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Laetitia Casta (Actress, Arbitrage (2012))
Laetitia Carr (Actress, The Life of Jesus Christ (2011))
Laetitia Carrere (Actress, Le chien fou (2015))
Laetitia Carton (Director, Le grand bal (2018))
Laetitia Carcano (Actress, The Devil, Probably (1977))
Laetitia Cappelo (Actress, Une aventure (2005))
Laetitia Cardi (Director, Giallo (2014))
Laetitia Cangioni (Production Manager, Les diables (2002))
Laetitia Cazaux (Director, The Absent Carer (2018))
Laetitia Cadiou (Actress, Malveillos, il est minuit Poupée (1992))
Laetitia Carrie (Actress, P.R.O.F.S. (1985))
Cleo Laetitia Campe (Actress, L'oiseau (2012))
Laetitia Stasi (Actress, Khôra (2016))
Laetitia Caro Gourvennec (Actress, La collection pique sa crise (2010))
Laetitia Camboulives (Actress, Coucou-les-nuages (2010))

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