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Kevin Cronin (I) (Actor, Rock of Ages (2012))
Kevin A. Cronin (Camera Department, Electric Tribe (1993))
aka "Kevin Cronin"
Kevin Cronin (III) (Miscellaneous, Raymond Did It (2011))
Kevin Cronin (IV) (Actor, Boar (2017))
Kevin Crowley (I) (Actor, Goat (2016))
Justin Cronin (Writer, The Passage (2019))
Kevin Crow (Actor, A Reckoning (2018))
Kevin Crone (Camera Department, Guns Don't Lie (2017))
Kevin Cronan (Writer, A Place of Our Own: Los Niños en Su Casa (2005))
Kevin Croy (Actor, Kindergarten Ninja (1994))
Kevin Crotty
Kevin Crowley (III) (Actor, Highly Specialized, Highly Committed (2013))
Kevin Croxton (Composer, The Adventures of the U.S.S. Parkview: A Star Trek Fan Production (2018))
Kevin Crook (I) (Actor, The Pursuit of Happyness (2006))
Kevin Crocker (IV) (Editor, Karate in Ontario: The Uphill Battle. The Cost of Raising a Champion (2016))
Kevin Crocker (I) (Actor, The Bloody Ape (1997))
Kevin Croak (Actor, Rapacious (2015))
Kevin Croghan (II) (Actor, Stranger (2000))
Kevin Cross (III) (Sound Department, One Day Like Rain (2007))
Kevin Crowe (VI) (Visual Effects, The Kato Project (2015))
Kevin Crowley (VI) (Editor, It's My Role! (2012))
Kevin Cross (VI) (Assistant Director, Miss May I: Gone (2014))
Kevin Crowley (VIII) (Actor, Traffic (2013))
Kevin Cross (X) (Actor, The Sortie Revenge Plan (2019))
Kevin Croom (II) (Producer, The Givers Gift (in development))
Kevin Crowe (II) (Actor, The Rat King (2010))
Kevin Croom (I) (Self, Bellator Fighting Championships (2009))
Kevin Crowley (V) (Sound Department, Beer Grylls University Survivor (2015))
Kevin Crocker (III)
Kevin Crook (IV) (Composer, The Dorkening (2013))
Kevin Crooks (IV) (Art Department, Stranger Things (2016))
Kevin Cross (II) (Miscellaneous, The Road Warrior (1981))
Kevin Crook (II) (Actor, Bite School (2015))
Kevin Crocker (II) (Self, WRAL Murder Trials (2003))
Kevin Croft (Actor, The Joseph Smith Story (1988))
Kevin Crosby (I) (Producer, Juma's Story (2004))
Kevin Crombé (Composer, Friends of Mine (2014))
Kevin Crowley (II) (Producer, The Bitter Buddha (2012))
Kevin Crowe (V)
Kevin Crowell (Miscellaneous, Modern Marvels (1993))
Kevin Crouch (I) (Composer, The Meeting (1999))
Kevin Crotti (Actor, Curse of the Blind Dead )
Kevin Crosby (II) (Actor, American Jaywalker (2009))
Kevin Crooks (I) (Producer, West Country Tales (1982))
Kevin Cross (V) (Actor, Mayor Cupcake (2011))
Kevin Cross (IV) (Camera Department, The Moment of Truth (2008))
Kevin Cross (VIII) (Cinematographer, Burnt Matches (2017))
Kevin Crooks (III) (Assistant Director, West Country Tales (1982))
Kevin Cross (IX) (Self, Future of the Church (2016))
Kevin Crowley (IV) (Actor, Final Witness (2012))
Kevin Crofton (Actor, Good Luck Chuck (2007))
Kevin Crouse (Cinematographer, Loose and Away (2012))
Kevin Crown (Actor, Jamaican Mafia (2015))
Kevin Crowe (I) (Art Department, Biggles: Adventures in Time (1986))
Kevin Crowe (III) (Self, Out of the Fire (2013))
Kevin Crowe (IV) (Composer, Lil' Wayne Feat. Nicki Minaj: Knockout (2010))
Kevin Croall (Miscellaneous, Ratchet & Clank (2002))
Kevin Crouch (II) (Sound Department, Field of Fire (2015))
Kevin Crothers (III) (Actor, Cold Soldiers (2018))
Kevin Crothers (I)
Kevin Crowder (Special Effects, Thanatos Road (2004))
Kevin Crothers (II) (Camera Department, The Unleashed (2011))
Kevin Cross (VII) (Writer, GamePro TV (1991))
Kevin Crook (III) (Producer, The Shrieking Horror (in development))
Kevin Crook (V)
Kevin Crowther (Actor, Degenerate (2012))
Kevin Croghan (I) (Actor, Making Waves (2004))
Kevin Crooks (II) (Editor, The Mindsweep (2006))
Kevin Cross (I) (Art Department, La La Land (2016))
Kevon Cronin (Music Department, John Dies at the End (2012))
Hen Levincron (Editor, Ulpan Ligat HaAlufot (1997))
Martin Cronin (Producer, Customs 2 (2010))
Austin Cronin (Director, Diecast Sentai (2015))
Erin Cronin (Miscellaneous, Tiffany Alvord: I Wish (2016))
Caitlin Cronin (I) (Camera Department, The Quantum Suicide of Sophie Miller (2013))
Kevin Crompton (Actor, In The House (1985))
Kevin Crowston (Miscellaneous, Jimmy Buffett: Mini Matinee #1 (2003))
Kevin Crockett (II) (Casting Department, Your Big Break (1999))
Kevin Crockett (III) (Actor, The Mild, Mild West (2016))
Kevin Crossley (I) (Miscellaneous, Rain of the Children (2008))
Kevin Crossley (II) (Art Department, Re-Loaded (1996))
Kevin Crownover (Camera Department, America's Dumbest Criminals (1996))
Kevin Crosslin (Visual Effects, Anytime (1994))
Kevin Crossman (Self, Net Cafe (1996))
Kevin Crockett (I) (Actor, While Supplies Last (2002))
Kevin Crayon II
Caitlin Cronin (III) (Actress, Nativity! (2009))
Kristin Cronin (II) (Make Up Department, Ruined Wings (2018))
Caitlin Cronin (II) (Actress, Like )
Kristin Cronin (I) (Producer, Supernatural (2005))
Kevin Cloninger (Music Department, Peace, Love & Misunderstanding (2011))
Kevin Crossley-Holland (Writer, Jackanory (1965))
Kevan Michaels (Actor, Deadman's Bluff (in development))

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