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William Lundigan (Actor, Pinky (1949))
aka "Larry Parker"
Larry Parker (XII) (Actor, Cartel War (2010))
Larry Parker (II) (Actor, Ghost World (2001))
Larry Parker (IV) (Writer, Pardon My Genie (1972))
Larry Parker (XX)
Larry Parker (XXV) (Self, Pride 7 (1999))
Larry Parker (III) (Editor, Stephen King's World of Horror (1989))
Larry Parker (X) (Editorial Department, James Brown: The Man, the Music, & the Message (2008))
Larry Parks (I) (Actor, The Jolson Story (1946))
Larry Parker (XV)
Larry Parker (I) (Writer, Promised a Miracle (1988))
Larry Parker (XXVI)
Larry Parker (XXX) (Camera Department, Nostradamus: 21st Century Prophecies Revealed (2015))
Larry Parker (XXIII)
Larry Parker (XXIV) (Miscellaneous, The Voice (2006))
Larry Parker (XI) (Self, NFL on FOX (1994))
Larry Parker (IX) (Miscellaneous, A Swingin' Summer (1965))
Larry Parker (VIII) (Make Up Department, The Dark Knight (2008))
Larry Parker (XIII)
Larry Parker (XXI)
Larry Parker (XVII) (Self, 2011 R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl (2011))
Larry Parker (XIV)
Larry Parker (VI) (Producer, Race for the Pennant (1978))
Larry Parker (XVI) (Editor, Straight Up Go-Go (1992))
Larry Parker (VII) (Producer, 1979 World Series Video: Pittsburgh Pirates vs Baltimore Orioles (1979))
Larry Parker (V) (Art Department, Walking Across Egypt (1999))
Larry Parker (XIX)
Larry Parker (XXVII)
Larry Parker (XXII)
Larry Parker (XXIX) (Art Department, Telltale Genes: Charting Human Disease (1998))
Larry Parker (XVIII)
Larry Parker (XXVIII)
Harry Parke (Actor, Night Spot (1938))
Larry Park (I) (Camera Department, The Mummy (2017))
Harry Parker (IX) (Self, C à vous (2009))
Barry Parker (III) (Animation Department, Runaway Robots! Romie-O and Julie-8 (1979))
Barry Parker (VIII) (Miscellaneous, But... Seriously (1994))
Harry Parker (VII) (Writer, Into the Fray (2015))
Barry Parker (I) (Set Decorator, BackSlide (2003))
Barry Parker (VII) (Editorial Department, Max Glick (1990))
Harry Parker (V) (Self, 60 Minutes Sports (2013))
Harry Parker (XI)
Harry Parker (VIII) (Actor, I'm Gonna Miss This Job Like a Hole in the Head (2017))
Harry Parker (III) (Self, Stanley Marcus Documentary )
Harry Parker (I)
Harry Parker (II) (Self, 1973 National League Championship Series (1973))
Harry Parker (X)
Harry Parker (IV) (Casting Department, Muppets Most Wanted (2014))
Harry Parker (VI) (Miscellaneous, One More (2018))
Barry Parker (II) (Actor, Sex, Politics & Cocktails (2002))
Barry Parker (VI) (Miscellaneous, Bikini - Mon amour (1987))
Barry Parker (IV) (Miscellaneous, Crawlspace (1986))
Barry Parker (V) (Actor, Targeted (2015))
Larry Park (II) (Miscellaneous, Death in the Desert (2015))
Larry Parks (IX) (Actor, Maximum Overdrive (1986))
Kerry Parke
Larry Parr (Writer, Fracture (2004))
Terry Parker (VI) (Actor, Alias Grace (2017))
Larry Parker Sr. (Actor, Hacked (2013))
Terry Parker (IV) (Cinematographer, The Tribe (1999))
Gary Parker (V) (Actor, Three Kings (1999))
Dr. Kerry Parker
Terry Parker (VII) (Self, The Prosecutors: In Pursuit of Justice (2000))
Terry Parker (II) (Transportation Department, There's Only One Jimmy Grimble (2000))
Gerry Parker
Cherry Parker (Miscellaneous, The Parole Officer (2001))
Terry Parker (III) (Costume Designer, Noah's Castle (1979))
Jerry Parker (IV) (Actor, Blackbird (2014))
Jerry Parker (III) (Miscellaneous, Wild Rovers (1971))
Terry Parker (I) (Camera Department, Derren Brown: Trick of the Mind (2004))
Kerry Parker (II)
Kerry Parker (III)
Terry Parker (VIII) (Camera Department, Inside Straight (1984))
Jerry Parker (V) (Camera Department, Morning Glory (2015))
Jerry Parker (I) (Actor, Me, Myself & Irene (2000))
Terry Parker (V) (Make Up Department, Body Shots (2009))
Kerry Parker (I) (Writer, My Wife and Kids (2001))
Hilary Parker (II) (Producer, The Sound and the Fury (2009))
Hilary Parker (IV) (Miscellaneous, The Andrew Neil Interviews: Leave or Remain? (2016))
Hilary Parker (I) (Music Department, Chemistry (2008))
Larry Parks (VII) (Music Department, Baby Talk (1991))
Larry Parks (VIII) (Actor, Trigon Fire (1989))
Larry Parks (II) (Self, Wright Brothers: First in Flight (2003))
Larry Parka (Self, The Area (2018))
Larry Parks (VI) (Editor, Grumpy (2018))
Larry Parks (III) (Sound Department, A Bride for Brenda (1969))
Larry Parks (IV) (Actor, Children of the Hunt (2009))
Larry Parks (V)
Larry Parra (Miscellaneous, 65th Miss Universe (2017))
Harry Park (Camera Department, Tea Date (2005))
Barry Park (Actor, Strangers Come A Knockin' 'Round Midnight (2018))
Gary Parker (VI) (Writer, The Feds: U.S. Postal Inspectors (2002))
Mary Parker (II) (Actress, Lady in the Dark (1944))
Sam Barry-Parker (Miscellaneous, Skyfall (2012))
Cary Parker (Director, The Girl in the Picture (1985))
Mary Parker (IV) (Actress, You Lucky People (1955))
Mary Parker Williams (Actress, Heaven Sent (1994))
Gary Parker (IX) (Actor, Octane (2003))
Ivory Parker (Actor, MappaMundi (2017))
Larry Parrish (I) (Casting Director, Storm (1987))
Gary Parker (XIX) (Actor, Incredible Games (1994))
Gerry Parke (Sound Department, Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016))
Rory Parker (Self, Burning the Map (2002))
Mary Parker (VIII) (Actress, Judo Jymnastics (1947))
Gary Parker (XXVI) (Writer, Heart of the Civil War (2012))
Gary Parker (XIV)
Gary Parker (IV) (Camera Department, Blow Out (1981))
Gary Parker (XVI) (Sound Department, She's Gotta Have It (2017))
Gary Parker (XXII) (Cinematographer, A Slice of Life: Carousels (1991))
Gary Parker (II) (Cinematographer, Best Man Dead (2004))
Camry Parker (Actress, Carter High (2015))
Gary Parker (XXIV) (Sound Department, Chosen (2001))
Cory Parker (IV) (Actor, Savannah (1996))
Mary Parker (V)
Henry Parker (IV)
Gary Parker (XVII) (Producer, TVG Network: Year in Review 2014 (2014))
Cory Parker (II) (Director, Slumber (2005))
Emory Parker (III)
Gary Parker (XXVIII) (Cinematographer, The Texas Triangle (2011))
Gary Parker (XXV) (Miscellaneous, Monsters (1988))
Emory Parker (I) (Actor, Blood Ink: The Tavalou Tales (2013))
Gary Parker (III) (Sound Department, Joe Versus the Volcano (1990))
Gary Parker (VIII) (Miscellaneous, Nefertiti Resurrected (2003))
Gary Parker (XXXVI) (Camera Department, Our Idiot Brother (2011))
Mary Parker (IX) (Self, Jeopardy! (1984))
Gary Parker (XXXIII) (Self, Ancient Secrets of the Bible (2007))
Gary Parker (XII) (Camera Department, Playboy Video Playmate Calendar 2006 (2005))
Gary Parker (XXX)
Cory Parker (III) (Sound Department, Nightmares in Red, White and Blue: The Evolution of the American Horror Film (2009))
Mary Parker (VI) (Self, 20th Annual Trumpet Awards (2012))
Gary Parker (XIII) (Writer, Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom (2009))
Henry Parker (II) (Visual Effects, Surrogates (2009))
Gary Parker (XXXI) (Writer, Millie Inbetween (2014))
Cory Parker (VII) (Sound Department, MONOCHROME: The CHROMISM )
Gary Parker (XXXIV) (Actor, Angry Boys (2011))
Emory Parker (IV) (Editorial Department, Mondays (2017))
Emory Parker (II) (Actress, The Perfect Fit (2018))
Gary Parker (XI) (Actor, Willoughby (2007))
Gary Parker (XXXII) (Writer, Campus (2009))
Cory Parker (V) (Assistant Director, The Break In (2015))
Mary Parker (III) (Music Department, The Foreigner (2017))
Tory Parker (Self, Insight with Jon Du Pre (2011))
Gary Parker (XX) (Sound Department, Dance Academy: The Movie (2017))
Gary Parker (XXXVII) (Actor, Bury My Heart with Tonawanda (2013))
Avery Parker (II) (Actress, Hint (2018))
Gary Parker (XXIX) (Writer, Casualty (1986))
Cory Parker (VI) (Sound Department, Under the Harvest Moon (2015))
Henry Parker (I) (Art Department, I, Robot (2004))
Gary Parker (XXVII) (Assistant Director, Renaissance of the Dead (2009))
Gary Parker (XVIII) (Actor, Santa Gets Hacked (2018))
Gary Parker (X) (Sound Department, One Life to Live (2013))
Gary Parker (XV) (Camera Department, Internal (2006))
Gary Parker (XXI) (Camera Department, BorderCross (2017))
Gary Parker (VII) (Actor, G Police (1997))
Henry Parker (V) (Actor, The Ambrosia Effect (2018))
Gary Parker (I) (Actor, Coal Miner's Daughter (1980))
Mary Parker (I) (Actress, The Living Dead (1932))
Cory Parker (I) (Art Department, Escape Plan (2013))
Avery Parker (I)
Gary Parker (XXIII) (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
Mary Parker (VII) (Self, Eric and Mary (1956))
Henry Parker (III) (Producer, Debris (2015))
Larry Packer (Music Department, The Last Waltz (1978))
Larry Parish (Actor, Airwolf (1987))
Kerry Parks (Actor, Lucky Streak and the Crime Fighters (2010))
Larry Parrish (VIII) (Actor, Top Coat Cash (2017))
Larry Pardini (Miscellaneous, The Life of David Gale (2003))
Larry Paros (II) (Director, BAWDY: The Movie (2014))
Larry Parrish (VII) (Actor, Who Is the Bloodiest Royal? )
Larry Parnes (Producer, I've Gotta Horse (1965))
Larry Parrish (III) (Actor, Bed of Roses (2008))
Larry Parrish (X)
Larry Parrish (IX) (Actor, We Do Not Belong (2013))
Larry Parrish (VI)
Larry Parson (Miscellaneous, Het Diner (2013))
Larry Party
Larry Parrish (V)
Larry Parrot (Self, Mule Skinner Blues (2001))
Larry Parrish (II) (Self, 1988 American League Championship Series (1988))
Larry Paros (I) (Director, Walk Right In (2009))
Larry P. Arnn (Self, Between the Lines (1997))
Larry Parrish (XI) (Actor, Shirley (2014))
Larry Parrish (IV)
Harry Parks (II) (Actor, Futuropolis (1984))
Harry Parkins (Camera Department, Crisis (1950))
Harry Parks (I) (Miscellaneous, Marvin & Tige (1983))
Jerry Parker II (Actor, Heterodox (in development))
Jack Terry Parker (Actor, Big Fish (2003))
Kerry Parker Steen (Miscellaneous, All-Star Party for Lucille Ball (1984))
Jerry Parker Jr. (I) (Actor, Reservations (2015))
Jerry Parker Jr. (II)
Hillary Parker (II) (Art Department, Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013))
Hillary Parker (I) (Actress, Save the Date (2012))
Gregory Parker (Writer, Undeliverable (2012))
Larry Barker
Darryl Parker (III) (Actor, Take-Out (2008))
Darryl Parker (I) (Art Department, Mercury Rising (1998))
Barry M. Parker (Miscellaneous, The Wonder Years (1988))
Darryl Parker (IV) (Director, Shaded Smiles (2018))
Darryl Parker (II) (Miscellaneous, Normal (2003))

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