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Marianne Lewis (Actress, Go with the Fro (2001))
Marianne Lewis-Schreiber (Writer, Les flocons rouges (1974))
Marianne Leone (I) (Actress, The Three Stooges (2012))
Dianne Lewis
Brianne Lewin (Make Up Department, My Winnipeg (2007))
Kiri Anne Lewis (Actress, Immune (2016))
Marianne Wise (Actress, El Heist Grande (2010))
Marianne Levy (Actress, Ali G Indahouse (2002))
Brandon Marianne Lee (Actress, Generation Mason (2005))
Marianne Leth (Writer, Lev i nuet (2004))
Marian Nelson (Producer, Everyman (1976))
Marianne Lex (Actress, Eva, the Factory Girl (1935))
Marianne Le Ba (Actress, Confucius Was a Foodie (2017))
Marianne Leer
Marianne Lee (Actress, A Moment of Love (2017))
Marianne Lear (Actress, Wind Song (2013))
Julianne Lewis (II) (Camera Department, Mob Rules (2010))
Vivianne Lewis (Actress, Tricks. (2007))
Julianne Lewis (I) (Miscellaneous, The Luck of the Irish (2001))
Julianne Lewis (VI)
Julianne Lewis (III) (Miscellaneous, Hell's Kitchen (2005))
Marianne Lewandowski (I) (Actress, Puissance 4 (1992))
Marianne Lewandowski (II) (Music Department, X Factor (2008))
Marianne Wischmann (Actress, Im Weissen Rössl (1952))
Marianne Wisenthal (Miscellaneous, Affliction (1997))
Marianne Lebeau (Actress, Ich, das Abenteuer, heute eine Frau zu sein (1972))
Marianne Leitch (Producer, Foreign Correspondent (1996))
Marianne Van de Wiele (Actress, Petits secrets entre voisins (2013))
Marianne le Duc (Actress, Holby City (1999))
Marianne Lemarchand (Actress, L'homme imaginé (1990))
Marianne Lebel (Animation Department, The Triplets of Belleville (2003))
Marianne Leigh (Actress, Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em (1973))
Marianne Leviton (Director, A Line in the Sand (2017))
Marianne Lecène (Actress, Sylvie et le fantôme (1954))
Marianne Lensink
Marianne Lüscher (Actress, Seelische Grausamkeit (1963))
Marianne Leover (Actress, Pimedad aknad (1968))
Mari-Anne Letarte (Actress, Or D'Ur (1984))
Marianne Lerdahl (Actress, Level Up Norge (2016))
Marianne Lentz (Writer, En værdig mand (2018))
Marianne Letarte (Casting Director, Memoirs (1984))
Marianne Leibl (Actress, Mister Zehn Prozent - Miezen und Moneten (1968))
Marianne Weiman-Nelson (Self, Weddings of a Lifetime: Dream Weddings on a Budget (2002))
Marianne Levin (Actress, Taxa (1997))
Marianne Lepers (Actress, Le gang des pianos à bretelles (1953))
Marianne Leroy (Editor, Tenue correcte exigée (1997))
Marianne Le Calvez (Costume Department, Tell No One (2006))
Marianne Lessard (Director, Comment ça pétasse? (2017))
Marianne Le Gallo (Art Department, The Nine Lives of Tomas Katz (2000))
Marianne Legaré (Actress, Les hauts et les bas de Sophie Paquin (2006))
Marianne Lechner (Make Up Department, Exodos (2010))
Marianne Leone (III)
Marianne Leroux (Special Effects, City Hunter XYZ )
Marianne Leone (II)
Marianne Lenard (Actress, Det är min musik (1942))
Marianne Leinweber (Self, Die großen Kriminalfälle (2000))
Marianne Lehmann
Marianne Levring (Art Department, Mellem os (2003))
Mariann Elekes (Animation Department, Habfürdö (1980))
Marianne Langewiesche (Writer, Ursprünge Europas (1970))
Marianne Winkelstern (Actress, Der Faschingsprinz (1928))
Marianne Wittelsberger (Special Effects, The Bone Garden (2014))
Marianne Lemay Comtois (Make Up Department, The Man by the Window (2012))
Marianne Lenard-Djerf (Actress, Ben Casey (1961))
Marianne Linnée Nielsen (Self, Assistens kirkegården (2003))

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