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Sung Hi Lee (Actress, The Girl Next Door (2004))
Richard Lee-Sung (Actor, Inspector Gadget (1999))
Sung-Hi Lee (Animation Department, The Little Engine That Could (1991))
Lee Sunghoon (Producer, Above the Mist (2016))
Sung Hee Sung (Director, I Live in Cheongdam-dong (2011))
Lee Sun Sung (Actor, Go! Mrs. Go! (2011))
R. Lee Sung (Actor, Starstruck (1979))
Lee Sung Ki (Visual Effects, Bakugan: Battle Planet (2018))
Kyung-hee Sun (Producer, Minnyosamchongsa (2007))
Hee-sung Hwang (Director, Kisses (2011))
Jung Hee-Sung (Director, Eclipse: Keo-teo (2016))
Lee Sung Kyun (Producer, Alex y Alexis (1998))
Lee Sung Won (Director, Moans (2011))
Lee Sung Jae (Animation Department, Gin-iro no kami no Agito (2006))
Lee Sung-Yul (Producer, Yukhyeolpo kangdodan (2010))
Lee Sung-rak
Lomlee Sung (Actress, Lalola (2008))
Lee Sung-Jin (II) (Producer, Opiseu (2015))
Lee Sun Ryung (Visual Effects, Lego Elves: Secrets of Elvendale (2017))
Lee Sung-Jin (I) (Cinematographer, Seukechi (2014))
Lee Sung Eun (Writer, Pantaseutik (2016))
Lee Sung Jin (Animation Department, Black Lagoon (2006))
Lee Sung Woo
Hee-Sung Lee (Actor, Sandong yeojamuljangsu (1983))
Michelle Lee-Sung (Actress, Comeback (2000))
Everett Lee-Sung (Producer, The All American (2011))

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