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King Chris (Camera Department, Soledad (2000))
Chris Thomas King (Actor, O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000))
Chris King (XIII) (Editor, Senna (2010))
Chris King (XX) (Producer, Birthday (2015))
Chris King (IX) (Actor, The Young Doctors (1976))
Long Chris
Yung Chris (Self, Ridiculousness (2011))
Jing Chris Liu (Producer, Imago (in development))
King Christian X (Self, Aankomst en verblijf in Brussel van de Deense vorsten (1914))
Chris King (XLVIII) (Editorial Department, The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (2013))
Cool King Chris (Music Department, 40 Fears (2011))
Chris W. King (Producer, Penny Dreadful (2014))
Chris J. King (Stunts, Cloverfield (2008))
Chris King (XXXVI) (Editor, From a Whisper (2009))
Chris King (XXXIV) (Camera Department, What We Can't Have (2014))
Chris King (IV) (Sound Department, The Story of Ruth (1981))
Chris King (III) (Camera Department, Pink Floyd: The Wall (1982))
Chris King (XXXI) (Transportation Department, Some Kind of Beautiful (2014))
Chris King (V) (Miscellaneous, Incredibles 2 (2018))
Chris King (XVII) (Camera Department, The Story of Ireland (2011))
Chris King (LIV) (Art Department, Beach Heat Miami (2010))
Chris King (CIX) (Actor, Pretentious People (2017))
Chris King (LXXIX) (Camera Department, Simon Schama's Power of Art (2006))
Chris King (LV) (Cinematographer, Oh Joel (2011))
Chris King (LXXXVI)
Chris King (XII) (Actor, Soledad (2000))
Chris King (LXXXVII)
Chris King (XXVIII) (Camera Department, The Tomorrow People (1992))
Chris King (LXXXV) (Camera Department, The Revenge (2014))
Chris King (CX) (Actor, The Inquisition (2016))
Chris King (XXIX) (Miscellaneous, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (1993))
Chris King (XXIII) (Cinematographer, The Black Woods Footage (2013))
Chris King (XCVI) (Director, Oasis: The True Story (Behind Their Glory) Unauthorised (1996))
Chris King (LVI) (Director, 20xx (2017))
Chris King (LXXXVIII) (Cinematographer, Je suis une vie de trop (2015))
Chris King (XXI) (Actor, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment (2002))
Chris King (LXXXI) (Animation Department, My Name Is Pedro (2017))
Chris King (CXI) (Animation Department, Peta Pan (2018))
Chris King (LXXI) (Actor, Fool Moon (2006))
Chris King (LXXII) (Camera Department, Folk Britannia (2006))
Chris King (LIX) (Producer, Love at First Swipe (2015))
Chris King (XCVII) (Sound Department, Steve Chisholm's A-Z of Extraordinary Sexual Fetishes (2005))
Chris King (LXXXIX) (Sound Department, Heavy Metal: Louder Than Life (2006))
Chris King (LXXIV) (Actor, Ultimatum (2013))
Chris King (LXIV) (Camera Department, Secrets of the Dead (2000))
Chris King (XLIII) (Composer, Psychology of a Breakup (2010))
Chris King (CXIII) (Director, Vigil (2017))
Chris King (XLVI) (Animation Department, The Adventures of Captain Randall and the Eraser (2014))
Chris King (LXI) (Camera Department, Ian Hislop: When Bankers Were Good (2011))
Chris King (XLII) (Actor, Roughrider (2012))
Chris King (XCIX) (Self, Tubby Hayes: A Man in a Hurry (2015))
Chris King (LX) (Miscellaneous, Give Me the Banjo (2011))
Chris King (XLIV) (Camera Department, Caught on Camera (2011))
Chris King (XLVII) (Producer, The Historian Paradox (2011))
Chris King (XXX) (Producer, Crooked Business (2008))
Chris King (LVIII) (Actor, Mouse )
Chris King (XLV) (Sound Department, Inheritance (2004))
Chris King (CXII) (Actor, What's Your Genre? (2017))
Chris King (XCVIII) (Camera Department, Bug: A Film Noir (2012))
Chris King (CI) (Camera Department, Finding Your Feet (2017))
Chris King (XCIV) (Self, SpotlightON Unique Music Television (2004))
Chris King (LVII) (Actor, The Girl on the Mat (2016))
Chris King (XVIII) (Actor, Freedom Force (2002))
Chris King (LXVII) (Visual Effects, The Way Back (2010))
Chris King (LXXVII)
Chris King (XXXVII) (Editorial Department, The Woman Who Wasn't There (2012))
Chris King (II) (Miscellaneous, Breaking the Rules (1992))
Chris King (XXXVIII) (Actor, Eisis (2010))
Chris King (XC) (Self, Lone Star Roads (2013))
Chris King (CXIV) (Art Department, Somebody Feed Phil (2018))
Chris King (VII) (Director, Air Disasters, Vol. 1: The Facts (1997))
Chris King (VIII) (Actor, Manny's Orphans (1978))
Chris King (LXVIII) (Camera Department, Travel Well, Kamikaze (2018))
Chris King (LXVI) (Camera Department, Kolobos (1999))
Chris King (X) (Actor, Flytrap (1996))
Chris King (XXXIII) (Self, Greyscale (2015))
Chris King (CIV) (Self, Dark Minds (2012))
Chris King (XLIX) (Editor, Downtown Shabby (2016))
Chris King (VI) (Cinematographer, Rocket Man II (1995))
Chris King (LXXXII) (Sound Department, In a Box (2014))
Chris King (LXXX) (Director, Countdown to Tomorrow (1997))
Chris King (CII) (Miscellaneous, Revolt Sessions (2016))
Chris King (XCII) (Camera Department, Six Million Dollar Conman (2012))
Chris King (CVI) (Miscellaneous, Thunderbirds (2015))
Chris King (XXII) (Actor, Some Guys Are Bigger Than Others (2014))
Chris King (LII) (Producer, Facing Trauma (2011))
Chris King (XXV) (Camera Department, Hollywood Stories (2002))
Chris King (CXV) (Actor, Fight the Panda Syndicate (2008))
Chris King (LXXVI) (Visual Effects, Vice (2013))
Chris King (I) (Stunts, Excalibur (1981))
Chris King (LXXV) (Actor, Bon Appetit (2014))
Chris King (CXVI) (Camera Department, Queens of Jazz: The Joy and Pain of the Jazz Divas (2013))
Chris King (CIII) (Visual Effects, Certain Women (2016))
Chris King (XV) (Visual Effects, Quantum of Solace (2008))
Chris King (LXIII) (Actor, Dinocroc vs. Supergator (2010))
Chris King (LXII) (Cinematographer, The Missionary Position (2015))
Chris King (LXV)
Chris King (XXXII) (Miscellaneous, Collar (2015))
Chris King (XXXV)
Chris King (XVI) (Actor, MTV's Now What? (2001))
Chris King (XL) (Production Manager, Boston Underdogs (2013))
Chris King (C) (Cinematographer, The Visitors (2005))
Chris King (XLI) (Miscellaneous, A Dream Preferred (2015))
Chris King (XXIV) (Editor, A State of Siege (1978))
Chris King (LXXXIV) (Miscellaneous, 3 News (1989))
Chris King (XCV) (Sound Department, Super Noodles: Face Off (2001))
Chris King (CXVII) (Actor, KWS: Please Don't Go (1992))
Chris King (XI) (Camera Department, Aghápe (2015))
Chris King (XXXIX) (Self, Never Mind the Buzzcocks (1996))
Chris King (CVIII) (Casting Department, Escape! (2016))
Chris King (XXVI) (Sound Department, Impact: Stories of Survival (2002))
Chris King (LXXXIII) (Camera Department, Stuck in the Middle (2015))
Chris King (LIII) (Actress, Smokey and the Judge (1980))
Chris King (LXIX) (Cinematographer, Envy of the Vampire (2002))
Chris King (CVII) (Camera Department, Just Molly & Me (2018))
Chris King (LXX) (Producer, The Bathroom Attendant (2013))
Chris King (XIX) (Miscellaneous, Some Guys Are Bigger Than Others (2014))
Chris King (LXXVIII) (Actor, John Doe (2002))
Chris King (XIV) (Director, Crossbow (1987))
Christine King (I) (Casting Director, The Dressmaker (2015))
Christopher King (XXII) (Actor, Breaking Bad (2008))
King Christopher Lewis (Actor, The Kills: Doing It to Death (2016))
'Cool King' Chris Michael (Thanks, Back in the Saddle (2010))
Chris Si-Ting Chan (Transportation Department, Gu huo nu er (2000))
Henning Christensen (Producer, Psyko-Lab (1989))
Ning Christosomo (Make Up Department, Fits and Starts (2002))
Blessing Christian (Self, NUTV Officer Election Coverage (2007))
Henning Christoph (Director, Voodoo - Die Kraft des Heilens (2010))
Flemming Chrisensen (Miscellaneous, Arne Dahl: Misterioso (2011))
Rotting Christ (Soundtrack, Brütal Legend (2009))
Chris Ting-Chung Kwok (Visual Effects, Ting feng zhe (2012))
Erling Christensen (Miscellaneous, DR jul med Sigurd (2003))
Christy Kit-Ling Chan (Actress, Keyboard Warriors (2018))
Christone 'Kingfish' Ingram (Self, Sidemen: Long Road to Glory (2016))
Christian Buckingham (Art Department, Cannibal House: The Beginning (2017))
Chris King Wong (Actor, The Kings (2018))
Chris Kingdon (Actor, B33f (2014))
Chris 'da King' Colonge (Actor, Awaken (2005))
Christopher King (III) (Director, Bugs (1995))
Christina D. King (Miscellaneous, We Own the Night (2007))
Chris Changchien (Music Department, How to Win (2014))
Wolfgang Christians (Sound Department, On Hold: the Quitting Fantasy (2016))
Chris Yong Chin Chang (Visual Effects, Dance of the Dragon (2008))
Christian Longchamp (Miscellaneous, Médée, Opéra-comique de trois actes de Luigi Cherubini, 1797 (2011))
Jooyoung Chris Oh
Ataewung Chrisantus (Stunts, Attack on Darfur (2009))
Chris Tipton-King (I) (Director, Drowning in It (2006))
Chris Tipton-King (VI) (Director, The PrEP Project (2017))
Flemming Christensen (IV) (Sound Department, Beck (1997))
Flemming Christensen (III) (Special Effects, Lang historie kort (2015))
Henning Christophersen
Henning Christiansen (III) (Director, Fingerübung (2005))
Henning Christiansen (I) (Composer, Eftersøgningen (1970))
Flemming Christensen (VI) (Art Department, Ultrahuset (2013))
Henning Christiansen (IV) (Actor, Craig (2008))
Knud Vissing Christensen (Miscellaneous, Hallo, det er Jul (1995))
Flemming Christensen (II) (Director, Heads (1992))
Christine Ching-Chih Chang (Actress, Hei bai (2016))
Flemming Christensen (V) (Sound Department, Arne Dahl: Efterskalv (2015))
Henning Christiansen (II) (Camera Department, Danmark i krig (2004))
Flemming Christensen (I) (Sound Department, Johnny Was (2006))
Flemming Christensen (VIII) (Stunts, King (2015))
Flemming Christensen (VII) (Sound Department, Albert (2015))
Chris Hocking (VI) (Art Department, Hinterland (2013))
Chris Hocking (II) (Producer, Hannah and the Hasbian (2011))
Christy King (Producer, Turas Teanga (2004))
Chris Kingins (Composer, Bare Witness (2010))
Chris Hocking (V)
Chris Hocking (III)
Christi King (Producer, April Moon (2007))
Chris Hocking (I) (Miscellaneous, The Lighthorsemen (1987))
Christa King (Art Department, Up on the Rope (2006))
Chris Hocking (IV)
Chris Thelking (Camera Department, Iliza Shlesinger: War Paint (2013))
Christof King
Chris Hocking (VII) (Camera Department, Neighbours vs. Time Travel (2017))
Christopher King (XXXVII) (Actor, Luke Cage (2016))
Christopher King (VIII) (Actor, Love Is Strange (2014))
Christopher Wicking (Writer, Absolute Beginners (1986))
Christina King (XI) (Actress, Erebus (2017))
Christine King (III) (Actress, King (1978))
Craig Chrissinger (Producer, Science Bastard (2002))
Chris Serbesoff-King (Actor, Trees, Pests & People (2012))
Chris King Perryman (Actor, Zusjes (2013))
Chris Titus King (Cinematographer, Ultimate Warfare (2012))
Chris Titus-King (Cinematographer, Inside the Factory: How Our Favorite Foods Are Made (2015))
Christine Leung-Chuah (Self, Tea & Justice (2007))
Joan Rang Christensen (Writer, Den Hvide Mand (2011))
Wolfgang Christian Huber (Self, Secrets d'histoire (2007))
Christopher DeLongchamp (Miscellaneous, Coming Apart (2016))
Christy Poh Hiang Chua (Visual Effects, The Ten Commandments (2007))
Christopher King (XXXVIII) (Art Department, The Bind (2018))
Chris Pilkington (Transportation Department, Mr. Max (2016))
Chris Kingsley (I) (Producer, Dredd (2012))
Ingeborg Christiansen (Actress, Es ist soweit (1960))
Christine King (VIII) (Self, Jehovah's Witnesses Stand Firm Against Nazi Assault (1996))
Kenneth Telling Christensen (Sound Department, Harem (2001))
Andreas Haaning Christiansen (Director, Hugland (2015))
Oskar Falk Fremming Christensen (Actor, Familien Jul (2014))
Lisbeth Gissing Christiansen (Actress, Tukuma (1984))

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