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Robert Mandan (Actor, Soap (1977))
Alan Roberts (IV) (Actor, Dinosaurus! (1960))
Ian Roberts (II) (Actor, Bring It On (2000))
Ian Roberts (IV) (Actor, Superman Returns (2006))
Dan Roberts (IV) (Editor, Peaky Blinders (2013))
Megan Roberts (III) (Actress, Doctor Foster (2015))
Joan Roberts (II) (Actress, Designing Women (1986))
Morgan Roberts (III) (Actor, Dynasty (2017))
Dan Robert (Actor, Swift Falls (2016))
Christian Roberts (I) (Actor, To Sir, with Love (1967))
Ewan Roberts (I) (Actor, The Day of the Triffids (1963))
Jordan Roberts (VI) (Writer, Around the Bend (2004))
Logan Roberts (I) (Actor, The Wind Is Watching (2014))
Dean Roberts (VIII) (Actor, Rellik (2017))
Alan Roberts (I) (Producer, The Zodiac Couples (1970))
Ted Jan Roberts (Actor, Milk (2008))
Ian Roberts (I) (Actor, Gods of Egypt (2016))
Alan Roberts (V) (Actor, TaleSpin (1990))
Jean Robert (V) (Actor, Sound Wave (2018))
Brian Roberts (VII) (Actor, VeggieTales: Abe and the Amazing Promise (2009))
Dan Roberts (X) (Actor, Valiant (2005))
Kieran Roberts (II) (Actor, Up Country )
Jordan Roberts (I) (Producer, White Rabbit (2013))
Dan Robertson (XI) (Actor, Swearnet: The Movie (2014))
Roberto Manrique (Actor, Victorinos (2009))
Dan Roberts (XI) (Actor, Crash Test Dummies: Greatest Hits Live (2005))
Dylan Roberts (I) (Actor, Death to Smoochy (2002))
Meghan Roberts (IV) (Actress, Gossip Girl (2007))
Joan Roberts (I) (Actress, Jesse (2011))
Julian Roberts (VI) (Producer, Before Dawn )
Dan Robertson (V) (Cinematographer, Pissing Man Style (2005))
Dan Robertson (VI) (Self, The Daily Show (1996))
Dan Robertson (VII) (Sound Department, Ring of Music (2013))
Dan Roberts (V) (Editor, Flames 88-89 (1989))
Dan Roberts (IX) (Actor, The Revenger (1989))
Dan Roberts (XXVIII) (Actor, Living with Trevor (2017))
Dan Roberts (XXIV) (Set Decorator, Milk (2005))
Dan Roberts (XIV) (Actor, Mondo Sacramento 2 (2013))
Dan Robertson (VIII) (Miscellaneous, The Price for Silence (2018))
Dan Roberts (XX) (Director, The Motion in Me (2012))
Dan Roberts (VII) (Writer, Fielder's Choice (2005))
Dan Roberts (XIX) (Art Department, Citadel (2012))
Dan Roberts (XXVII) (Editor, The Investigator: A British Crime Story (2016))
Dan Robertson (I) (Actor, Age to Age (1999))
Dan Roberts (XIII) (Art Department, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (2006))
Dan Roberts (XXX) (Self, Good Morning Britain (2014))
Dan Roberts (XV) (Transportation Department, The Last King of Scotland (2006))
Dan Robertson (X) (Sound Department, Finding Farmer Jones (2014))
Aidan Roberts (Composer, Sorry Son (2008))
Dan Roberts (VI) (Assistant Director, Time Trax (1993))
Dan Roberts (XII) (Art Department, Perfect Sense (2011))
Dan Robertson (IV) (Actor, Desert Rose (2009))
Dan Roberts (XXI) (Actor, Landing (2011))
Dan Roberts (XXV) (Music Department, Velvet Thompson (2017))
Dan Roberts (XVII) (Camera Department, My Spy Family (2007))
Dan Robertson (XII)
Dan Roberts (XXII) (Miscellaneous, Nameless )
Dan Roberts (XXIX) (Editorial Department, Above the Fold (2018))
Dan Roberts (XVI) (Art Department, Cowards (2009))
Dan Roberts (I) (Art Department, Four Friends (1981))
Dan Robertson (III) (Actor, Empire of Ash (1988))
Dan Robertson (IX)
Dan Roberts (III) (Writer, Mission: Impossible (1988))
Dan Roberts (II) (Soundtrack, Hoboken Hollow (2006))
Dan Roberts (XXIII) (Miscellaneous, River of Fundament (2014))
Dan Roberts (XXVI)
Dyfan Roberts (Actor, Un nos ola' leuad (1991))
Dan Robbertse (Actor, Ali (2001))
Evan Roberts (I) (Actor, Private Parts (1997))
Matthew Dylan Roberts (Actor, Lost Boys: The Thirst (2010))
Ian Robert (I) (Writer, The Night Train to Kathmandu (1988))
Yan Robert (Camera Department, Candice Renoir (2013))
Ian Robert (II) (Actor, Dreamtime (2017))
Seaman Robert (Miscellaneous, America's Port (2008))
Hyman Roberts
Alan Robert Murray (Sound Department, Sully (2016))
Amanda Van Roberts (Actress, National Security (2003))
John Alan Roberts (Actor, Official Secrets )
Allan Roberts (IV) (Actor, 3 Mile Limit (2014))
Dean Roberts (II) (Visual Effects, Lost in Space (1998))
Ryan Robert Howard (Miscellaneous, Oblivion (2013))
Sean Roberts (II) (Actor, The Last Video Store (2013))
Ivan Robert Sertic (Actor, Die Anrheiner (1998))
Sean Roberts (VIII) (Special Effects, Straight to Video: The B-Movie Odyssey (2015))
Dylan Robertson (Editor, Aloha Buddha (2011))
Alan Robertson (I) (Actor, Little Women (1994))
Alan Roberts (XIII) (Actor, I Am... (2005))
Jonathan Roberts (VI) (Actor, Learn to Dance with John and Charlotte (2006))
Ryan Robert Minford (Producer, The Cry (2018))
Jonathan Roberts (I) (Writer, Monsters, Inc. (2001))
Brendan Roberts (II) (Cinematographer, R (2008))
Brandan Roberts (Miscellaneous, The Princess and the Frog (2009))
Brendan Roberts (I) (Actor, Shortland Street (1992))
Brendan Roberts (V) (Actor, Waterpoint (2015))
Brendan Roberts (IV) (Art Department, The Osiris Child (2016))
Brendan Roberts (III) (Camera Department, Story Keeper (2011))
Iwan Roberts (I) (Location Management, Submarine (2010))
Osian Roberts (Actor, The Snow Spider (1988))
Johnathan Robert Hart (Miscellaneous, Setup (2011))
Sean Robert Daniels (Writer, The Last Victims )
Ryan Roberts (XIV) (Actor, Attorney at Low (2013))
Alan Roberto (Actor, Thriller (1973))
Ian Robertson (II) (Actor, Psyhi vathia (2009))
Norman Roberts (I) (Actor, Dog Eat Dog (2001))
Sean Roberts (XIV) (Location Management, Knuckleball (2018))
Megan Roberts (II) (Actress, The Kids of Degrassi Street (1979))
Rogan Roberts (Writer, The Tormented (2016))
Jonathan Roberts (XXIII) (Director, Stole My Heart (2016))
Chapman Roberts (Actor, Year of the Comet (1992))
Jordan Roberts (XXII) (Actress, Toxin: 700 Days Left on Earth (2015))
Sian Roberts (I) (Miscellaneous, Richard Osman's House of Games (2017))
Adrian Roberts (I) (Actor, The Rainmaker (1997))
Morgan Roberts (II) (Producer, Rude Tube (2008))
Kieran Roberts (I) (Producer, Coronation Street (1960))
Allan Roberts (I) (Soundtrack, Mr. Nobody (2009))
Jordan Roberts (IV) (Producer, Man About Town (2006))
Jean-Robert Lombard (Actor, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017))
Sean Roberts (IX) (Actor, 5 Years After the Fall (2016))
Sean Roberts (XI) (Producer, Amrak (2017))
Megan Roberts (V) (Actress, The Ugly Duckling (2013))
Alan Robertson (X) (Self, Duck Dynasty (2012))
Alan Robert Hopkins (Camera Department, One by One (2014))
Alan Robert (I) (Producer, Killogy (2013))
Kealan Robert (Actor, Black Rosary (2014))
Sherman Roberts (I) (Actor, Unbreakable (2000))
Ryan Roberts (IX) (Camera Department, Buried (2010))
Morgan Roberts (I) (Actor, The Hunter (1980))
Ian Roberts (XXV) (Producer, Kevin Hart: Serve and Protect (2014))
Ryan Roberts (XVII) (Make Up Department, End of Dates (2013))
Iwan Roberts (IV) (Director, Ready to Fight (2016))
Ian Roberts (XX)
Ian Roberts (XVIII) (Sound Department, Golden (2012))
Jean Robert (I) (Actor, World Without Shame (1962))
Conan Roberts (Editor, No Small Talk (2016))
Susan Roberts (XII) (Director, Men Who Sleep in Cars (2017))
Ian Roberts (XXIII) (Actor, 7 Lives Xposed (2013))
Brian Roberts (V) (Camera Department, Field of Dreams (1989))
Ian Roberts (XXXIV)
Alan Robert (IV) (Actor, The Sisterhood 2 'Save The Date' (2016))
Stefan Robert (Actor, Finding Her (2017))
Ian Robertson (XII) (Music Department, La Rondine (2009))
Brian Roberts (XXVIII) (Producer, Bet Raise Fold (2013))
Brian Roberts (XXIX) (Self, A Tribute to Anne Sweeney: Newhouse Mirror Awards (2013))
Ryan Roberts (XXV) (Self, Cysgod Rhyfel (2014))
Brian Roberts (I) (Actor, White Fury (1990))
Brian Roberts (XXVI) (Producer, The Path Not Taken (2012))
Bryan Roberts (XII)
Dylan Roberts (III) (Self, GasHole (2010))
Bryan Roberts (I) (Editor, Hirokin: The Last Samurai (2012))
Ian Roberts (XII) (Actor, Oneirology (2010))
Ryan Roberts (XVI) (Actor, Too Dead to Die (2007))
Alan Roberts (VI) (Actor, Robin Hood (1984))
Ilan Roberts (Actor, Sophie's Fortune (2014))
Ryan Roberton (Camera Department, Animal House of Blues: How a Community Helped Create a Hollywood Blockbuster or Two (2012))
Ian Robertson (XXXII) (Actor, White Cobra (2014))
Brian Roberts (XL) (Soundtrack, Awful Nice (2013))
Ryan Roberts (II) (Actor, The 17th Man (2004))
Ryan Roberts (XIX)
Jan Roberts (I) (Actor, Auf Achse (1980))
Ian Robertson (XXV) (Self, Das Auto: The Germans, Their Cars and Us (2013))
Brian Roberts (XXXI)
Julian Robert (Actor, The Life Story of Julie Vega (1986))
Susan Roberts (III) (Miscellaneous, Bride of Chucky (1998))
Ryan Roberts (III) (Actor, Even If It's Wrong (2004))
Ethan Roberts (VIII) (Director, One, Two, Three... (2017))
Bryan Roberts (VI) (Composer, Soaring Eagles (2009))
Alan Roberts (XVII) (Actor, Cottonmouth (2011))
Ryan Roberts (XIII) (Sound Department, Ella (2013))
Ian Robertson (XXXVII) (Actor, Canted (2016))
Dylan Roberts (VII) (Cinematographer, Neon Noir (2017))
Brian Roberts (XXXVII)
Jean Roberton (Sound Department, L'ennemi sans visage (1946))
Evan Roberts (II) (Actor, Raising Dead (2002))
Evan Roberts (III) (Sound Department, Surveillance (2006))
Alan Roberts (XXIV) (Editor, 10 Attitudes (2001))
Ian Robertson (XXIX) (Producer, Best of Battlecam (2015))
Ian Roberts (XIX) (Actor, Not (2012))
Jean Roberts (I) (Actress, China O'Brien (1990))
Ian Robertson (XXX) (Production Manager, Nub TV (2014))
Allan Robert (I) (Transportation Department, A Christmas Horror Story (2015))
Jean Roberts (III) (Director, Sinners (2008))
Shan Roberts (Composer, Love Tap: The Movie (2010))
Ryan Roberts (XXIV)
Sian Roberts (II) (Actress, Treasure Camp (2010))
Logan Roberts (VI) (Actor, He Cometh )
Bryan Roberts (II) (Actor, Volume 2 (2006))
Dean Roberts (X) (Producer, The Leveler )
Ian Roberto (Actor, (Sökarna) (1993))
Ryan Robert (Actor, Christmas Lilies of the Field (1979))
Jean Roberts (II) (Writer, The Man Who Planted Trees (1987))
Evan Roberts (X) (Visual Effects, Ghost in the Shell (2017))
Ryan Roberts (XII) (Sound Department, Same Love (2016))
Susan Roberts (I) (Actress, Summer and Smoke (1961))
Jean Roberts (VII) (Actor, Thin Lines (2014))
Joan Roberts (III) (Actress, Colorado C.I. (1978))
Ryan Roberts (XXVIII)
Allan Roberts (VI)
Brian Roberts (XXII) (Composer, Kansas City Murder Factory (2011))
Ian Roberts (XXIX) (Actor, Lincoln County Incident (1980))