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Michel Legrand (Composer, The Thomas Crown Affair (1968))
Michele Gray (I) (Actress, Throb (1986))
Michelle Grace (III) (Producer, Narc (2002))
Michelle Grand (Actress, Cherry, Harry & Raquel! (1970))
Michele Grant (Miscellaneous, Philadelphia (1993))
Michelle LeGrande (I) (Actress, Over 18... and Ready! (1969))
Michelle LeGrande (II) (Actress, Da Game of Life (1998))
Michele Gray (V) (Producer, The Lookalike (2014))
Michele Gray (III) (Actress, Expiration Date (2006))
Michele Graff (Actress, High Fidelity (2000))
Michelle Gray (V)
Michelle Gray (IV) (Self, Don't Forget the Lyrics! (2007))
Michele Gray (II) (Visual Effects, Minority Report (2002))
Michelle Gray (I)
Michelle Gray (VII) (Self, The Biggest Loser (2004))
Michelle Graf (Actress, Fatal Lottery (1997))
Michelle Gray (II) (Art Department, This Girl in the Desert (2006))
Michelle Gray (III) (Self, Ask This Old House (2002))
Michele Grace (Actress, Real Life (1979))
Michele Gray (IV) (Actress, Crime Stoppers Case Files: Chicago (2012))
Michelle Gray (VI) (Director, Two Faces of Eva (2010))
Michelle Gray (VIII) (Actress, Ghost House: A Haunting (2018))
Kelly Michelle Gray
Michelle Graham (I) (Producer, The Campaign (2012))
Michelle Grassnick (Actress, Final Impact (1992))
Michelle Gracie (Producer, Wreck (2011))
Michelle LeGrand (Actress, Someday You'll Be My Wife (2016))
Michele Granata (Director, E te lo vojo dì: Voci contro la guerra alle donne (2017))
Michelle Granados (Self, E! News Live (1996))
Michelle Grant (IV)
Michelle Graneri
Michele Grantham (Actress, Fang (2011))
Michelle Granieri (Actress, Virgin Beasts (1992))
Michelle Grantz (Sound Department, Specs (2012))
Michelle Grant (II) (Assistant Director, Dangerous Affairs (1993))
Michelle Grant (VI)
Michelle Grant (VII) (Producer, Broken Kingdom (2012))
Michelle Grant (V) (Make Up Department, Lover's Walk (2008))
Michelle Grant (I) (Make Up Department, Scorcher (2002))
Michele Granberg (Producer, Positive Energy with Michele Granberg (2015))
Michelle Granstrom (Producer, Prowler (2014))
Michelle Grana (Actress, The Outer Limits (1995))
Michelle Grant (III) (Actress, Don't Look Back! (2003))
Michelle Grant (VIII) (Actor, Love, My Way in a Northern Town )
Enguerrand Michelin (Production Manager, Carcasse (2014))
Michelle Graham (II) (Actress, It's My Choice (2004))
Michelle Graci (Actress, Turbocharge: The Unauthorized Story of The Cars (2008))
Michele Gramsammer (Casting Director, Tribunal (1989))
Mark & Michele Gradel
Michelle Grasser (Camera Department, Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei (1996))
Michelle Grace (II) (Self, We Could Be King (2014))
Michele Grattoni (Camera Department, Friûl Revolution (2016))
Michelle Graydon (Actress, Three Days (2014))
Michelle Graff (Actress, Fatal Lottery (1997))
Michelle Grace (V) (Director, Chipped (2017))
Michelle Grady (II) (Visual Effects, In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (2007))
Michele Graves (Producer, Anatomy of a Scene (2001))
Michelle Grace (I) (Actress, Touch! (2016))
Michelle Grady (I) (Make Up Department, Dead Rising: Endgame (2016))
Michelle Gramsch (Producer, Seidr (2018))
Michelle Graczek (Location Management, Lunatic (1999))
Michelle Grady (III) (Director, A Backward Glance (2017))
Michelle Grayson (II) (Actor, Hopes Identity (2013))
Michele Graybeal (Actress, Made in Heaven (1987))
Michelle Grainey (Animation Department, Captain Star (1997))
Michelle Grattan (Self, Meet the Press (1992))
Michele Grassi (Producer, Dylan Dog: Il trillo del diavolo (2012))
Michelle Grayson (I) (Actress, Hopes Identity (2013))
Michelle Graus (Director, Thuis (1995))
Michele Grappelli (Miscellaneous, Le nuove comiche (1994))
Michele Graffieti (Director, Snow Animal (2015))
Michelle Grace (IV)
Michelle Graham (V) (Actress, Arthur's Birthday (1994))
Michelle Gradert (Actress, Der Tote am Strand (2006))
Michelle Graham (VI) (Actress, Lost Souls (1997))
Michelle Grasz (Producer, Patron )
Michelle Graham (III) (Art Department, The Simpsons Game (2007))
Michelle Grabner (Self, Charlie Rose (1991))
Michelle Graves (III)
Michelle Grassi (Editorial Department, Cathedral Pines (2006))
Michelle Graves (I) (Miscellaneous, Flavor of Love (2006))
Michele Graham (Self, Life After Tomorrow (2006))
Michelle Graham (IV)
Michelle Graves (II) (Make Up Department, Pretty (2011))
Michelle Grasso (Editor, The Art of Carrying Fruit (2019))
Michel Legrand Orchestra (Soundtrack, The Kid Stays in the Picture (2002))
Michele Giangrande (Self, L'odore della terra (2011))
Micheline Granchet (Actress, Incorrigible (1975))
Michel Degrange (Location Management, Chocolat (2000))
Michelle Graciela Hill (Actress, The Boring Life of Jacqueline (2012))
Michelle Grace Santos (Production Designer, Ang manghuhula (2008))
Michele Grasso-Dennis (Production Manager, Neil Diamond: Greatest Hits Live (1988))

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