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Wolfgang Petersen (Director, Das Boot (1981))
King Peter of Serbia (Self, Pathé's Weekly, No. 2 (1912))
G. Peter King (Special Effects, Wild Wild West (1999))
Lauri Waring Peterson (Self, The Real Housewives of Orange County (2006))
Peter King (XXIV) (Director, Crack (2015))
Peter Swords King (Make Up Department, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003))
Peter Hosking (Actor, Last Knights (2015))
Arthur King Peters (Self, Surrealism (1993))
Peter King (XVII) (Self, ABC World News Tonight with David Muir (1953))
Peter King (VIII) (Actor, The Longest Yard (2005))
Peter King (XLIV) (Writer, The Gourmet Detective (2015))
Peter King Nzioki (Actor, The Constant Gardener (2005))
Udo Langpeter
Ang Peterson (Miscellaneous, Pretty Darn Funny (2012))
Starling. Pete (Actor, The Loneliest Time (2016))
Yuchung Peter Chan (Art Department, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018))
Peter King (LXXIII) (Self, Momentum Generation (2018))
Peter Robb-King (Make Up Department, The Last of the Mohicans (1992))
Peter King (XXXVII) (Producer, Wonder Women (2016))
Ferg Peterkin (Sound Department, Depeche Mode: Wrong (2009))
Peter King (XXXVI) (Actor, MTV Sports and Music Festival (1997))
Peter King (VI) (Writer, Say Hello to Yesterday (1971))
Peter King (LIII) (Self, Time Team (1994))
Peter King (II) (Self, Insiders (2001))
Peter King (XXXV) (Art Department, Equilibrium (2002))
Peter King (XII) (Editorial Department, On the Beach (2000))
Henning Petersen (Actor, Villa Vennely, Home of Copenhagen Call Girls (1964))
Erling Petersen (Self, Norge gjennom 150 år (1964))
Flemming Petersen (Sound Department, Hvor mindets blomster gror (1991))
Peter King (LXXI) (Self, Expressions of Glee: Producing Gilbert & Sullivan in the 21st Century (2017))
Peter King (XLVI) (Editorial Department, Hampton Court (1991))
Peter King (LIX) (Actor, Logistics (2014))
Peter King (XXXIII) (Actor, The Eye (2008))
Peter King (LXVI) (Director, Shorebreak: The Clark Little Story (2016))
Peter King (LX) (Self, And Two If by Sea: The Hobgood Brothers )
Peter King (LXX) (Actor, Milada (2017))
Peter King (XXXIX) (Self, All Our Working Lives (1984))
Peter King (LVIII) (Miscellaneous, The Kitchen (1961))
Peter King (LXII) (Miscellaneous, My Aloha Dream Home (2017))
Peter King (XLVII) (Actor, Legends: The Charlie Parker Story (2005))
Peter King (LXVIII)
Peter King (LXIII) (Art Director, The Big Break (2019))
Peter King (LXXV) (Actor, I Can't Sleep Tonight (1995))
Peter King (XLV) (Editorial Department, All Good Things (2010))
Peter King (XVI) (Actor, The Further Adventures of the Musketeers (1967))
Peter King (XV) (Art Director, A Place to Stay (2003))
Peter King (XXXVIII) (Actor, Help (2007))
Peter King (LXIX) (Actor, Miguel Cordero (1985))
Peter King (XXV) (Stunts, Loaded (2008))
Peter King (LII) (Miscellaneous, Excelsior (2013))
Peter King (LIV) (Editorial Department, Pets (2002))
Peter King (III) (Actor, Stone (1974))
Peter King (XXVIII) (Actor, The Strip (2002))
Peter King (XXXII) (Animation Department, Law Abiding Citizen (2009))
Peter King (XXVII) (Miscellaneous, Brookside (1982))
Peter King (LXVII) (Self, News at Ten (1967))
Peter King (V) (Music Department, Blue Ice (1992))
Peter King (LXV)
Peter King (IV) (Actor, Le blaireau s'fait mousser (1984))
Peter King (XLI) (Editorial Department, Brooklyn's Finest (2009))
Peter King (LVI) (Actor, Dun Punkin: Ep.1 - 'Boys Will Be Boys' (2013))
Peter King (VII) (Art Department, Restoration (1995))
Peter King (X) (Producer, Castle Rock (2000))
Peter King (XX) (Producer, APT. 3157 (2005))
Peter King (XL) (Visual Effects, Thor (2011))
Peter King (LV) (Actor, Kickback (2015))
Peter King (L) (Stunts, The Ultimate Life (2013))
Peter King (LXXIV) (Editor, The Algiers Murders (2013))
Peter King (XVIII) (Camera Department, Die Koster (1978))
Peter King (IX) (Editorial Department, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009))
Peter King (XXI) (Actor, The Settlement (1984))
Peter King (XXIII) (Sound Department, Cool It, Carol! (1970))
Peter King (XIX) (Actor, McLeod's Daughters (2001))
Peter King (XXXIV) (Actor, Ninja: Silent Assassin (1987))
Peter King (LXI) (Self, South at Six (1961))
Peter King (XLIX) (Art Director, The Biggest Thing That Ever Hit Broadway: Redux (2017))
Peter King (XI) (Miscellaneous, The Eavesdropper (2004))
Peter King (XXII) (Self, 30 for 30 (2009))
Peter King (XLII) (Actor, Ni sisi (2013))
Peter King (XIII) (Visual Effects, Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002))
Peter King (XXIX) (Director, 13 Cantos of Hell (1955))
King Peter II of Yugoslavia (Self, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1962))
Robyn G. Peterson (Self, Herb & Dorothy 50X50 (2013))
Wolfgang Peterle
Warren G. Peters (I) (Editor, White Cargo (1996))
Lehang Petersen
Arne Vang Petersen (Actor, Wild Flowers (1997))
Wen-Cheng 'Peter' Yu (Writer, Tape (2011))
Karen G. Peterson French (Self, Allt för Sverige (2011))
Warren G. Peters (II) (Actor, T.R.A.D.E It All (2013))
Marteng Petersen (Actor, Ta' lidt solskin (1969))
King Pet Willcox (Self, Les nouveaux rendez-vous (1980))
Diane Downing Peterson (Producer, Charetta: Lights Out (2012))
Aske Salling Petersen (Camera Department, The Enlightened One )
Teddy Milling Petersen (Editorial Department, Lapse (2010))
Peter Glüsing Pedersen (Writer, TV2/Lorry - Lokalnyhederne (1989))
Dan Hilfling Petersen (Self, Aftenshowet (2007))
Henning Pettersen (Sound Department, A Night (2017))
Peter J. Elkington (Producer, Wonder Woman (1975))
Peter Docking (Self, The Outback Mailmen (1986))
Peter Anaking (Miscellaneous, Me and Will (1999))
Peter J. King (Camera Department, America's Funniest Home Videos (1989))
Peter W. King (Location Management, Made Men (1997))
Peter Bayking (Actor, Oplan: Mindanao )
Peter Guiking (Actor, De erfenis (2004))
Peter l King (Camera Department, Deadly Lessons (2018))
Peter King Jr. (Actor, Oncle Paul (2000))
Peter Lee King (Editor, Barry (2016))
Peter Larking
Ingeborg Peter (Actress, Allotria (1936))
Mag. Peter Zanzinger
Peter Kingsbery (Actor, Cock Robin: El Norte (1987))
Louis Madelung Petersen
Hanns Wolfgang Petersz (Miscellaneous, Bürgermeister Anna (1950))
Michala Weng Petersen
Peter Whitney (I) (Actor, The Big Heat (1953))
Jeppe Peter Lucking (Writer, Detention (2016))
Peter King Kilonzo (Actor, The Agency (2009))
Peter King Robbins
Peter Bolton King (Self, BBC London News (2001))
Peter James King III (Actor, Waking Wallbauer (2010))
Peter Dayo King (Camera Department, Of Good Report (2013))
Peter 'Splitty' King (Visual Effects, Daddy and the Muscle Academy (1991))
Peter Kingston (V) (Actor, Tender Hooks (1989))
Peter Enneking (Camera Department, Cloverfield (2008))
Ernst-Peter Henking (Producer, MM - Mensch Markus (2002))
Peter Buckingham (II) (Self, America's Next Top Model (2003))
Peter Dierking (Transportation Department, Die Superbullen - Sie kennen keine Gnade (2011))
Kernisha Peterking (Actress, I Trust You (2014))
Peter Kingston (II) (Self, Rewind the 60s (2010))
Peter Kingston (III) (Animation Department, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (1990))
Peter Heineking (Producer, Spendensucht (2008))
Peter C. Hodgking (Writer, The Buccaneers (1956))
Peter Fickinger (Camera Department, Luks Glück (2010))
Peter Kingsley (Sound Department, Morpheus' Arms (2007))
Peter Kingstone (Director, Astounding Adventures of Strongman and Quickboy (2007))
Peter Kingston (VI) (Actor, Fanta (1972))
Peter Buckingham (I) (Miscellaneous, Late Night Shopping (2001))
Peter Kingsbury (Miscellaneous, The Rum Diary (2011))
Peter Brockington (Actor, Playdate (1961))
Peter Dawkings (Location Management, Antarctica (1991))
Peter Wikingsson (Self, Grattis världen (2005))
Peter Kingston (IV) (Miscellaneous, 45 Years (2015))
Peter Kingston (I) (Art Department, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (1993))
Peter Kingsman (Self, Crossroads: 30 Years On (1994))
Hans-Peter Heineking (Producer, Endlich deutsch (2014))
Peter Skinhøj Ringgard (Producer, Fremmed (2015))
Shadow Peter Kingsley (Miscellaneous, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007))
Peter Duckworth-Pilkington II (Actor, The Kids of Degrassi Street (1979))
Peter Locke (I) (Producer, The Hills Have Eyes (1977))
Peter Brock (IV) (Self, The Daryl Somers Show (1982))
Pete King (I) (Music Department, An Affair to Remember (1957))
Pete King (VI) (Self, The Cool of the Evening (1966))
Steven Douglas Kelly (Self, The Love Prophet and the Children of God (1998))

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