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Richard Kline (I) (Actor, Three's Company (1976))
Jasmine Richards (Actress, Camp Rock (2008))
Richard Kuklinski (Writer, America Undercover (1983))
Richard H. Kline (Cinematographer, King Kong (1976))
Firmine Richard (Actress, 8 femmes (2002))
Céline Richard
Aline Richard (Miscellaneous, Lost and Delirious (2001))
Line Richard (Producer, À la guerre comme à la guerre (2010))
Richard Kline (III) (Stunts, Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man (1991))
Richard Kline (V) (Self, The Daily Show (1996))
Richard Kline (II) (Self, The Midnight Movie (1998))
Richard Kline (IV) (Producer, Captain Fathom (1955))
Martine Richards (I) (Actress, Dancing on the Edge (2013))
Madeleine Richards (Actress, Into the Grey (2018))
Caroline Richards (I) (Miscellaneous, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004))
Richard Cordiner (Writer, Versailles '73 (in development))
Pauline Richards (I) (Stunts, Gladiator (2000))
Caroline Richards (IV) (Actress, Winter Sleepers (1997))
Micheline Richard (Actress, Blood Symbol (1992))
Pauline Richard (Actress, Le Scorpion et la Grenouille (2011))
Caroline Richard (Miscellaneous, Deterrence (2014))
Caroline Richardson (II) (Self, South at Six (1961))
Caroline Richardson (III) (Actress, The Sitter (2017))
Caroline Richards (II) (Writer, Sweet Country (1987))
Roseline Richardson (Miscellaneous, Draw! (1984))
Soline Richard (Actress, Degas (2013))
Caroline Richards (III) (Editor, The Parkinsons: A Long Way to Nowhere (2016))
Caroline Richards (VI)
Pauline Richards (II) (Producer, Lilith 3 the Pleroma (in development))
Jacqueline Richard (Director, Performing the Passion: J.S. Bach and the Gospel According to John (2009))
Madeline Richards (Actress, Spirit Creek (2011))
Caroline Richards (V)
Caroline Richardson (I) (Actress, Horses Never Lie (2003))
Richard S. Kline (Producer, Win, Lose or Draw (1987))
Jacqueline Richardson (V) (Producer, First Impression (2014))
Catherine Richardson (I) (Actress, Picket Fences (1992))
Richard T. Kline (Director, Billy (1992))
Charmaine Richards (Make Up Department, Planet Terror (2007))
Richard Gardiner (II) (Actor, Robber Girls (2016))
Richard Gardiner (I) (Actor, The Dressmaker (1988))
Richard Weinerdi (Self, Nora's Home Life Gift Foundation Documentary (2011))
Nadine Richardson (Sound Department, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (2008))
Richard Chinery (Transportation Department, Textual Relationship (2015))
Richard Berliner (Actor, Erdenschwer (1989))
Jazmine Richardson (Animation Department, The Testing Camera (2015))
Christine Richard (II) (Self, C'est bon pour le moral (2006))
Francine Richard (Costume Department, The Covenant (2006))
Catherine Richards (I) (Make Up Department, Speed Trap (2013))
Christine Richards (I) (Actress, Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV (2000))
Augustine Richard (Editorial Department, La vérité sur Bébé Donge (1952))
Jermaine Richards (Self, Canadian Idol (2003))
Caine Richards (Actor, Defenseless (1991))
Katherine Richards (II)
Valentine Richard (Actress, Si Fresnes m'était conté (2015))
Magdelaine Richard (Art Department, Les cinq dernières minutes (1958))
Blaine Richardson (Actor, The Brick House (2013))
Marine Richard (I) (Production Manager, Pop Up (2015))
Elaine Richardson (Actress, LifeTime (2002))
Katherine Richardson (II) (Miscellaneous, Murder Act One (2003))
Iaine Richardson (Actor, Color of Life (2015))
Jermaine Richard (Self, I Got This! (2015))
Lorraine Richards (I) (Actress, Rage (1999))
Katherine Richardson (III) (Sound Department, Last Spring (2012))
Katherine Richardson (V) (Production Manager, Killer Kids (2011))
Sandrine Richard (Actress, Un bon petit diable (1983))
Catherine Richardson (II) (Casting Department, Sex and Death 101 (2007))
Yasmine Richard (Producer, 15 Minutes of Fame (2008))
Justine Richardson (Producer, Girls' Hoops (1998))
Elaine Richards (I) (Self, The Jackie Gleason Show (1966))
Christine Richard (IV) (Self, C à vous (2009))
Regine Richards (Assistant Director, Charlie, Trevor and a Girl Savannah (2015))
Katharine Richards (II) (Producer, ShadeTree Mechanics (2017))
Catharine Richardson (Actress, Scarface (1983))
Geraldine Richards (Actress, Holy Shit (2015))
Christine Richard (III) (Miscellaneous, The Granstream Saga (1997))
Sabine Richard (Editor, Le père Goriot (1972))
Catherine Richardson (IV) (Self, The Flynns' Journey to Ireland (2004))
Katherine Richardson (I) (Art Department, Red Line (1995))
Katherine Richardson (IV)
Catherine Richardson (III) (Miscellaneous, Much Ado About Something (2001))
Catherine Richard (II) (Actress, Les amants de demain (1959))
Lorraine Richard (Producer, Séraphin: un homme et son péché (2002))
Christine Richards (II) (Self, The 7PM Project (2009))
Katharine Richardson (III)
Yasmine Richards
Erin E. Richardson (Actress, Mona Lisa Smile (2003))
Christine Richards (III) (Miscellaneous, The True Meaning of Pictures: Shelby Lee Adams' Appalachia (2002))
Antoine Richardson (Writer, I Look for Love (2009))
Seraphine Richard (Editor, Wert: Presències efímeres (2010))
Christine Richards (VI)
Christine Richards (IV) (Producer, Murder on the A (2014))
Jeannine Richards (Producer, Green Fire (2011))
Catherine Richard (I) (Camera Department, Dog Soldiers (2002))
Antoine Richard (I) (Composer, Bastion (2015))
Katherine Richardson (VI)
Nadine Richards (Production Manager, Busted Life )
Christine Richards (VII)
Catherine Richard (IV) (Director, routwäissgro (2015))
Carine Richard (Actress, Les malheurs de Sophie (1981))
Antoine Richard (II) (Self, Kaputt und ... zugenäht! (2016))
Martine Richard (Actor, Resurrection (2017))
Marine Richard (III) (Casting Director, Je t'aime (2017))
Katharine Richardson (II) (Producer, Hell on Wheels (2016))
Antoine Richard (IV) (Producer, Jenna (2017))
Christine Richard (I) (Miscellaneous, Exils (2004))
Jasmine Richardson (I) (Actress, Extinction (2010))
Elaine Richards (II) (Actress, Diary of a Bad Lad (2010))
Christine Richards (V)
Charlaine Richards (Producer, Me, My Lass and Chris Green (2007))
Catherine Richards (II) (Assistant Director, Innocent Prey (1984))
Marine Richard (II) (Art Department, The Panel Poem (2014))
Norine Richardson
Jeanine Richardson (Actress, Reflections of Evil (2002))
Katherine Richardson (VII) (Actress, Deadly Shootouts (2016))
Jasmine Richardson (III)
Katerine Richard (Actress, Malón (2018))
Katherine Richards (I) (Production Designer, Brothers of War (2015))
Katherine Richardson (VIII) (Miscellaneous, Corridor Four (2017))
Tangerine Richardson (Miscellaneous, C.H.O.M.P.S. (1979))
Justine Richards (Miscellaneous, The 4th Floor (1999))
Lorraine Richardson (Miscellaneous, Patrick (1978))
Delphine Richard (Sound Department, PJ Masks (2015))
Katharine Richards (I)
Lorraine Richards (II) (Costume Department, Mrs Brown (1997))
Lauraine Richardson (Miscellaneous, Deadpool 2 (2018))
Katharine Richardson (I) (Actor, Bad Reception (2016))
Jacqueline Richardson (IV)
Jacqueline Richardson (III)
Jacqueline Richardson (II)
Jacqueline Richardson (I) (Actress, Bowling for Choc Ices (2008))
Celine Richards-Robichon (Actress, Full Out (2015))
Richard Klingenbrunner (Art Department, Night of Pop (2010))
Richard Gardiner Casey (Self, Casey (1970))
Tremaine Richard-Noel
Mary Catherine Richardson (Art Department, River of Fundament (2014))
Janine Richardson Seyhun (Writer, Closet ID (in development))
Christine Richardson (III) (Producer, National Lumber (2012))
Antowaine Richardson (Actor, The Commish (1991))
Babine Richard-Nicolas (Production Manager, Pyramide (1991))
Christine Richardson (II) (Miscellaneous, Nothing But the Truth (2008))
Madeleine Richardson (Editor, The Replica Raid (2017))
Catherine Richards Solomon (Actress, The Commitment (2012))
Roine Richard Ryynänen (Music Department, Mother of Mine (2005))
Stephaine Richardson (Assistant Director, Amber (2014))
Josephine Richardson (Writer, A Broken HeART (2011))
Christine Richardson (IV) (Producer, Squire's TV (2012))
Christine Richardson (I) (Costume Department, Dr. Giggles (1992))
Jasmine Richard-Brooks
Claire Emmaline Richardson (Actress, One^3 (2005))
Madeleine Richardson Graham (Miscellaneous, Got This (2015))
Rick Kline (I) (Sound Department, Godzilla (2014))

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