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Marc Barbé (Actor, La Vie en Rose (2007))
Jean-Marc Barr (I) (Actor, The Big Blue (1988))
Marc Baron (Actor, MegaBall$ (in development))
Marc Baril (I) (Music Department, Man tam (2013))
Marc Basch (I) (Writer, The Hero (2017))
Marc Barbault (Producer, La revolución de los ángeles (2015))
Marc Basil (Actor, Daredevil (2015))
Marc Barnes (I) (Actor, Collision Course (2012))
Marc Barbena (Actor, La revolución de los ángeles (2015))
Marc Barber (Sound Department, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (2004))
Marc Barbero (Camera Department, L'hypothèse du tableau volé (1978))
Marc Barbour (Editor, Feedback Video Magazine (2005))
Marc Barbeau
Marc Barbier (Camera Department, Softly from Paris (1986))
Marc Barbieri (Actor, Le matelot 512 (1984))
Marc Barbaresco (Camera Department, Nature (1982))
Marc Barberà (II)
Marc Barberà (I) (Actor, Au però au (2013))
Marc Bary (Producer, De Nieuwe Wereld (2013))
Marc Baril (III) (Composer, Copper and Light (2015))
Marc Barthel (Actor, 1 Out of 7 (2011))
Barbara March (Actress, Star Trek: Generations (1994))
Marc Barceló (III) (Director, Mater Salvatoris (2016))
Marc Barto (Actor, Jacquot de Nantes (1991))
Marc Barry (Self, Ethos (2011))
Marc Barceló (II) (Actor, Secuencia de terror (2011))
Marc Barea (Miscellaneous, Retorno (2018))
Marc Barceló (I) (Editor, Rere la màscara (2011))
Marc Baril (II) (Art Department, More Tales of the City (1998))
Marc Baylis (I) (Actor, Arcadia (2016))
Jean-Marc Barr (II) (Producer, Fast and Far (2016))
Marc Baur (Actor, The X-Files (1993))
Marc Balfour (Actor, Marked Man (in development))
Marc Baird (I) (Art Department, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014))
Marc Bartolomeo (Self, Meg's Great Rooms (2012))
Marc Barnes (II) (Actor, Band of Robbers (2015))
Marc Bach (Editorial Department, Tell Me How I Die (2016))
Marc Bass (Miscellaneous, One Day at a Time (1975))
Marc Bastien (I) (Sound Department, Les géants (2011))
Marc Ball (Director, The Burch Sisters: Old Flame, New Fire (1989))
Marc Barrett (IV) (Actor, Fight the Good Fight (2017))
Marc Barold (Art Department, Dark City (1998))
Marc Barrett (II) (Producer, Dom on the Spot (2016))
Marc Barnet (II) (Actor, Les filles (2015))
Marc Barasch (Producer, Secret History (1991))
Marc Barnes (III) (Self, Party Boyz (2009))
Marc Barrat (Director, Orpailleur (2009))
Marc Bargmann (Sound Department, Bergfest (2008))
Marc Barash (Actor, Rooted in Peace (2016))
Marc Barnig (Director, Rendolepsis (2003))
Marc Baradat (Writer, Jusqu'ici (2015))
Marc Barmazel (Producer, Tough Luck (2003))
Marc Bartlett
Marc Barret (II) (Actor, Il Sant' Alessio (2007))
Marc Barrett (I) (Actor, BBC Play of the Month (1965))
Marc Baradic (Sound Department, Señores generales, Señores coroneles (1976))
Marc Barenberg (Actor, A Man Possibly... (2003))
Marc Barraco (Assistant Director, BusStop:Love (2008))
Marc Barnett (Actor, The Love Captive (1969))
Marc Barreda (Actor, Street Epics: #1 - Marc Barreda by Babak Andishmand (2011))
Marc Barahoma (Actor, Si te dicen que caí (1989))
Marc Barroyer (Art Department, Fresh Bait (1995))
Marc Barrard (Actor, Cyrano de Bergerac (2005))
Marc Baroud (Art Director, Lebanon Summer 2006 (2007))
Marc Barfoot (Actor, Letty (1984))
Marc Barret (I) (Actor, Au théâtre ce soir (1966))
Marc Barsalou (Camera Department, Ferrari Challenge (2009))
Marc Barnacle (Actor, New Town Utopia (2017))
Marc Barrio (Producer, Water memories (2017))
Marc Barrafon (Camera Department, The Natural Route (2004))
Marc Barson (Miscellaneous, Ultimate Spider-Man (2012))
Marc Bardaud (Self, Des racines & des ailes (1997))
Marc Baraduc (Assistant Director, The Chorus (2004))
Marc Barnet (I) (Miscellaneous, My Big Phat Hip Hop Family (2005))
Marc Barrera (Composer, Puzzled Love (2011))
Marc Barret (III) (Set Decorator, Deliverin' the Goods (2013))
Marc Bartolí (Miscellaneous, 13 x 13 (1987))
Marc Barranco (Director, Trinity - The Passion III: The Re-revenge of Christ (2013))
Marc Barallon (Stunts, The Beach (2006))
Marc Barill
Marc Barnabé (Actor, Les Jeunes Loups (2014))
Marc Bannerman (Actor, Time Gentlemen Please (2000))
Marc Balet (Cinematographer, Miss Gaby (1972))
Jean-Marc Barbieux (Director, Tracks (1997))
Jean-Marc Barbeaud (Producer, Iron Dream (2018))
Marc Banich (Special Effects, U-571 (2000))
Marc Bauer (III)
Marc Badia (II) (Sound Department, Propaganda1 (2011))
Marc Baker (I) (Director, Last Laugh in Vegas (2018))
Marc Baker (IX) (Editor, Shalom TV News: Israel in Turmoil (2014))
Marc Bator (Actor, Who Am I - Kein System ist sicher (2014))
Marc Babel (Set Decorator, Three Colors: Red (1994))
Marc Bauer (I) (Producer, Mac & Cheese (2009))
Marc Baird (II) (Director, Bow Madness (2008))
Marc Basch (II) (Actor, Ink & Steel (2014))
Marc Baird (III) (Producer, Celebrity Fish N' Fire (2016))
Marc Baum (Actor, Les brigands (2015))
Marc Badia (III) (Self, Àrtic (2013))
Marc Balu (Actor, Outrage aux moeurs (1985))
Marc Bakos (Sound Department, Prelude (2015))
Marc Bandy (Actor, The Screenplay (2012))
Marc Baget (Self, Dieux du stade: Le making of du calendrier 2007 (2006))
Marc Baker (X)
Marc Banka (Self, Punkin Chunkin 2011 (2011))
Marc Bauer (II) (Writer, Dead Air (2018))
Marc Baker (III) (Camera Department, Odessa (2014))
Marc Baker (II) (Make Up Department, Special Delivery (2003))
Marc Baker (VI) (Assistant Director, M Cream (2014))
Marc Batte (Director, Tangential Lives (2013))
Marc Baker (VII) (Camera Department, The Venerable Song (2013))
Marc Babre
Marc Baker (XI) (Cinematographer, Dee (2017))
Marc Baltz (Camera Department, Teenaged (2004))
Marc Balló (Camera Department, Elisa K (2010))
Marc Balbi (Art Department, Enquêtes réservées (2009))
Marc Bala (Self, Àrtic (2013))
Marc Baker (VIII) (Director, Oh, Mercy (2013))
Marc Bazin (II) (Self, Frontline (1983))
Marc Bañuls (Actor, The Solitude (2019))
Marc Bayon (Actor, Quand c'est bon, il n'y a pas meilleur! (1987))
Marc Baker (IV) (Art Department, Glamour Dolls (2016))
Marc Bader (Director, Osada Bystrany (2006))
Marc Basté
Marc Bayo (Camera Department, Les camarades (2007))
Marc Bazin (I) (Camera Department, Carmen (2006))
Marc Baker (V) (Miscellaneous, Sicky (2012))
Marc Badia (I) (Actor, Never an Absolution (2005))
Marc Bacon (Art Department, Source Code (2011))
Marc Baxley (Actor, The Amazing Spider-Man (1977))
Marc Balaguer (I) (Actor, Messi (2014))
Marc Bacher (Actor, The Lost Tribe (2009))
Marc Bauder (Director, Master of the Universe (2013))
Marc Bachli (IV) (Editorial Department, Air Emergency (2003))
Mercè Barceló (Self, Els matins a TV3 (2004))
Marc Baschet (Producer, The Lunchbox (2013))
Marc Baleiza (Editorial Department, Tell Me Sweet Something (2015))
Marc Bachli (III) (Visual Effects, Siren (2014))
Marc Baillie (Actor, Definitive Therapy (2017))
Marc Babcock (Camera Department, The World Over (2018))
Marc Baxter (Composer, Beauty Is Truth (2017))
Marc Balaguer (II) (Director, Por qué?! Una crisis endémica (2013))
Marc Baudet (Composer, Anatole (1977))
Marc Bassett (Producer, The Xtra Factor (2004))
Marc Ballif (Actor, La balance (1982))
Marc Bachli (II) (Cinematographer, All I Wanna Do Is Just Have Some Fun (2003))
Marc Baldwin (Soundtrack, Bachelorette (2012))
Marc Baudovin (Art Department, Dark City (1998))
Marc Ballin
Marc Balmer (Self, Kap der digitalen Hoffnung (1989))
Marc Baylis (II) (Actor, Encounter: Proof of Concept (2012))
Marc Bauman (II) (Actor, Star Wars: Rebel Assault II - the Hidden Empire (1995))
Marc Bakker (Camera Department, Nailed (2002))
Marc Bailey (I) (Actor, In the Heat of the Night (1988))
Marc Bachli (I) (Production Manager, Pontypool (2008))
Marc Badaroux (Art Department, Up, Down, Fragile (1995))
Marc Batllori (Miscellaneous, No sé decir adiós (2017))
Marc Balaguer (III) (Actor, Marea (2018))
Marc Bagley (Producer, Twistee Treat (2009))
Marc Bachmann (Cinematographer, Samadhi: We Are One (2017))
Marc Baldini (Actor, Ex-Model (2014))
Marc Basara (Actor, 1075 (2008))
Marc Badrian (Miscellaneous, Street Kings (2008))
Marc Baillon (Actor, Whatever Turns You On (1979))
Marc Bassets (Self, Migdia amb Ruth Jiménez (2013))
Marc Bauman (I) (Producer, Live from Lincoln Center (1976))
Marc Bailey (II) (Actor, WAGA Fox 5 Atlanta News at 10 PM (1977))
Marc Baques (Actor, Nieto del Futuro (2009))
Marc Balgavy
Marc Balland (Camera Department, Le secret d'Elise (2015))
Marc Battista (Miscellaneous, Awoken (2011))
Marc Bashoor
Marc Basany (Self, Generació D (2006))
Marc Bazerman (Sound Department, Mae Day (2015))
Marc Bausback (Art Director, Clairvoyant (2002))
Marc Baumann (Camera Department, Energy Air (2016))
Marc Baltel (Camera Department, Les misérables (1982))
Marc Bailey (VI) (Actor, Star Trek Continues (2013))
Marc Ballard
Marc Batlle (Self, Torrella, una vida pel cinema (1997))
Marc Bassler (Actor, Guy de Maupassant (1982))
Marc Bailey (V) (Self, San Diego 6 in the Morning (1999))
Marc Baliarda
Marc Baetsch (Actor, Over There (2018))
Marc Bauman (III) (Composer, Partners (2009))
Marc Bachour (Camera Department, The Caterpillar Trail (2015))
Marc Bailey (IV) (Self, Herpers III: Tales from the Field (2012))
Marc Battier (Self, Musique(s) électronique(s) (2013))
Marc Bastard (Self, Nous les artistes: Jacques Brel (1979))
Marc Bauman (IV) (Camera Department, Denis Leary & Friends Presents: Douchbags & Donuts (2011))
Marc Bachli (V) (Editorial Department, See No Evil (2014))
Marc Bassila (Self, Kids Like You & Me (2013))
Marc Basley (Stunts, Écrire pour un chanteur (2008))
Marc Basque (Make Up Department, Off Route 2 (2011))
Marc Bastien (II) (Sound Department, Axolotl (2018))
Marc Baguelin (Camera Department, Stone Time Touch (2007))
Marc Bailly (Camera Department, Le repli du temps (1986))
Marc Balleste (Art Director, Maniac Tales (2016))
Marc Badiou (Actor, Quel Con (2003))
Marc Baptiste (Director, Mýa: Paradise (2008))
Marc Baudouin (Art Department, The Railway Man (2013))

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