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Ted McGinley (Actor, Revenge of the Nerds (1984))
John C. McGinley (Actor, Scrubs (2001))
Sean McGinley (Actor, On a Clear Day (2005))
Jo McGinley (Actress, Edtv (1999))
Philip McGinley (I) (Actor, Game of Thrones (2011))
Gia McGinley (Actress, Empathy (2005))
Johanna McGinley (Actress, Outsiders (2016))
Clare McGinley (Miscellaneous, Sing Street (2016))
Luke McGinley (Sound Department, The Lobster (2015))
John McGinley (I) (Visual Effects, Superfire (2002))
Ryan McGinley (Director, 42 One Dream Rush (2010))
Belinda McGinley (Stunts, Skyfall (2012))
Jan McGinley (Actor, Reticent (2018))
Nick McGinley (Casting Department, '71 (2014))
Lori McGinley (Actress, Hunter (1984))
Jim McGinley (II) (Actor, Trigon Fire (1989))
Dan Mcginley (Miscellaneous, The High Low Project (2012))
Cora McGinley (Editor, Ballpoint (2018))
Paul McGinley (I) (Self, A Question of Sport (1970))
Rose McGinley (Actress, MDA (2002))
Alec McGinley (Composer, Paddy Serpico (2007))
Anna McGinley (Make Up Department, Shooting the Breeze (1996))
John McGinley (IV) (Self, Skum Rocks! (2013))
Tara McGinley (II) (Actress, The Custom Mary (2011))
John McGinley (VII) (Self, The Last Reformation: The Beginning (2016))
John McGinley (VI) (Producer, Laying Down the Law (2009))
Mark McGinley (II)
Pat McGinley (Actress, Independent Lens (1999))
Tara McGinley (I) (Costume Designer, Junk (2002))
Zane McGinley (Producer, The Sanguinarian (2008))
Ross McGinley (Producer, The Best of the Two Ronnies (2001))
Matt McGinley (III) (Miscellaneous, Nanny Surveillance (2018))
Neil McGinley (Sound Department, Zombie Planet (2004))
John McGinley (V) (Thanks, Storm Chasing: The Anthology (2016))
Ruth McGinley (Self, Those Were the Days (2011))
Mark McGinley (I) (Miscellaneous, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (2006))
John McGinley (II) (Camera Department, The Captive (2014))
John Mcginley (Self, Setting It Straight: Making 'Set It Off' (2009))
John McGinley (III) (Camera Department, Man Seeking Woman (2015))
Mary McGinley (Actress, Taste: hors d'oeuvre (2017))
Tom McGinley (III) (Self, Division 4 (1969))
Jim McGinley (I) (Actor, Ghosts with Shit Jobs (2012))
Tom McGinley (II) (Self, Neil Young: Heart of Gold (2006))
Mike McGinley (IV)
Mike McGinley (III) (Self, Modern Marvels (1993))
Erin McGinley (Actress, Richard's 32nd (2016))
Ed McGinley (Self, Fun at the Piano (1949))
Mike McGinley (I) (Miscellaneous, Sheryl Crow: Rockin' the Globe Live (2000))
Jack McGinley (Actor, I Love the 1990s (2001))
Paul McGinley (II)
Matt McGinley (I) (Soundtrack, Never Back Down (2008))
Ben McGinley (I) (Editor, re:form Ancestors (2013))
Ben McGinley (II) (Miscellaneous, Valley Sensation (2016))
Owen McGinley (Actor, Paddy Serpico (2007))
Matt McGinley (II)
Rab McGinley
Mike McGinley (II) (Actor, Tracks Ahead (1990))
Bill McGinley (Actor, The Confidence Man (2001))
Tom McGinley (I) (Camera Department, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018))
Alan McGinley (Writer, Pioneers and Aviators (2014))
Suzy McGinley (Actress, The Last Gallows: John Morgan's Farewell (2018))
Robert McGinley (I) (Director, Jimmy Zip (1999))
Derek McGinley (Sound Department, Mr. Right (2015))
Jonathan McGinley (Actor, Leverage (2008))
Rachel McGinley (Actress, The Wanting )
Katie McGinley (Editorial Department, Mr. Brooks (2007))
Dolores McGinley (Visual Effects, Baby Driver (2017))
Phyllis McGinley (II) (Self, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1962))
Nicole McGinley (Miscellaneous, The Americans (2013))
Holli Hopkins-McGinley (Miscellaneous, The Dark Knight (2008))
Robert L. McGinley (Self, The Lifestyle (1999))
Pamela McGinley (Miscellaneous, Literature Quiz (1975))
Jamie McGinley (Actor, Take Your Partners (2016))
Isaac McGinley (Sound Department, Brotherhood (2018))
Carole-Ann McGinley (Miscellaneous, All or Nothing (2002))
Tamarin McGinley (Actress, Housekeeping (2011))
Paige McGinley (Producer, Molly: The Real Thing (2016))
Patrick McGinley (IX) (Cinematographer, Shelf Life (2011))
Peter McGinley (Production Manager, Jacob's Rose (2011))
Barry McGinley (Actor, Warrioress (2015))
Marian McGinley (Actor, Once Upon a River (2019))
Meghan McGinley (Producer, Haulin' Ass (2011))
Mallaigh McGinley
Christian McGinley (II)
Benjamin McGinley (Actor, Calque (2016))
Larry McGinley (Editorial Department, Let Me In (2010))
Edward McGinley (I) (Producer, Nice Knowing You (2009))
Colin McGinley (Music Department, Carmageddon (1997))
Patrick McGinley (VII) (Sound Department, Wariazone (2011))
Rose McGinley Redon (Miscellaneous, Evie (2018))
Lynda McGinley
Robert McGinley (II)
Thekla McGinley (Actress, Silent Vengeance (2011))
Rose McGinley-Redon (Art Department, Accident Man (2018))
Teresa McGinley (Actress, Mothers (1989))
Gavin McGinley (II)
Bailey McGinley (Actress, Take Your Partners (2016))
Joshua McGinley (Camera Department, Hold Your Peace (2011))
Heather McGinley (II) (Actress, Great Performances (1971))
Jessica McGinley (Director, From the Ashes (2013))
Gavin McGinley (I) (Actor, One Life to Live (1968))
Shanin McGinley (Camera Department, Wizard Wars (2014))
Robin McGinley
Felix McGinley (Art Department, Vita & Virginia (2018))
Bryan McGinley (Camera Department, The Here and Now (2015))
Daniel A. McGinley (Special Effects, Fast & Furious (2009))
Brittany McGinley (Actress, A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song (2011))
Patrick McGinley (IV) (Camera Department, Gone But Not Forgotten (2005))
Conor McGinley (I) (Actor, The Good, the Bad and the Chorley (2005))
Lauren McGinley (Actress, Badlands (2016))
Brian McGinley (II) (Writer, If I Sang Out of Tune (2012))
Sinead McGinley (Actress, Hello Au Revoir (2018))
Laurence McGinley (Camera Department, Paul Raymond's Erotica (1982))
Justin McGinley (Actor, Faux Pas (2010))
Patrick McGinley (I) (Camera Department, The Ugly One: Thor's Revenge (2003))
Patrick McGinley (VIII) (Camera Department, Of Two Minds (2012))
William P. McGinley (Art Department, Minority Report (2002))
Kathleen McGinley
Patrick McGinley (XII) (Writer, The Fantasist (1986))
Marie McGinley Rock
David McGinley (Actor, Taps (1981))
Helen McGinley (Costume Department, Manoman (2015))
Scott McGinley (Visual Effects, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004))
Patrick McGinley (XI)
Charles McGinley (Self, Modern Marvels (1993))
Joseph McGinley (Actor, Mud Flat Murders )
Vanessa McGinley (Writer, The 2014 Winter Film Awards (2014))
Monica McGinley (Actress, Postcards from the Future (2007))
Danielle McGinley (Actress, The Sunset Jam (2017))
Tom 'Tombo' McGinley (Actor, Zombie Army (1991))
Eddie McGinley (Actor, Divine Magic (1995))
Patrick McGinley (V) (Sound Department, Always on Your Side (2013))
Phyllis McGinley (I) (Writer, The Emperor's Nightingale (1949))
Laura Wood McGinley
Declan McGinley (Actor, Island (2011))
Patrick McGinley (II) (Composer, La indiferiencia del viento (2016))
Edward McGinley (II) (Miscellaneous, The Huntley-Brinkley Report (1956))
Alexander McGinley (Actor, The Threshold (2013))
Cherie McGinley (Producer, Wolf (1989))
Marie McGinley
James McGinley (Self, Warriors... In Their Own Words (2008))
Philip McGinley (II) (Actor, Motorcycle Sweden (2012))
Christian McGinley (I) (Actor, One Life to Live (1968))
Dominic McGinley (Composer, Glamour Dolls (2016))
Brian McGinley (I) (Visual Effects, Judge Dredd (1995))
Ryan Joseph McGinley
Raymond McGinley (Soundtrack, The World's End (2013))
Christy McGinley (Self, Toni Woods: Better Man (2018))
Michael D. McGinley (Miscellaneous, The Love Boat (1977))
Kevin McGinley (Producer, Treasure King (2014))
Brian McGinley (III) (Actor, Mr. Blue Shirt: The Inspiration (2019))
Claire McGinley (Miscellaneous, The Connection (2014))
Siobhan McGinley (Editor, Kids Like You & Me (2013))
Patrick McGinley (III) (Camera Department, Tait Stages (2013))
Daniel McGinley (II) (Miscellaneous, Blues Legend (2016))
Marty McGinley (Director, The Wanting )
Adrian McGinley (Actor, Bunch of Mad Stuff (2013))
Patrick McGinley (X) (Director, Temps (2015))
Patrick McGinley (XIII) (Cinematographer, Getting In (2018))
Conor McGinley (II) (Actor, Eyes of the Dead (2015))
Michael McGinley (Miscellaneous, Dig Two Graves (2014))
Padraic McGinley (Actor, Follow the Dead )
Eileen McGinley (Self, Save Our History (1998))
Shannon McGinley (Camera Department, Susan's Remembrance (2011))
Patrick McGinley (VI) (Camera Department, Just 45 Minutes from Broadway (2012))
Libby Mcginley (Actress, Salted Nuts (2007))
Shaun McGinley (Animation Department, Like, Share, Die (2014))
Daniel McGinley (I)
McGinley Cathal
Frances McGinley (Producer, Nice Knowing You (2009))
Dardi McGinley (Actor, Playland (2010))
Heather McGinley (I) (Producer, Super Soul Sunday (2011))
Brint McGinley (Director, The Fuzzy Life (2017))
Thomas Mcginley (Camera Department, We Are Monster (2014))
Connor McGinley (Actor, Eyes of the Dead (2015))
Thomas F. McGinley (Transportation Department, The Village (2004))
Katie McGinley-Colman (Actress, Indebted (2005))
Kelly McGinley Colman
Joseph 'JoeMac' McGinley (Camera Department, Twilight (2008))
Patrick a.k.a. Murmer McGinley (Composer, La indiferiencia del viento (2016))

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