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Andreas Markos (Actor, Ghostbusters of East Finchley (1995))
Andreas Larkos (Director, Trelli mou agapi (1992))
Andreas Markou (II) (Camera Department, I kori tou iliou (1971))
Andreas Markou (I) (Actor, Avrianos polemistis (1981))
Markus Andreas Klauk (Actor, The Experiment (2001))
Markus Andreas (II) (Sound Department, The Border (2016))
Markus Andreas (I) (Actor, Stiilipidu (2005))
Andreas Markoviç (Actor, Glückliche Tage VI - Bis auf die Knochen (2003))
Markus-Andreas Galle
Markus Andreasson (I) (Director, Mannen med jojon (1988))
Markus Andreasson (II) (Director, To resist (2016))
Marko Andrea Weiss (Camera Department, Firmament (2013))

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