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Martin Landau (Actor, Ed Wood (1994))
Martin Landauer (Actor, The Dirty Monks (2004))
Martin Lawrence (I) (Actor, Martin (1992))
Martin Law (II) (Producer, Don't Cry on My Shoulder )
Martin Langer (I) (Cinematographer, 14 Tage lebenslänglich (1997))
Martin Laing (I) (Art Director, Titanic (1997))
Martin Lane (IV) (Location Management, Nothing But the Truth (2008))
Martin Land (Writer, Geschminkte Jugend (1929))
Martin Lander (Actor, Eldorado (1992))
Martin Lane (I) (Actor, The Adventures of Robin Hood (1955))
Martin LaSalle (Actor, Pickpocket (1959))
Martin Lange (II) (Actor, Poletje v skoljki (1985))
Martin L'Anton (I) (Animation Department, Cat and Moth (2018))
Martin Lanot (Sound Department, Amare Amaro (2018))
Martin Laer (Actor, Echoes of the Past )
Martin Langen (I) (Art Department, Sunday in the Country (1974))
Martin Lane (VII) (Writer, Jan-Gel 3: Hillbilly Monster (2003))
Martin Laniel (II) (Composer, One Night for One Drop Imagined by Cirque Du Soleil (2016))
Martin Lange (I) (Actor, Pollydays (2003))
Martin Lang (I) (Actor, Cesta z mesta (2000))
Martin Landry (I) (Actor, Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages (1916))
Martin Lang (VII) (Actor, Tail Dragger: Live at Rooster's Lounge (2009))
Martin Landeo (Director, Broom Flower (2004))
Martin Landry (III) (Actor, Starhunter ReduX (2017))
Martin Lang (VIII) (Composer, En älskvärd värld (1998))
Martin Lane (VIII) (Actor, Die Spook van Uniondale (2014))
Martin Lane (III) (Writer, Love in Waiting (1948))
Martin Lane (V) (Miscellaneous, The Box (2006))
Martin Langer (II) (Self, 3satfestival (2000))
Martin Lanzi (Actor, Bastardi (2010))
Martin L'Anton (II) (Director, Le bal des méduses (2014))
Martin Langer (IV) (Sound Department, Tatort (1970))
Martin Lane (XI)
Martin Laniel (I) (Music Department, Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag (2004))
Martin Lane (X) (Producer, ATP World Tour Uncovered (2015))
Martin Lang (III) (Self, Sachsenspiegel (1992))
Martin Landolt (Self, Schawinski (2011))
Martin Langer (III) (Actor, Hunting Creatures (2001))
Martin Langer (VI) (Actor, Hotel Lux (2011))
Martin Lang (VI) (Miscellaneous, Zwischen Welten (2014))
Martin Lane (XII) (Art Department, Enchantimals Finding Home (2017))
Martin Lane (IX) (Actor, Adam (2014))
Martin Landry (IV) (Art Department, Eaux troubles du crime (2007))
Martin Lang (IX) (Writer, The Making of 'Time's Up' (2009))
Martin Lang (IV) (Cinematographer, Hot Rob (2012))
Martin Landry (V) (Transportation Department, Two Lovers and a Bear (2016))
Martin Lane (VI) (Actor, Neighbours (1985))
Martin Landry (II) (Camera Department, Death Wish (2018))
Martin Langer (V) (Sound Department, Bagdad Cafe (1987))
Martin Lang (V) (Camera Department, Wallander (2005))
Martin Lane (II) (Art Department, The Hole (2001))
Martin Langen (II) (Actor, Überrollt (1999))
Martin Laner (Actor, Blutige Ostern (2014))
Martin Langmaid (Self, The Biggest Loser UK (2005))
Martin Lah (Editorial Department, Grünwald - Freitagscomedy (2003))
Martin Lax (Self, Fools Never Grow Old (2012))
Martin Law (I) (Actor, Gong yuan 2000 AD (2000))
Martin Lau (III)
Martin Lab
Martin Lau (II) (Transportation Department, Skyfall (2012))
Martin Lam (II) (Visual Effects, Xena: Warrior Princess (1995))
Martin Lam (I) (Producer, Wong Kok cha 'fit' yan (1996))
Martin Lam (IV) (Actor, Wildside (1997))
Martin Lau (I) (Miscellaneous, Hole in the Wall (2008))
Martin Lam (V) (Self, Matters of Taste (1989))
Martin Lam (III) (Miscellaneous, The Zeros (2001))
Martin Lai (Actor, Through Raging Storms )
Martin Lapp (Visual Effects, Thor: Ragnarok (2017))
Martin Lavut (Actor, Heavy Metal (1981))
Martin la Cour (Cinematographer, Blurred Vision (2019))
Martin Larocque (Actor, Quand je serai parti... vous vivrez encore (1999))
Martin Lancaster (I) (Writer, Batman: Arkham Knight (2015))
Martin Lamotte (Actor, Pas d'amour sans amour! (1993))
Martin Lajeunesse (Actor, Une vie (1982))
Martin Laue (I) (Actor, A Cure for Wellness (2016))
Martin Langenbach (Sound Department, Black Death (2010))
Martin Lamb (I) (Actor, H.M.S. Pinafore (2003))
Martin Lawerence (Actor, Can't Nobody Do It My Way (2013))
Martin Lartigue (Actor, Swashbuckler (1971))
Martin Lager (I) (Producer, The Campbells (1986))
Artin Langner (Cinematographer, Angriff auf die Sinne - Wie wir Verbraucher verführt werden (2009))
Martin Lader (Stunts, Dog Soldiers (2002))
Martin Larsen (II) (Camera Department, Arme Riddere (2011))
Martin Langley (I) (Actor, Doctor Who (1963))
Martin Lawson (Producer, 100 Monkeys: Live and Kickin' Part Too (2010))
Martin Lakos (Self, ABC News Breakfast (2008))
Martin Larsen (VII)
Martin Lattke (Actor, Matthäuspassion (2013))
Martin Lager (IV)
Martin Lawford (Producer, In the Company of Joan (2016))
Martin Lacey (II) (Miscellaneous, Flyboys (2006))
Martin Laube (Music Department, Outlast (2013))
Martin Lasch (Actor, Parallel Lives (2012))
Martin Latizo (Editorial Department, Monkeyshine (2008))
Martin Lasa (III) (Camera Department, King Bachelor's Pad (2012))
Martin Lamble (Self, Fairport Convention, Who Knows Where the Time Goes? (2012))
Martin Latham (II) (Self, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1962))
Martin Larsen (IV)
Martin Larsen (III) (Miscellaneous, 2900 Happiness (2007))
Martin Lass (Self, The Daryl Somers Show (1982))
Martin Laigle (Actor, Drôle de Noël! (2008))
Martin Lauer (II) (Actor, Kleinstadt - Dirty Little Secrets? (2016))
Martin Laidla (Actor, Pilvede all (2010))
Martin Lager (III)
Martin Lamers (Self, Wetten, dass..? (1981))
Martin Latto (Self, A Gold Performance (2018))
Martin Laing (IV)
Martin Lazarev (Visual Effects, Ruudi (2006))
Martin Ladek (Actor, The Enemy (2001))
Martin Lake (I) (Visual Effects, World War Z (2013))
Martin Lappin (Sound Department, Lol (2008))
Martin Lauzon (Visual Effects, Mr. Nobody (2009))
Martin Lazar (Composer, La publicité comme en 14! (2014))
Martin Lasser (Art Department, Anno 1602 (1998))
Martin Laing (III) (Producer, Chasing Robert Barker (2015))
Martin Lauda (Actor, En douce (2018))
Martin Lasa (I) (Cinematographer, Bid (2016))
Martin Lamy (Camera Department, Sans dire au revoir (2018))
Martin Laiks (Miscellaneous, The House on Carroll Street (1987))
Martin Lardet (Actor, Les semailles et les moissons (2001))
Martin Lauer (I) (Self, In Halle 3 von 4 bis 5 (1965))
Martin Lazaro (Visual Effects, Robot & Frank (2012))
Martin Laue (II) (Production Manager, Zapp (2002))
Martin Lamin (Camera Department, Im Labyrinth des Schweigens (2014))
Martin Larsen (VIII) (Art Department, Monster (2017))
Martin Larsen (VI) (Actor, It Is Fine! Everything Is Fine. (2007))
Martin Latour (Editorial Department, Les trois petits cochons: La crise porcine (2010))
Martin Laud (Actor, The Nightmare Collection Volume 1 (2004))
Martin Latham (I)
Martin Laczkó (Assistant Director, Mimi )
Martin Lacey (I)
Martin Launay (Actor, Fais pas ci, fais pas ça (2007))
Martin Lawitz (Actor, Indrivaren (2012))
Martin Lamb (II) (Actor, Verdi's La Traviata - English National Opera (2015))
Martin Larsen (V) (Writer, Nørd (2005))
Martin Lake (II) (Camera Department, Four Brothers (2005))
Martin Lambai (Actor, Kerala Paradiso (2016))
Martin Lamothe (I) (Art Department, The Tournament (2005))
Martin Lavoie
Martin Lagos (Actor, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013))
Martin Lara (Cinematographer, Los pibes (2015))
Martin Lauw (Actor, Una y media (2001))
Martin Lager (II) (Actor, Night Heat (1985))
Martin Lasa (II) (Camera Department, Bamboleo (2018))
Martin Larsen (I) (Actor, Scenen er din (2004))
Martin Lagner (Cinematographer, Among Wolves (2016))
Martin Lavini
Martin Laciak (Self, Fashion Lifestyle (2011))
Martin Laing (II) (Actor, Dark Enemy (1984))
Martin Lawton (Actor, Johnny English (2003))
Martin Laba (Self, Scams, Schemes, and Scoundrels (1996))
Martin Lalis (Actor, Hilde (2009))
Martin Laux (Actor, Son of the Sunshine (2009))
Martin Lamothe (II) (Costume Designer, Transience (2018))
Martin Labonté (Miscellaneous, PowerUp Heroes (2011))
Martin Laroche (I) (Actor, Déformation personnelle (2003))
Martin Laurence (Actor, Retaliation (2014))
Pierre-François Martin-Laval (Actor, Essaye-moi (2006))
Martin D'Autry (Costume Designer, Alexander (2016))
Martin Laroche (II) (Director, Les manèges humains (2012))
Martin Laporte (I) (Cinematographer, Turbid (2009))
Martin Linda (Miscellaneous, Numen: Contest of Heroes (2010))
Yolanda Martin (I) (Self, Airline (2004))
Martin L. Andersen (I) (Director, Reach for the Stars (1995))
Martin Langham (Actor, Australian Pie (2005))
Martin Lancaster (II) (Writer, Cipher (2011))
Martin Landsburg (Camera Department, Mechanic: Resurrection (2016))
Martin L. Andersen (II) (Miscellaneous, Troldspejlet (1989))
Martin Langanke (Actor, Specktre (2018))
Blandine Martin-Laval (Actress, Les Profs (2013))
Martin Landquist (Composer, Tommy (2014))
Martin Langner (Cinematographer, Herbstgold (2010))
Brandon Martin Lane (Actor, Maxim (2009))
Martin Langlois (I) (Animation Department, Amuse-gueule (1984))
Martin Laplante (Sound Department, Far Cry 4 (2014))
Martin Lalancette (Miscellaneous, Wolves (1999))
Martin Langlois (V) (Camera Department, L'usine de ma mère (2016))
Martin L. Andersen (III) (Director, Finding Refuge in El Paso: The 1912 Mormon Exodus from Mexico (2012))
Martin Langsam (Miscellaneous, El mundo contra mí (1996))
Martin Landtman (II)
Martin Landovský (II) (Self, VIP zprávy (2010))
Martin Langlois (VI) (Writer, Consommable (2018))
Martin Langfeld (Camera Department, Sonderauftrag Führermuseum (2006))
Martin Langley (II) (Producer, Hatton v Mayweather: The Full Story (2008))
Martin Laneuville (Special Effects, Death Race (2008))
Martin Lannering (Art Department, Sjätte dagen (1999))
Martin Landovský (I) (Self, VIP zprávy (2010))
Martin Langelo Lien (Actor, Amors baller (2011))
Martin Langgaard (Actor, Jonas och verkligheten (2005))
Martin Langlois (II)
Martin Landmeters (Director, La Théorie du Y (2016))
Martin Lanzinger (Visual Effects, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003))
Martin Langlois (III) (Visual Effects, Marvel Renaissance (2014))
Martin Langenbeck (Actor, Die Geschichte Mitteldeutschlands (1999))
Martin Langbrugger (Art Department, Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars (2006))
Martin Langhammer (Art Department, Kanzleramt Pforte D (2010))
Martin Langsjøen (Actor, Det 11te Bud (2006))
Martin Langhof (Editorial Department, Rocca verändert die Welt (2019))
Jean-Martin Landry (Camera Department, Le chapon (2018))
Martin Langeder (Writer, Was wurde aus...? (2011))

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