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Richard Long (I) (Actor, The Stranger (1946))
Richard Long (II) (Actor, The Secret Rapture (1993))
Lang Richards (Art Department, Cold Heat (1989))
King Richard (Director, Lakas kapwa lakas (1982))
Ang Richards (Camera Department, The Descent (2005))
Song Peng Richard Ng (Actor, Verdict (2015))
Song Richardson (Self, 48 Hours (1988))
Richard Long (V) (Actor, Historyonics (2004))
Richard Long (XXVI) (Sound Department, The New Adventures of Little Toot (1992))
Richard Long (XIX) (Director, Book of Paul )
Richard Long (XXI) (Self, The Victoria Cross: For Valour (2003))
Richard Long (XXII) (Editorial Department, Hotel GB (2012))
Richard Long (XI) (Editorial Department, Coach Trip (2005))
Richard Long (VII) (Miscellaneous, Beyond Dream's Door (1989))
Richard E. Long (Actor, Offbeat Eats with Jim Stacy (2014))
Richard Long (XXIV) (Actor, More Than Frybread (2011))
Richard Long (XXVII) (Self, Granada Reports (1992))
Richard Long (XIII)
Richard Long (XVII) (Miscellaneous, Kinect Disneyland Adventures (2011))
Richard Long (IX) (Transportation Department, Hollywood Homicide (2003))
Richard Long (XXV) (Producer, Another World (2016))
Richard Long (VI)
Richard Long (XXIII) (Writer, My Own Winter )
Richard Long (XV) (Self, Investigative Reports (1991))
Richard Long (XII) (Actor, The Sorority (2006))
Richard Long (XVI) (Actor, Frankenstein (1987))
Richard Long (XX) (Music Department, The Choir: Military Wives (2011))
Richard S. Long (Director, Not for Children (2015))
Richard Long (XIV) (Cinematographer, Fair Go (1977))
Richard Long (III) (Editorial Department, The Core (2003))
Richard Long (XVIII) (Self, Gold Rush: Alaska (2010))
Richard Long (VIII) (Self, Art & the 60s (2004))
Richard W. Long (Producer, Bimini Code (1983))
Richard Ingram (Actor, Michael Collins (1996))
Clayton Richard-Long (Camera Department, Dragged Across Concrete (2018))
Richard Angrignon (Actor, Danny in the Sky (2001))
Richard Ingrams (Writer, That Was the Week That Was (1962))
Richard Furlong (Actor, 212 (2005))
Richard DeLong Adams (Writer, The Red Tent (1969))
Richard Langridge (I) (Producer, Dalziel and Pascoe (1996))
Ingrid Richard (I) (Editorial Department, Recrutement (2001))
Richard Zangrillo (Producer, Till Later Ipanema (2009))
Channing Richardson (Sound Department, One )
Richard Langridge (II) (Miscellaneous, Doom (2016))
Young Richardson (Camera Department, Mittens (2013))
Richard Gingrich (Self, The Glorious & the Brave (2012))
Zheng Richard Wang (Art Department, Cheerleader Death Squad (2015))
John G. Richards (Actor, Crazy John (2006))
Ingrid Richard (II) (Actress, Maria de la nuit (1936))
Richard van Grinsven (Location Management, Extravaganza (1991))
Richard Ingraham (Actor, Point and Drive (2016))
John Richard Ingram (Actor, Malevolence (2003))
Richard Ingrains (Self, Lord Longford (1974))
Richard von Groeling (Assistant Director, Mr. Nobody (2009))
Richard Bolongi (Self, Britain's Got Talent (2007))
Richard Pizzolongo (Miscellaneous, Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure (1977))
Richard Longstaffe (Sound Department, The Secret (1955))
Richard Dillon Glass (II) (Director, Sunrise (2018))
Richard Longman (I) (Actor, The Powder Monkey (1951))
Richard Longman (II) (Special Effects, The Aunty Jack Show (1972))
Clayton Richard Long
Richard Dillon Glass (I)
Richard Talonga (Actor, Stones of Death (1988))
Richard Longhurst (Actor, Frisky Business (2014))
Richard Longley (II)
Richard Longenecker (Self, A Polite Bribe (2013))
Richard De Long (Editorial Department, Walking the Edge (1985))
Richard Longer (Miscellaneous, Molokai (1999))
Richard Longstaff (Camera Department, What I'd Really Like to Do (2007))
Richard Longley (I) (Miscellaneous, Aftermath (2010))
Richard Longsmith
Richard DeLong (Art Department, The Surface (2014))
Richard Long Pham (Actor, What's the Good of Being Good? (2017))
Richard Longland (Writer, Why Am I Still Sick? (2012))
Richard Justin Griffiths (Transportation Department, Bis aufs Blut - Brüder auf Bewährung (2010))
Ashling Richards-Scully (Costume Department, A Very Irish Family (2018))
Kelling Richard Fennig
Stanton Grant Richardson (Miscellaneous, Boys Don't Cry (1999))
David Richard Longobardo (Actor, America's Untold Journey (2016))
Madeleine Richardson Graham (Miscellaneous, Got This (2015))
Richard Kipkemboi Mateelong (Self, 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics Berlin 2009 (2009))
John Laws (I) (Actor, Nickel Queen (1971))
Dale Long (I) (Self, 1960 World Series (1960))

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