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Laura Dern (Actress, Jurassic Park (1993))
Laura Dern Beau (Actress, Vampyr: The Origins (2018))
Laura Dean (I) (Actress, Fame (1980))
Laura Devon (I) (Actress, The Richard Boone Show (1963))
Laura de Boer (Actress, Cord (2015))
Laura Pradelska (Actress, Love in the Age of Fear (2017))
Laura del Sol (Actress, Carmen (1983))
Laura Dekker (I) (Camera Department, Maidentrip (2013))
Laura de Carteret (Actress, Mean Girls (2004))
Laura Delano (I) (Actress, The Warriors (1979))
Laura de Ita (Actress, Cuatro lunas (2014))
Laura Deeley (Writer, Kiss Me First (2018))
Laura Díez (II) (Assistant Director, La piel que habito (2011))
Laura Derk (Self, USA: Desired & Despised (2009))
Laura Derby (Actress, Falling for Grace (2006))
Laura Dekkers (I) (Actress, Law & Order: Criminal Intent (2001))
Laura De Palma (Actress, The Fifth Element (1997))
Laura D. Smith (Producer, It Follows (2014))
Laura Díez Mora (Sound Department, The Body (2012))
Laura Dennis (I) (Actress, TNA Impact! Wrestling (2004))
Laura Dean (II) (Actress, The Gray in Between (2002))
Laura De Marchi (Actress, Youth (2015))
Laura De Pedro (Actress, Diary of a Nymphomaniac (2008))
Laura De Casto (Producer, The Hillside Strangler (2004))
Laura De Rosa (Production Designer, Una vita da sogno (2013))
Laura Derry (Actor, Displacement (2010))
Laura Derrick (Sound Department, Major League (1989))
Laura De Rohan (Actor, Je suis en transit (2018))
Laura Derichs (Art Director, City of Men (1988))
Laura Dean (VII) (Actress, Squarebody (2007))
Laura Devoti (Actress, Un'altra vita (1992))
Laura Dean (VIII) (Writer, Diana (1973))
Laura Dez (Sound Department, El programa de Berto (2009))
Laura Dean (VI) (Actress, Vampire Hummingbirds: Pain in the Nectar (2010))
Laura Deja
Laura Dee (I) (Miscellaneous, One Bad Day (1999))
Laura De Vo (Art Department, Containment (2015))
Laura Dean (V) (Actor, Great Books (1993))
Laura Dean (IX) (Music Department, Dirty Wars (2013))
Laura Dean (XIII) (Producer, If Only There Were Peace (2017))
Laura Díez (IV)
Laura Dean (XII)
Laura Díez (I)
Laura Delp (Actress, Hello From My Front Porch (2016))
Lauradel (Actor, Angelica: Sugo Sa Lupa (1987))
Laura Dee (III) (Actor, The Valleys (2012))
Laura Deas (Self, The One Show (2006))
Laura Deal (Transportation Department, Death Wish (2018))
Laura Dade (Actress, #Human )
Laura Dean (X) (Miscellaneous, Maestro (2018))
Laura Dee (II) (Actress, Weigh Money (2009))
Laura Dent (Miscellaneous, The Break (1995))
Laura Dean (IV) (Make Up Department, Get the Picture (2004))
Laura Dean (XI) (Make Up Department, Contenders (2009))
Laura Dean (III) (Miscellaneous, Behind Bars (2016))
Laura Desiree (I) (Producer, After (2009))
Laura Dejean (Actress, Better Start Running (2018))
Laura Denton (Writer, Pads (2015))
Laura Deney (Editor, Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie (2006))
Laura Degnan (Director, Blind Eye (2010))
Laura DeBar (Actress, The Last Days of Shaniko (2010))
Laura De la Uz (Actress, Hello Hemingway (1990))
Laura Denning (Self, Secret Eaters (2012))
Laura Devon (II) (Actress, Rita, Sue and Bob Too (1987))
Laura de Bart (Actress, Nessuno mi può giudicare (2011))
Laura Delahaye (Producer, The Punisher (2017))
Laura Doerner
Laura Demay (Stunts, L'instit (1993))
Laura Parade (Actress, Leila (2003))
Laura Dekkers (II) (Self, Life4You (2009))
Laura DeSiena (Actress, Moving Mountains (2014))
Laura Dekker (II) (Costume Department, Jou Romeo (2016))
Laura DePaul (Actress, Higher Methods (2018))
Laura Dewing (Actress, The Purification of David B. (1998))
Laura Deger (Actress, Homekeeper (2009))
Laura DeBonis (Miscellaneous, Bloodlines: Technology Hits Home (2003))
Laura Demarco
Laura Denisse (Actress, Porque el amor manda (2012))
Laura DeWild (Actress, Destroyer (1988))
Laura De Cecco (Actress, Gli ultimi (1963))
Laura Dehaene (Actress, A Good Idea (2015))
Laura H. Andrade (Art Department, The Girls' Room (2000))
Laura de Meo (Editor, Green Man, Red Man (2009))
Laura Deutsch (I) (Costume Department, It's Kind of a Funny Story (2010))
Laura Deutch (Editor, Security (2005))
Laura Del Mela (Miscellaneous, The Flying Doctors (1986))
Laura de Vison (Actress, Noite (1985))
Laura Demain (Cinematographer, Independent Lens (1999))
Laura Dennett (Actress, Just Around the Corner (2002))
Laura Delvin (Art Department, The Ultimate Legacy (2015))
Laura Denmar (Actress, Desert Dream (2017))
Laura Deming (Self, Breakthrough (2015))
Laura De Lano (Actress, Sad Amanda (2013))
Laura Demuth (Miscellaneous, Beer (1985))
Laura DeBruce (Director, Speed Skate (2014))
Laura Denby (Actress, Directing Rye (2004))
Laura Decedue (Miscellaneous, Don't Look Back (1996))
Laura Delaney (I) (Writer, In the Night (2012))
Laura del Rio (Self, Cuestión de pelotas (2010))
Laura de la Peña (Costume Department, Sin identidad (2014))
Laura Dennis (II) (Miscellaneous, Level 7 (2013))
Laura Delee (Actress, The Last Leg (2012))
Laura DeMarco
Laura De Waal (Actress, Leslie Hall Feat. Elvira: Zombie Killer - Version 2 (2008))
Laura Del Rey (Camera Department, Forasteiro (2007))
Laura DeWitt (Miscellaneous, Dark Secrets of the Lusitania (2012))
Laura Delman (Costume Department, The Hollywood Reporter Roundtables (2013))
Laura Delgado (I) (Actress, Vacanze ai Caraibi (2015))
Laura Delich (Actress, En busca del brillante perdido (1986))
Laura Deunk (Make Up Department, Life Is an Art (2010))
Laura del Amo (II) (Assistant Director, La huella del crimen 2 (1991))
Laura De Sedas
Laura de Vries (II) (Producer, De Held (2016))
Laura Delbert
Laura De Cardi (Actress, A Man of Quality (1926))
Laura Delrío (Sound Department, Ancla (2006))
Laura Denari (Actress, El bosque de los condenados (1974))
Laura de Vries (I) (Actress, Lieve Sint (2012))
Laura del Río (Actress, Yo soy Bea (2006))
Laura Depalma (Miscellaneous, Nova (1974))
Laura de Luca (Actor, Tempi Morti (2014))
Laura DeLuca (I) (Music Department, Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport (2000))
Laura De Lucia (I)
Laura De Greef (Actress, Rattrapage (2017))
Laura De Ponte
Laura DeCludt (Editorial Department, Operation Wild (2010))
Laura de Wit (Actor, Narthex (2014))
Laura Deshane (II) (Assistant Director, Pinebox (2018))
Laura de Nercy (Miscellaneous, Robinson et compagnie (1991))
Laura De'Atley (Make Up Department, Basic Instinct (1992))
Laura de Weck (Actress, Länger leben (2010))
Laura Dekker (III) (Make Up Department, Phoenix Wilder and the Great Elephant Adventure (2017))
Laura DePaola
Laura del Real (Actress, Che Kopete: La Película (2007))
Laura Debska (Assistant Director, The Coldest Game (2019))
Laura Degelau (Actress, Remnant 13 (2016))
Laura DeLuca (II) (Self, Scam of the Century: Bernie Madoff's Crime & Punishment (2008))
Laura Deason
Laura Deane (Actress, Radio and Relatives (1940))
Laura Debicka (Actress, Nikt nie wola (1960))
Laura DeVries (Art Department, The Day Santa Didn't Come (2014))
Laura Detter (Actress, Der Dicke (2005))
Laura Destro (Miscellaneous, Car Babes (2006))
Laura DeDene (Producer, Lemonade: Detroit (2013))
Laura de Sousa (Actress, Túkiti, crecí de una (2006))
Laura del Rivo (Writer, West 11 (1963))
Laura Delaney (II)
Laura Decludt (Producer, Prank My Mom (2012))
Laura DeLano (Actor, Andy's Song (2009))
Laura De Beir (Costume Department, De Overkant (2015))
Laura De Mers (Actress, Fight the Panda Syndicate (2008))
Laura Del Papa (Actor, Wish You Were Here Studios (2017))
Laura DeCesare (Actress, Beyond Hello (2015))
Laura Deloose (Self, Women's International Football (2010))
Laura DeVille (Actress, Fatal Choice (1995))
Laura Denoux (Self, The Biggest Loser (2004))
Laura Deutsch (II) (Writer, Exploring the Harrows (2008))
Laura Deponio (Production Manager, Men Who Sleep in Cars (2017))
Laura Dempsey (Producer, Night Out (2013))
Laura Deigman (Actress, Last Orders (2001))
Laura Denicke (Visual Effects, The Island (2005))
Laura De Lucas (Sound Department, Díselo tú (2010))
Laura del Amo (I) (Actress, Cuéntame (2001))
Laura de San Pío (Actor, Lluvia de estrellas (1995))
Laura del Pozo (Visual Effects, Mi Peor Enemiga (2015))
Laura Deluch
Laura de Waard (Make Up Department, Fashion Chicks (2015))
Laura Desiree (II) (Actor, Veronica Sway in Horror! (2017))
Laura Delano (II) (Self, Crazywise (2016))
Laura DePalma (Editor, City of Churches (2015))
Laura De Lucia (II)
Laura de Dios (Actress, Relájate y Goza (2015))
Laura Deblasi (Actress, A Fool and His Money (1989))
Laura Devlin (Miscellaneous, Southern at Heart (2013))
Laura De Camps (Art Director, Noche, no te vayas (1995))
Laura De Young (Actress, Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects (2005))
Laura Dengler (Miscellaneous, Wickie auf großer Fahrt (2011))
Laura Delma (Actress, Spoed (2000))
Laura Desch (Miscellaneous, Hyperion (2014))
Laura Deshane (I) (Editorial Department, Among the Wild: The Arrowhead 135 (2014))
Laura Denches (Miscellaneous, Trois baisers et 1000 de plus (2007))
Laura Deshane (III) (Miscellaneous, Breaking Homicide (2018))
Laura Delgado (II) (Location Management, Sex Ed (2014))
Laura Denoyer (Actress, Guests (1998))
Laura de León (Actress, La Luz de Mis Ojos (2017))
Laura Decamps (Assistant Director, Profilage (2009))
Laura De Luca (Self, Hell's Kitchen Italia (2014))
Laura de Iongh (Actress, Greenstick (2013))
Laura Dembski (Make Up Department, Easy Listening (2002))
Laura de Arcos (Actress, Fines de semana (2014))
Laura De Vrij (Sound Department, In Her Defense (1999))
Laura de Leon (Make Up Department, Arkadya (2012))
Laura Denison (Actress, Goosebumps (2005))
Laura Dexter (Make Up Department, Beyond the Fire (2009))
Laura Demetri (Miscellaneous, 1960 (2010))
Laura Deland (Self, Dirty Jobs (2005))
Laura de Strobel (Casting Department, Twice Born (2012))
Laura de la Isla (Actress, La canción del pirata (2017))
Laura Derocher (Actress, Conversations with God (2006))
Gaura Rader (Self, The 1980s: The Deadliest Decade (2016))