))
Michael Levine (LIX) (Producer, Born to Royalty (2013))
Andrew Michael Levin (Actor, Suzy B. (2011))
Michael Levinson (VII) (Actor, Let it Go (2017))
Michael Levine (XXXVII) (Miscellaneous, Paper Man (2009))
Michael Levine (XLI) (Soundtrack, The Messenger (2009))
Michael Levinas (Composer, Le spectacle (1983))
Michael Levinsky (Actor, The Burningmoore Incident (2010))
Michael Levinson (VI) (Actor, Melborne High School (2015))
Michael Levine (II) (Camera Department, Angel Heart (1987))
Michael Levine (XXXIII) (Miscellaneous, Zero Degrees of Separation (2005))
Michael Levine (LIII) (Producer, Cafe Piscine (2012))
Michael Levine (VI) (Actor, Caged Hearts (1996))
Michael Levine (XLIII) (Actor, The Filmmaker Dead or Alive (2009))
Michael Levine (XXV)
Michael Levine (XXXII) (Actor, The Product of 3c (2007))
Michael Levine (XV) (Actor, Save the Last Dance (2001))
Michael Levine (XXXV)
Michael Levine (LVI)
Michael Levine (XXXVI) (Actor, Jason's Curse (1994))
Michael Levine (L) (Miscellaneous, The Rivals (2011))
Michael Levine (LV)
Michael Levine (XXVII)
Michael Levine (LII) (Self, The Apprentice (2004))
Michael Levine (XIX) (Actor, Triloquist (2008))
Michael Levinson (IV) (Actor, An Actor Prepares (2016))
Michael Levine (XLIV) (Actor, Souvenirs (2007))
Michael Levine (XI) (Miscellaneous, Planet of the Apes (2001))
Michael Levine (LXI)
Michael Levine (XVII) (Miscellaneous, Kingpin (2003))
Michael Levine (LIV) (Producer, Voyage Trekkers (2011))
Michael Levine (LXIII) (Music Department, LA Times: The Envelope (2015))
Michael Levine (LXII)
Michael Levine (XXIII) (Self, Advanced English: Interviews with the Famous (1995))
Michael Levine (XIV) (Actor, My Friend's Love Affair (2001))
Michael Levine (XIII) (Writer, The Wonderful World of Disney (1995))
Michael Levine (V) (Production Designer, Jacques Offenbach's The Tales of Hoffmann (Les Contes d'Hoffmann) (2012))
Michael Levine (VII) (Actor, The Drivetime (1995))
Michael Levine (X) (Visual Effects, Logan (2017))
Michael Levine (XXIV)
Michael Levine (XXXIV) (Self, Hollywood and Vine (2008))
Michael Levine (XLVI)
Michael Levine (XVIII) (Actor, Pyotr495 (2016))
Michael Levine (XII)
Michael Levine (LI) (Self, The Confession Tapes (2017))
Michael Levine (XVI)
Michael Levine (XXX) (Sound Department, Oblivion (2013))
Michael Levinson (V) (Actor, Actor Prepares (2018))
Michael Levine (XXI)
Michael Levine (XX) (Art Department, Sam and Max Hit the Road (1993))
Michael Levinson (III) (Miscellaneous, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013))
Michael Levine (XXXI)
Michael Levine (XXII) (Actor, Alcohol and Drug Addiction (2013))
Michael Levine (XLII) (Producer, Top Gear: Uncovered (2009))
Michael Levinsohn (Producer, Normativity (2018))
Michael Levine (LVII) (Producer, Suniland Inn (2017))
Michael Levine (XL) (Miscellaneous, America's Book of Secrets (2012))
Michael Levine (LXIV)
Michael Levine (XXXVIII) (Sound Department, Lollipop Dragon: The Great Christmas Race (1985))
Michael Levine (XLIX) (Producer, No Hope Left (2014))
Michael Levine (XLVIII)
Michael Levine (XXVI) (Sound Department, Passion and Romance: The Wings of the Dove (1999))
Michael Levine (XXVIII) (Producer, I Can't Believe I'm Still Single (2008))
Michael Levine (XXXIX) (Cinematographer, Release (2010))
Michael Leon (I) (Actor, Days of Our Lives (1965))
Michael P. Blevins (Producer, What's Buried in the Backyard (2018))
Michael Lewis (XLVII) (Self, TV Burp (2001))
Levi Michaels (I) (Self, My Gay Roommate (2012))
Michael Len (Miscellaneous, The Polar Express (2004))
Michael Lepre (Actor, Insidious (2008))
Michael Lesslie (Writer, Assassin's Creed (2016))
Michael Devine (III) (Actor, Limitless (2015))
Michael Levelle (Casting Department, Incendiary (2008))
Michael Paul Levin (Actor, Beyond Bob (1995))
Evin Michaels (Actor, It's Dark Here (2013))
Michael James Levy (Actor, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999))
Kevin Michael (III) (Actor, (500) Days of Summer (2009))
Levi Michaels (III) (Writer, Rose (2007))
Kevin Michael Walsh (Actor, True Blood (2008))
Michael Leon (II) (Location Management, Drag Me to Hell (2009))
Michael Levitre (Special Effects, Team America: World Police (2004))
Michelle Michaels (I) (Actress, The Slumber Party Massacre (1982))
Michael Lewen (Producer, Trainwreck (2015))
Michael Levey (I) (Writer, Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour (2000))
Michael Levan (II) (Camera Department, Subject (2008))
Michael Levey (III) (Self, The Art Game (1966))
Michael Levee (Producer, Slow Dancing in the Big City (1978))
Michael Lev (III) (Miscellaneous, Dancing in Jaffa (2013))
Michael Lev (II) (Transportation Department, Rock Ba-Casba (2012))
Michael Lever (Miscellaneous, Celebrity Expose (2007))
Michael Levan (I) (Make Up Department, The One Man Jury (1978))
Michael Lev (I) (Self, ESPN 25: Who's #1? (2004))
Michael Levey (II) (Composer, Whirlwind (2007))
Michael Lewis (XLIII) (Actor, You (2018))
Michael LeClair (Actor, Centennial (1978))
Michael Lemon (I) (Actor, Remington Steele (1982))
Michael Kevin Lovett (Actor, Imi Von-Stogel The Sixteenth Year )
Michael Devin (II) (Self, Whitesnake: Made in Japan (2013))

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