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Kris Wu (Actor, xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017))
Chris Wu (IV) (Actor, In the Company of Strangers (2014))
Chris Wu (V) (Miscellaneous, The Man in the High Castle (2015))
Kris Wolff (I) (Actor, Public Enemies (2009))
Kris Williams (III) (Actress, Diabolical Tales: Part II (2007))
Iris Wu (Costume Department, Beyond the Wave (2017))
Kris Woz (Casting Department, Wonder (2017))
Kris Wood (I) (Camera Department, Blindness (2008))
Chris Wu (IX) (Actor, Containment Breach (2013))
Chris Wu (X) (Writer, Rivershine (2016))
Chris Wu (I) (Production Manager, Shen xuan zhe (2007))
Chris Wu (XIV) (Producer, Zo shou bo ji wang (1991))
Chris Wu (XV) (Actor, Need a ride? (2007))
Doris Wu (Art Department, Dead Space (2008))
Chris Wu (XII) (Miscellaneous, Poetry Life (2016))
Chris Wu (III) (Miscellaneous, The 19th Annual D.I.C.E. Awards (2016))
Kris Wyld (Writer, East West 101 (2007))
Kris Wilson (II) (Actor, Miracle (2004))
Doris Wutz (Editorial Department, Das Boot (1981))
Chris Wust (Art Department, Happy Death Day (2017))
Chris Wurm (Director, Red Porsche (2008))
Chris Wunz (Camera Department, Breathe (2008))
Y.J. Chris Wu (Miscellaneous, Thinking Cap (2016))
Iris Wulff (Actress, Zombie Reanimation (2009))
Chris Wulff (Special Effects, The Corrupted (2010))
Harris Wulkin (Actor, Tanna (2015))
Chris Wullum (Miscellaneous, CBC Docs POV (2017))
Kris Wilson (III) (Producer, Mid-City Blue (2017))
Kris Wimberly (I) (Art Department, Bravest Warriors (2012))
Kris Wilson (VIII) (Writer, Cyanide and Happiness Shorts (2013))
Wendi Harris Wu (Visual Effects, Black Panther (2018))
Kris Weber (II) (Production Manager, Animalympics (1980))
Kris Wood (VI)
Kris White (II) (Composer, Trite This Way (2007))
Kris Weber (I) (Actor, Almost Famous (2000))
Kris Woods (Assistant Director, Milk Watch (2009))
Kriswerk (Visual Effects, Built on Narrow Land (2013))
Kris West (I) (Writer, Brown Bag (2016))
Kris Wolf (III) (Editor, Cedar Hills (2013))
Kris Witt (II) (Camera Department, One Day (2013))
Kris Weiss
Kris Wood (III) (Miscellaneous, With Anchovies... Without Mamma (2009))
Kris West (IV) (Actor, The Return of Minnesota Marcus (2017))
Kris Wolf (IV) (Actor, Stardom.7th.Anniversary.Tokyo.Korakuen.Hall. (2018))
Kris Wile
Kris White (IV)
Kris Wang (Self, Better Living in USA (2007))
Kris Webb (Stunts, Cleanskin (2012))
Kris White (III) (Camera Department, Whiplash (2014))
Kris Witt (III) (Camera Department, Man of Action (2015))
Kris Wyer
Kriswell (Actor, The Mike Douglas Show (1961))
Kris Wood (II) (Producer, The Darndest Things (2009))
Kris Wandi (Actor, Guna guna (2015))
Kris Wood (IV) (Producer, I Know John Murphy (2011))
Kris Witt (I) (Sound Department, Precinct 757 (2013))
Kris Wood (VIII) (Actor, The Set-Up (2014))
Kris Weeks (Producer, Led to Believe (2007))
Kris Wymer (Actor, The Sprint King (2016))
Kris Ward (Actor, Surviving the Recession (2011))
Kris Watts (Composer, The Castaways (2006))
Kris White (V) (Actor, Efflorescence (2011))
Kris White (I) (Miscellaneous, Half & Half (2002))
Kris Wolf (II) (Actor, Your Inner Manhood (2013))
Kristi Swensson (Actress, Torchwood (2006))
Damaris Wurster (Miscellaneous, Von vorne (2011))
Eleanor Morris Wu
Chris Wurzburg (Composer, Wake (2015))
Chris Wuebbles (Camera Department, Antiques Roadshow (1997))
Doris Wunderlich (Actress, Elektra (1963))
Kris Witham (Actor, The Cloaking )
Kris Wiluan (Producer, Buffalo Boys (2018))
Kris Wheeler (III) (Director, Revival: The Sam Bush Story (2015))
Kris Wotipka (Camera Department, Atchafalaya (2016))
Kris Weiser (Actor, Throw the Fight: Not So Hollywood (2012))
Kris Wright (I) (Actor, Hollywood Unscripted: A Chaos Theory (2005))
Kris Winter (II) (Sound Department, Royal Recipes (2017))
Kris Walker (II) (Actor, Alien Agenda: Endangered Species (1998))
Kris Wigness (Music Department, I Am the Cheese (1983))
Kris Weller (Actor, German Angst (2015))
Kris Williams (IX) (Miscellaneous, Attack of the Southern Fried Zombies (2017))
Kris Weinmann (Actor, Alternative Currency (2013))
Kris Wielgosz (Self, Million Dollar Contractor (2010))
Kris Wagner (I) (Camera Department, Paso doble (2007))
Kris Welcome (Producer, Yumna (2015))
Kris Wilson (V) (Actor, Billie Bob Joe (2015))
Kris Walden (II) (Art Department, Through the Fire (1990))
Kris Wallis (Camera Department, Stealth (2005))
Kris Williams (II)
Kris Weiland (Editorial Department, Unter deutschen Betten (2017))
Kris William (Actor, The Stetson Pin (2006))
Kris Wallace (III) (Camera Department, Silenced (2018))
Kris Wilcox (IV) (Actor, Silentium Dei (2015))
Kris Wright (VI) (Director, Heroes Don't Wear Capes (2014))
Krishna Biswas (Make Up Department, Rupban Kanya (1992))
Kris Walter (Producer, Drake's Road to the Video Music Awards (2010))
Kris w Laudrum
Kris Walker (IV) (Actor, The Throbbit (2015))
Kris Walker (III) (Actress, Paradise University (2014))
Kris Winbush (Miscellaneous, Mortal Kombat: Deception (2004))
Kris Winser (Camera Department, Killers Anonymous (2019))
Kris Withakay (Director, The Crocodile (2018))
Kris Whitney (Art Department, Neopets: The Darkest Faerie (2005))
Kris Wilhelmy (Actress, The (206) (2013))
Kris Woodbury (Miscellaneous, The Forgotten Carols 15th Anniversary Live Event (2007))
Kris Walker (I) (Miscellaneous, An American Rhapsody (2001))
Kris Westmore (Production Manager, Beauty and the Geek (2005))
Kris Wilcox (I) (Sound Department, Feast (2005))
Kris Woodside (Actress, SMA: Sailor Moon Abridged (2007))
Kris Williams (VI) (Self, FilmFellas: A Webisodic Series (2009))
Kris Watson (I) (Actor, Spender (1991))
Kris Wauters (Actor, Allemaal Chris (2017))
Kris Williams (X) (Actor, Deep (2018))
Kris Watson (II) (Actor, Steampunk (2010))
Kris Warren (Actor, Swill (2013))
Kris Wismer (Soundtrack, The Messenger (2009))
Kris Wright (II) (Visual Effects, Criminal (2016))
Kris Wilson (VI) (Composer, Manila: No Limitations (2014))
Kris Wimberly (II) (Camera Department, Skin Tight (2009))
Kris Williams (VIII) (Actress, Eenie Meenie Miney Moe (2013))
Kris Wheeler (II) (Producer, Bayou Country: A River of Song (2008))
Kris Wessel (Actor, Chopped (2007))
Kris. W. Laudrum (Actor, Bulldogs & Rhinos: Blue on Blue (2017))
Kris Wigley (Director, Something Missing (2008))
Kris Wilson (VII)
Kris Wedgwood (II) (Camera Department, Horace (2015))
Kris Wallek (Actress, Investigaytion (2004))
Kris Williams (VII) (Actress, With Elizabeth in Mount Dora (2012))
Kris Welham (Self, BBC Super League Show (1999))
Kris Wedgwood (I)
Kris Williams (V) (Self, Hidden Love (1999))
Kris Wiener (Actress, The Grumpy Gourmet (2014))
Kris Wilder (Actor, Looking for Mr. Miyagi (2014))
Kris Wilkins (Actor, Rumble 88 (2015))
Kris Wright (IV) (Writer, Pouncer (2012))
Kris Wilson (IV) (Actor, The Suppressor (2011))
Kris Wilcox (II) (Actress, Call 911 (2008))
Kris Wood-Bell (II)
Kris Wilcox (V) (Actress, Empowered (2018))
Kris Walden (I) (Camera Department, Mr. Extion (2007))
Kris Willner (Camera Department, Alientampon (2015))
Kris Weaver (Camera Department, Endless Love (2014))
Kris Waterman (Art Department, Dish Nation (2011))
Kris Wilcox (III) (Sound Department, Unbelievable!!!!! (2018))
Kris Wallace (I) (Assistant Director, All Saints (1998))
Kris Walker (V) (Actress, Flirting with Azrael: A Psychedelic Rock Musical )
Kris Wilson (X) (Self, The NFL on CBS (1956))
Kris Wood-Bell (I) (Actress, 12 Sided Die (2011))
Kris Wheeler (I) (Actor, Cougars Inc. (2011))
Kris Whatley (Self, Hangin with Web Show (2015))
Kris Wagner (II) (Actor, Eros Ink (2013))
Kris Waroway (Miscellaneous, Drawing Flies (1996))
Kris Wonitowy (Miscellaneous, We Don't Live Here Anymore (2004))
Kris Wartelle (Self, Anderson Cooper 360° (2003))
Kris Wright (V) (Miscellaneous, Take This Lollipop (2011))
Kris Webster (Self, America's Castles (1994))
Kris Wollants (Actor, De witte (1980))
Kris Wilson (I) (Camera Department, Minority Report (2002))
Kris Winter (I) (Miscellaneous, For Goodness Sake II (1996))
Kris Wallin (Actor, Nash Bridges (1996))
Kris Williams (XI) (Director, Little (in development))
Kris Wozniak (Miscellaneous, Terminal Error (2002))
Kris Williams (IV) (Actor, Beat the House (2015))
Kris Wetherholt (I) (Writer, American Rumble (2001))
Kristi Swenson
Kris Wetherholt (III)
Angela Kris Wee (Animation Department, Nate Is Late (2018))
Kris Willhoite (Actor, Small Shots (2001))
Kris Willoughby (Cinematographer, The Drift (2017))
Kris Whittiker (Producer, Night (2016))
Krishna K. Jaiswal (Camera Department, Loafer (1973))
Bambang Kriswanto (Visual Effects, Wiro Sableng 212 (2018))
Kris Waltman Frisbie
Kris Wallsmith (Actor, Adventures in #Adulting (2017))
Kris Wedgewood (Camera Department, Waiting for Waldemar (2017))
Krishna Viswanathan (Cinematographer, Chronic Dreams (2018))
Kris Watkinson (Actor, Hunter (2017))
Kris Wade-Matthews (Special Effects, Head Games (2012))
Kriswel Rivera (Actor, Baggage (2017))
Kris Weisenbach
Yoshiko Kris-Webb (Self, Viking (2014))
Kristi Swanberg (Art Department, The Drifter (1988))
Girija Pakkriswami (Producer, Neeya (1979))
Sindhu Kriswiranda (Cinematographer, Tabletaps (2018))
Kris Wollinger
Kris Wetherholt (II)
Clara Kriswanto (Producer, Nagasari (2012))
Kris Williamson (II) (Self, Extreme Ghost Stories (2006))
Kris Williamson (I) (Writer, The Deadersons (2015))
Kris Whitehead (Art Department, King Kong (2005))
Kris Winiarski (Actor, What Weighs Us Down (2017))
Kris Wawrzyniak
Kris Wiseman McIntyre (Producer, Lost in Space (1998))
Kris Wilke Detailleur (Location Management, Theater People (2013))
Kara Eide Kris Woznesenksy (Casting Director, The Spiral (2014))

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