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Walter Lang (I) (Director, The King and I (1956))
Wolfgang Walter (Production Manager, Familie Heinz Becker (1992))
Wandering Walter (Self, The Little and Large Show (1978))
Walter Lang (XII) (Actor, Prize Fighter (1993))
Walter Lang (X) (Actor, All Wifed Out (2012))
Walter Lang (V) (Actor, Buffalo Bill a Roma (1949))
Walter Lang (XIII) (Actor, The Searching Eye (1964))
Walter Lang (VII) (Actor, Gry wojenne (2009))
Walter L. Lang (Miscellaneous, The Experiment (2010))
Walter Lang (XI) (Production Designer, Terra Mater (2011))
Walter Lang (XIV) (Self, Monster: The Josef Fritzl Story (2010))
Walter Langer (Actor, Kaisermühlen Blues (1992))
Walter Lang (IV) (Production Manager, Das Lustschloß im Spessart (1978))
Walter Lang (VI) (Sound Department, Bei Anruf - Mord (1959))
Walter Lang (IX) (Self, Auf den Spuren der Intuition (2010))
Walter Lang (VIII) (Self, Sing! Inge, Sing! (2011))
Walter Lange (Self, The Mike Douglas Show (1961))
Stephen G. Walters (Art Department, A Little Bit of Heaven (2011))
Justing Walters (Camera Department, Heaven (2006))
Keith Pickering-Walters (Producer, After Thoughts (2017))
Walter 'PeeWee' Flannery (Actor, Sabre Jet (1953))
Wolfgang-Wowa Walter (Sound Department, The Contest (1989))
Riah Fielding-Walters (Actress, The Godchild (2010))
Walter C. Langsam (Actor, The Bob Braun Show (1967))
Walter G. Langlois (Self, André Malraux: Les métamorphoses du regard (1974))
Miguel Angel Walter (Sound Department, Muchachada nui (2007))
Andreas Langenwalter (Miscellaneous, Vom Smolicek (2016))
Walter Langeraet
Walter Langela (Set Decorator, Nebelmörder (1964))
Walter Giulangeli (Actor, Death Rides a Horse (1967))
Walter Langelaar
Gianni Langenwalter (Actor, Barnabo delle montagne (1994))
Walter Langreiter (Actor, Småstad (2017))
Luci Langenwalter (Actress, Tatort (1970))
Walter Langenberger (Self, Dalli Dalli (1971))
Walter Yu Hang Tsui (Self, After the Applause (2015))
Walter Yangasse (Animation Department, The 3 Little Pigs: The Movie (1996))
Walter Wangerin Jr. (Writer, Ragman (2009))
Walter Illanes (Producer, Fútbol de Primera (1985))
Walter Van den Langenbergh (Miscellaneous, Mijn vriend (1979))
Walter Richard Langer (Actor, Die Albertina - Ein Direktor stellt sein Haus vor (1970))
Walter Langdon Davies (Actor, Empire of Ash III (1989))
Richard Lang (I) (Director, Tales of the Unexpected (1977))

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