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Marion Meade (Writer, Stealing Heaven (1988))
Meade Martin (Actor, Rocky V (1990))
Lisa De Marion
Paola De Mario (Actress, Vino e pane (1973))
Marion de Man
Beau de Marion (Editor, Grace and Gustave - 3rd date (2018))
Maude Marion (Actress, Le scaphandrier (2015))
Marion Demaret (Director, Catch It (2015))
Marion Demarre (Make Up Department, Je suis une illusion (2016))
Claude Marion (Sound Department, Elle a l'âge de ma fille (1998))
Marie Ashmead de Man (Animation Department, Will Quack Quack (1984))
Marion Meadows (Editor, Blue Vanguard: Revised (1957))
Rosemary Edmeades
Andrea De Marinis (Sound Department, L'amore e basta (2009))
Chelsea Demary
Andrea de Marinis (Producer, Evviva Giuseppe (2017))
Olivia Demario (Actress, 7 Days of Yellow (2009))
Mario Andrade Manzana
Adelaide Mariotti (Actor, La grande ombra (1957))
Tiziana De Mario (Art Director, Easy (2017))
Bau Duin De Marion (Actor, Chernobyl: Zone of Exclusion (2014))
Baudouin De Marion (Actor, Grace and Gustave - 3rd date (2018))
Marion DeMartini (Sound Department, Star Wars: Tales of the Twin Suns, Episode One: Birth of a Monster (2018))
Robert Demarion (Self, Dark Fall II: Lights Out (2004))
Marion DeMarcillac (Miscellaneous, Slackers (2002))
Marion DeMartino (Actress, Back to Manhattan (2005))
Gerault de Marion (Art Director, The Tsarevich (2013))
Madette Marion (Actress, Life Is a Bed of Roses (1983))
Madeleine Marion (Actress, Macbeth (1959))
Attilia de Mario Sarton
Attilia de Mario Sartor (Miscellaneous, Equilibrium (2002))
Marion Garde-Marchadier (Art Department, Populaire (2012))
Adelfa Yolanda Segura de Mariotto (Actor, Yolanda (2016))
Gillian Maude (Actress, Dick Barton, Detective (1948))

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