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Stephen Lang (I) (Actor, Avatar (2009))
Stephen Dillane (Actor, The Hours (2002))
Stephen Mangan (Actor, Green Wing (2004))
Stephen Chang (I) (Actor, All American Horror: Gateways to Hell (2013))
Stephen McMillan (IV) (Actor, Outlaw King (2018))
John G. Stephens (Producer, Simon & Simon (1981))
Stephen J. Lang (Actor, Lone Star (1996))
Stephen Lang (II) (Soundtrack, The Punisher (2004))
Langston Stephens (Actor, In Dice We Trust (2014))
Stephen Lance (II) (Writer, The Second (2018))
Stephen Blank (I) (Actor, Good Luck Charlie (2010))
Stephen Jennings (I) (Actor, The Kissing Booth (2018))
P.G. Stephens (Actor, ITV Play of the Week (1955))
Stephen Alan Seder (Actor, The Ballad of Lefty Brown (2017))
Stephen Lange (Director, Junk Bonds: The Return of Junkbucket (2013))
Stephen Eiland (Actor, The Spy Next Door (2010))
Stephen Sangster (Miscellaneous, Pup Star: World Tour (2018))
Stephen Land (Producer, Hey Dude (1989))
Stephen Langford (I) (Producer, Family Matters (1989))
Stephen A. Chang (Actor, Emma Approved (2013))
Stephen Lang (III) (Actor, War and Peace (1956))
Stephen Lang (IX) (Cinematographer, Whistler's Mother (2018))
Stephen Lang (VII) (Special Effects, America Dreamt (2013))
Stephen Lang (VIII)
Stephen Lang (VI) (Visual Effects, Victoria to Vancouver (2012))
Stephen L. Lang (Camera Department, Shallow Hal (2001))
Stephen Lang (IV) (Art Department, Cell: The Web Series (2010))
Stephen Lang (V) (Self, Britain's Best Drives (2009))
Stephen Longstreet (I) (Writer, Silver River (1948))
Stephen Ang (I) (Actor, October (2015))
Greg Stephens (III) (Miscellaneous, Eye for an Eye (2003))
Doug Stephens (Producer, Guys Book Club (2011))
Greg Stephens (IX) (Music Department, The Princess and the Frog (2009))
Craig Stephen (I) (Self, Live Boxing (2016))
Greg Stephens (VIII) (Actor, Skinn Jakkitt's the Making of Molon Labe (2018))
Greg Stephens (II) (Camera Department, Escape! From Robot Island (2008))
Gig Stephens (Self, Formula 1 (1950))
Craig Stephen (II) (Stunts, Home and Away (1988))
Greg Stephens (VI) (Camera Department, The 365Black Awards (2013))
T.G. Stephens (Actor, The First Olympics: Athens 1896 (1984))
Greg Stephens (X)
Greg Stephen (Miscellaneous, The Movies (2005))
Meg Stephens (Self, Home & Family (2012))
Marg Stephens (Actress, How the Light Gets In (2017))
Doug Stephen (Producer, Second Dates (2014))
Greg Stephens (I)
Greg Stephens (VII) (Camera Department, World of Outlaws (2013))
Greg Stephens (IV) (Writer, Salatut elämät (1999))
Stephen Kang (Director, Blue (2011))
Stephen Glantz (Writer, Wunderkinder (2011))
Stephen Odang (Producer, Killers (2014))
Stephen C. Poland (Actor, Castle Rock (2018))
Stephen Ballantyne (I) (Actor, Corpse Bride (2005))
Stephenie McMillan (Set Decorator, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011))
Stephen Livingston (I) (Actor, The King of Siam (2006))
Stephen Longstreet (II) (Camera Department, Below the Line with George Peroulas (2009))
Stephen Longstaffe (Actor, Myra Hindley: The Untold Story (2013))
Stephen Livingston (II)
Stephen Longstaff (Sound Department, The Children (2008))
Stephen Engstrom (Actor, Thinking About (2014))
Stephen Kingston (I) (Miscellaneous, Shoreleave (1987))
'Young Star' D. Stephens (Actor, How to Commit Fraud (2013))
Stephen Kingston (II)
Aisling Stephenson (Actress, Tattoo (2016))
Stephen Longstreet (III) (Self, When It Was a Game 2 (1992))
Stephen Livingstone (Camera Department, A Christmas Star (2017))
Stephen Holland (I) (Actor, Confessional (1989))
Stephen Landis (Actor, Magnum, P.I. (1980))
Lise Stephenson Engström (Actress, The Square (2017))
Stephen Holland (II) (Actor, Bullies (2018))
Stephen Lancaster (Writer, FANTÔME: The Haunting of Brentwood Wine Bistro (2017))
Alan Stephens (I) (Producer, The Bartender Hates You (2009))
Stephanie Langston (Actress, Logan Lucky (2017))
Stephen Fylan (Location Management, The Forsyte Saga (2002))
Stephen Nolan (I) (Actor, Divorcing Jack (1998))
Stephen Yang (IV) (Actor, Zombie Brigade (1988))
Stephen Tsang (Music Department, Thunder of Gigantic Serpent (1988))
Stephen Wang (I) (Actor, Rocks, Paper, Scissors (2014))
Stephen Yang (VI) (Miscellaneous, The Simpsons: Hit & Run (2003))
Stephen Tang (III) (Sound Department, Eric Clapton: Live at the Royal Albert Hall (2015))
Stephen Yang (V) (Editor, Special Forces (2012))
Stephen Huang (Miscellaneous, More Love (2017))
Stephen Chang (III) (Camera Department, Would You Rather (2012))
Stephen Chang (II) (Miscellaneous, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (2007))
Stephen Chang (XII)
Stephen Jang (I) (Actor, 7 Boxes (2012))
Stephen Zhang (Miscellaneous, Revolver (2013))
Stephen Zang (Actor, Cheeseball Presents (1984))
Stephen Chang (VI) (Camera Department, Silenced (2018))
Stephen Jang (III) (Producer, Love Bites (2010))
Stephen Chang (V) (Art Department, Grow Up Already (2011))
Stephen Angus (Actor, The Choice (2010))
Stephen Yang (II) (Music Department, The Gerstein Report (2010))
Stephen Ang (II) (Writer, October Director's Cut (2016))
Stephen Jang (II) (Miscellaneous, The Truth Behind (2006))
Stephen Wang (III) (Visual Effects, Ji yi da shi (2017))
Stephen Wang (II)
Stephen Tang (II) (Art Department, Dead Space (2008))
Stephen Yang (III) (Self, Hopkins 24/7 (2000))
Stephen Chang (IV) (Miscellaneous, Independent Lens (1999))
Stephen Wangh (Writer, The Laramie Project (2002))
Stephen Yang (I) (Miscellaneous, Her (2013))
Stephen C. Wang (Producer, Fog (2010))
Stephen Bang (Composer, Aliens Fall in Love (2007))
Stephen Nolan (VIII)
Stephen Nolan (II) (Actor, Donovan Slacks (2007))
Stephen Plank (Soundtrack, House of Boys (2009))
Stephen Wolan (Actor, Veer! (2012))
Stephen Lanza (Cinematographer, Fourth Dimension (2008))
Alan Stephens (III) (Set Decorator, Homebound (2017))
Stephen Bland (Actor, Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away (2012))
Stephen Butland (Producer, Back in Time for Dinner (2018))
Stephen Nolan (V)
Stephen Phelan (III) (Writer, The Best Friends Club (2013))
Alan Stephens (V) (Actor, Through a Darker Eye (2015))
Stephen Nolan (VII) (Miscellaneous, Blood Sweat and Heels (2014))
Stephen Toland (Cinematographer, Flesh Wounds: Seven Stories of the Saw (2006))
Alan Stephens (IV) (Set Decorator, Welcome to Our Mansion (2015))
Stephen Phelan (II) (Actor, Delirious (2013))
Alan Stephens (II) (Editor, Hinch (1988))
Stephen Landon (Assistant Director, Munger Road (2011))
Stephen Landin (Camera Department, The Distinct Smell of Red (2000))
Stephen Lane (I) (Actor, Killpoint (1984))
Stephen Lane (IV) (Miscellaneous, Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015))
Stephen Lance (I) (Actor, Cherish (1998))
Stephen Lan (Miscellaneous, This Movie Is Broken (2010))
Stephens Clan
Stephen Lane (V)
Lana Stephens (Production Manager, Band of Thieves (1962))
Stephen Roland (Transportation Department, The 5th Wave (2016))
Stephen Valand (Director, Shortwave (2006))
Stephen Lander (Self, Inside MI5: The Real Spooks (2009))
Stephen R. Lane
Stephen Lane (III) (Composer, Cry Wolf (2012))
Stephen Lanus (Director, Latrodectus (2017))
Stephen Allan (Camera Department, Against the Tide (2011))
Stephen Nolan (VI) (Actor, The VW Camper Van (2011))
Stephen Nolan (III) (Actor, Republic of Doyle (2010))
Stephen Landry (Producer, Apocalyptic 2047 )
Stephen Lane (II) (Miscellaneous, We Are the Hartmans (2011))
Stephen Blank (III)
Stephen Blank (II)
Stephen Nolan (IV)
Stephan Langstädtler (Cinematographer, Lachen tut gut - Comedy für Unicef (1999))
Stephen D'Angelo (I) (Writer, F.B.A (in development))
Lance Stephenson (Self, NBA on YES (2002))
Stephen Bisland (Actor, Squadron 42 )
Stephen DeAngelis (Casting Director, Shelter (2016))
Stephen Clancy (Camera Department, Race to Witch Mountain (2009))
Stephen Delaney (I) (Actor, Surface (2005))
Stephen McFarlane (II) (Actor, Remember Me (2019))
Stephen Rwangyezi (Actor, The Last King of Scotland (2006))
Stephen Langer (Camera Department, House at the End of the Street (2012))
Stephen Langway (Miscellaneous, BearCity (2010))
Stephen Langford (II) (Miscellaneous, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (2017))
Stephen Bélanger (Assistant Director, Murder at 1600 (1997))
Stephen Langguth (Camera Department, Flight of the Swan (1992))
Stephen Langdown (Self, ONE Fighting Championship 11: Total Domination (2013))
Stephen Langridge (Miscellaneous, Blaubart (2006))
Stephen Langmanis (Cinematographer, The Chase (2015))
Stephen Langdon (I) (Camera Department, The Chosen (1998))
Stephen Malanga (Director, Une de perdue! (2016))
Stephen Melanga (Miscellaneous, Bastille Day (2016))
Stephen Langfur (Self, Mary Magdalene: Saint or Sinner? (2008))
Stephen Langdon (II) (Actor, Raja 1918 (2007))
Melanie Stephens (I) (Actress, He's Just Not That Into You (2009))
Craig Stephens (V) (Actor, Tommy's Honour (2016))
Stephen Jangro (Director, Splotch (2015))
Stephen Walkingstick (Actor, Ghost Town: The Movie (2007))
Stephen A. Glanzrock (Assistant Director, Lock Up (1989))
Stephen Jennings (II) (Visual Effects, Spider-Man (2002))
Stephen Mullan (I) (Actor, Love, Rosie (2014))
Craig Stephens (VII) (Camera Department, Ink (2009))
Craig Stephens (IV) (Transportation Department, Edge of Seventeen (1998))
James G. Stephen (Producer, Taprooting (2008))
Greg Stephenson (IV) (Producer, Cold Moon (2016))
Craig Stephenson (I) (Actor, An Enraged New World (2002))
Conor Craig Stephens (Actor, The Hallow (2015))
Craig Stephens (III) (Actor, Bikini Med School (1994))
Doug Stephenson (II) (Actor, Snakes and Ladders (2016))
Doug Stephenson (I) (Actor, Stray Bullet (2011))
Gregg Stephens (Sound Department, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend (2006))
Greg Stephenson (II) (Writer, Footage (2001))
Meg Stephenson (Cinematographer, Aberration (2012))
Craig Stephenson (IV) (Actor, Life of Change (2015))
Daniel G. Stephens (Cinematographer, El Ganzo (2015))
Dag-Stephen Solberg (Sound Department, Åpning av kulturhuset Terningen Arena i Elverum (2011))
Craig Stephenson (II) (Actor, Beyond and Back (1978))
Doug Stephenson (IV)
Greg Stephenson (I) (Actor, The Year the River Caught Fire (1990))
Craig Stephens (II) (Actor, Ink (2009))
Randy G. Stephens (Actor, From the Earth to the Moon (1998))
Craig Stephens (VI) (Art Department, Interstellar (2014))
Greg Stephenson (III) (Miscellaneous, Brüno (2009))
Craig Stephenson (III) (Actor, Stonemoss Massacre (2014))
Craig Stephens (I) (Actor, Ticket to Heaven (1981))
Doug Stephenson (III) (Actor, Against the Odds (2016))
Greg Stephen Reigh (Camera Department, The T (2018))
Stephen Alan Wilson (I) (Producer, Dinner and DNA (2017))
Wolfgang Stephan (Director, Patchwork Family (2013))

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