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Richard Walters (IV) (Actor, Degrassi: Next Class (2016))
Richard Walter (IX) (Writer, Group Marriage (1973))
Edward Walter (I) (Art Department, Left Bank Bookseller (2012))
Gérard Walter (Self, Geliebte Feinde - Die Deutschen und die Franzosen (2013))
Edward Walters (IV) (Actor, The Robbery (2012))
Edward Walters (II)
Gerd Walter (Camera Department, Ärzte (1994))
Edward Walters (I) (Actor, Dark Sunday (1976))
Medárd Walter (Miscellaneous, Megmenthetö milliók (1962))
Edward Walters (III)
Edward Walter (II)
Walter Lord (Writer, A Night to Remember (1958))
Richard Walters (I) (Music Department, No Escape (2015))
Mark Edward Walters (Actor, Bad Kids Go to Hell (2012))
Kate Stafford-Walter (Editor, The Side-Out Story: Conquering Cancer on the Court (2014))
Richard Walter (XIII) (Self, Forensic Files (1996))
Richard Walter (II) (Actor, Big Trouble (1986))
Richard Walter (III) (Art Department, Strul (1988))
Richard Walter (XVI) (Producer, Coming Into My Own: The Lost Children of Richard Pryor (2017))
Richard Walter (VI) (Actor, The Great Walled City of Xan (1970))
Hildegard Walter (Actress, Unser Mann ist König (1980))
Richard Walters (III) (Sound Department, Just Tom (2013))
Richard Walter (XI) (Producer, Weiler Handles It (2012))
Gerard Walters (Actor, De reiskoffer (2007))
Howard Walters (I) (Writer, Redirecting Eddie (2008))
Rickard Walter (Camera Department, Före stormen (2000))
Gerhard Walter (I) (Camera Department, Die Hochzeitskuh (1999))
Richard Walter (V) (Special Effects, Hajen som visste för mycket (1989))
Walter D. Ward Jr. (Camera Department, Devil's Pond (2003))
Richard Walters (V)
Bernard Walters (Actor, Fighting Mad (1957))
Richard Walter (XVII) (Camera Department, Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016))
Richard Walter (I) (Actor, ITV Play of the Week (1955))
Richard Walters (II) (Miscellaneous, Special People (2007))
Richard Walter (VIII)
Richard Walter (XVIII) (Actor, Ricky 1 (1988))
Richard Walter (X) (Actor, Januskopf (1972))
Bernhard Walter (Self, Die Johannes B. Kerner Show (1998))
Richard Walter (XII) (Producer, Day 8: After the Apocalypse (2012))
Richard Walter (VII) (Miscellaneous, Zorro (1975))
Howard Walters (II) (Camera Department, The Colour of Valentine (2011))
Tyler D. Walters (Art Department, American Made (2017))
Gerhard Walter (II) (Actor, Kalahari Gemsen (2016))
Richard Walter (IV) (Camera Department, Att stjäla en tjuv (1996))
Thomas Edward Walter (Music Department, The Dawn Wall (2017))
Richard Walter (XV)
Richard Walter (XIV) (Self, Rock & Roll Road Trip with Sammy Hagar (2016))
Trevor Stafford Walter (Miscellaneous, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (2015))
Walter D. Welford (Director, The Writing on the Wall (1897))
Richard Walter Sotelo (Actor, A Final Hit (2015))
Charles Richard Walters (Actor, A Fragile Hope (2008))
Bud Cort (Actor, Harold and Maude (1971))
Walter Mills (I) (Actor, The High Country (1981))
Christopher Monckton (Self, Earth: The Climate Wars (2008))
Menzies Campbell (Miscellaneous, The Advocates (1991))

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