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Kay Tremblay (Actress, Avonlea (1990))
Jacob Tremblay (I) (Actor, Room (2015))
Emma Tremblay (Actress, Elysium (2013))
John Paul Tremblay (Actor, Trailer Park Boys (2001))
Maya Tremblay (Actress, Six Gun Savior (2016))
Ray Tremblay (III) (Self, Bomb Hunters (2012))
Jay Tremblay (Director, J'espère que tu vas bien (2012))
Ray Tremblay (II) (Animation Department, Live TV (1996))
Ray Tremblay (I) (Producer, The Long Road Home (1999))
Erica Tremblay (III) (Actress, Before I Fall (2017))
Cory Tremblay (Camera Department, Nocturne Six (2014))
Kay Trembley (Actress, X-Men (1992))
JC Tremblay (Actor, Tempting Fate (2014))
Jeff Tremblay (Actor, Parked (2010))
Amy Tremblay (II) (Actress, Escape from Prime (2016))
Gary Tremblay
Dany Tremblay (Actor, Ceci n'est pas un polar (2014))
Amy Tremblay (I) (Actress, End Game: World of Warlords (2015))
Joey Tremblay (Self, The King Stag by Joey Tremblay (2015))
Tony Tremblay (Art Department, Earnest Inga (2017))
Valy Tremblay (Camera Department, Cirque du Soleil: Delirium (2008))
Eddy Tremblay (Actor, Séraphin (1950))
Louy Tremblay (Transportation Department, Coyote (1992))
Laura Tremblay (II) (Visual Effects, Ben-Hur (2016))
Jason Tremblay (V) (Actor, Power Rangers (2017))
Lisa-Gay Tremblay (Actress, Married with Children (1986))
Jason Tremblay (I) (Actor, Are You Afraid of the Dark? (1990))
Guylaine Tremblay (Actress, 20h17 rue Darling (2003))
Karelle Tremblay (Actress, Les êtres chers (2015))
Lindsay Tremblay (Camera Department, Côté théâtre (2012))
Guytay Tremblay (Actor, La fleur de l'âge (2011))
Greg Tremblay (I) (Actor, Angelique's Isle (2018))
Nina Tremblay (Actress, Another World (1964))
Tremblay (Miscellaneous, Depuis que le monde est monde (1981))
C. Tremblay (Actor, Fripes de choix, guenilles de roi (1998))
Lisa Tremblay
Tatiana Tremblay (Actress, Pretty Little Liars: 5 Years Forward (2015))
Jake Tremblay (Production Designer, Ben-Dod Sheli (2017))
Joel Tremblay (Actor, Looking (2014))
Paul Tremblay (III) (Writer, A Head Full of Ghosts (2018))
Lyne Tremblay (I) (Actress, Hairspray (2007))
Ghyslain Tremblay (Actor, Canada: A People's History (2000))
Eric Tremblay (VI) (Director, Re-Psycho (2013))
Yvon Tremblay (I) (Writer, Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron (1993))
Fanny Tremblay (Actress, Le rossignol et les cloches (1952))
Ryan Tremblay (Producer, Grimes: Kill v. Maim (2016))
Zack Tremblay (Actor, November Criminals (2017))
Lou-Pascal Tremblay (Producer, Exodus (2017))
Vianney Tremblay (Producer, Urbania: Montréal en 12 lieux (2007))
Geoffroy Tremblay (Editorial Department, C.R.A.Z.Y. (2005))
Danny Tremblay (Actor, Music Chase 1: The Music in Me (1995))
Larry Tremblay (Miscellaneous, Qui a tiré sur nos histoires d'amour (1986))
Tommy Tremblay (Actor, Bon Cop Bad Cop 2 (2017))
Melody Tremblais (Miscellaneous, Je suis un choix (2018))
Corey Tremblay (Camera Department, Beyond Redemption (2015))
Zachary Tremblay (Actor, Oh What a Wonderful Feeling (2016))
Jeremy Tremblay (Camera Department, Press 1, 2 Connect (2015))
Anthony Tremblay (Actor, Ti-Ken (1966))
Chanty Tremblay (Miscellaneous, Bon Cop Bad Cop 2 (2017))
Tiffany Tremblay
Jenny Tremblay (Actress, Harshest Critic (2013))
Sara Emily Tremblay (Visual Effects, The Circle (2017))
Kelsey Tremblay (Art Department, The Returned (2013))
Shirley Tremblay (Editorial Department, Now Who's Talking: Telling Our Recovery Stories (2010))
Ian Tremblay (Producer, Cirque du Soleil: Delirium (2008))
Cameron Tremblay (Cinematographer, Black Mountain Side (2014))
Marjolaine Tremblay (Visual Effects, Star Trek: Beyond (2016))
Luc Tremblais (Actor, Molière (2007))
Mark Tremblay (II) (Editorial Department, A Dark Winter's Night (2014))
Glen Tremblay (I) (Transportation Department, Finder's Fee (2001))
J.C. Tremblay (Cinematographer, So It Won't Happen Again (1985))
Dan Tremblay (Art Department, Billions (2016))
Marc Tremblay (I) (Special Effects, Silent Hunter (1995))
Mara Tremblay (Actress, Willie (2000))
Luc Tremblay (VI) (Director, The Fifth Estate (1976))
Lyne Tremblay (II) (Make Up Department, Tunnel (2002))
Mat Tremblay (Art Department, Adventure Pinball: Forgotten Island (2001))
Carl Tremblay (Director, Loi 22 (2015))
Mike Tremblay (Actor, My Step Kidz Sitcom 2 (2017))
Matt Tremblay
Eric Tremblay (IV) (Visual Effects, What If He Was Already Like That...? (2012))
Lara Tremblay (Camera Department, Control Room Presents (2007))
Luc Tremblay (IV) (Composer, Hunting Grounds (2008))
Alex Tremblay (I) (Actress, Toutouffe (2004))
Joe Tremblay (Transportation Department, Commando (1985))
Eric Tremblay (V) (Actor, L'épervier (2011))
J.R. Tremblay (I) (Actor, Le rossignol et les cloches (1952))
Todd Tremblay (Miscellaneous, Mean Dreams (2016))
Yann Tremblay (II) (Stunts, 3 Days to Kill (2014))
Jade Tremblay (Production Manager, Le Method (2017))
René Tremblay (Art Department, Mr. Nobody (2009))
Yann Tremblay (I) (Animation Department, Underworld Awakening (2012))
Luc Tremblay (III) (Miscellaneous, Syberia (2002))
Glen Tremblay (II) (Self, Naturally Ours: Rediscovering Canada's Parks (2017))
Eve Tremblay (Camera Department, Pressure Point (2001))
Greg Tremblay (III) (Editor, The fundraiser (2017))
Marc Tremblay (V) (Miscellaneous, Just for Laughs: All-Access (2013))
Gen Tremblay (Actress, The Waiting List (2009))
Bob Tremblay (Location Management, Game of Death (2011))
Paul Tremblay (II) (Director, Crossroads: Ukraine and the Triumph of Democracy (2006))
Alex Tremblay (II) (Actor, The Runner (2011))
Eric Tremblay (I) (Miscellaneous, Armored Core: For Answer (2008))
Rick Tremblay (Actor, What's the Use? (2015))
Pete Tremblay (II) (Actor, Friends of Jamie's (2014))
Renée Tremblay (Costume Department, Gothika (2003))
Bruno Tremblay (I) (Actor, Ma fille, mon ange (2007))
Marc Tremblay (IV) (Miscellaneous, Adventures in Babysitting (2016))
Réal Tremblay (Transportation Department, Going to Kansas City (1998))
Greg Tremblay (II) (Visual Effects, Did You Hear Jake and Courtney Broke Up? (2014))
Anne Tremblay (I) (Transportation Department, Sweet Killing (1993))
Héléna Tremblay (Actress, The Auction (2013))
Mark Tremblay (I) (Music Department, Blues Traveler: Live - Thinnest of Air (2003))
Lia Tremblay (Writer, Living in a Food Desert (2015))
Zoé Tremblay (Actress, Baby Boom (2017))
Pat Tremblay (Editor, Hellacious Acres: The Case of John Glass (2011))
Rob Tremblay (Actor, Collision Course (2016))
Joan Tremblay (Actress, Massacrator 2: The Elvis Chainsaw Massacre (2010))
Rich Tremblay
Tina Tremblay (Make Up Department, Transients (2011))
Pete Tremblay (III) (Composer, Training with Pros (2009))
Gail Tremblay (Actress, Mutant World (2014))
Phil Tremblay (Actor, Dead Survivorz (2017))
Gui Tremblay (Miscellaneous, Cake )
John Tremblay (Camera Department, Isosceles (2013))
Luc Tremblay (I) (Camera Department, The Lucky Star (1980))
Ida Tremblay (Actress, Barefoot (2012))
Éric Tremblay (I) (Actor, More Tales of the City (1998))
Ann Tremblay (Actress, New Life (2015))
Mika Tremblay (Actor, M.A.D (2015))
Chad Tremblay (Editor, Before Anything You Say (2016))
Hélène Tremblay (II)
Hugo Tremblay (Visual Effects, Battlefield Earth (2000))
Luci Tremblay (Miscellaneous, Chabotte et fille (2009))
Nic Tremblay (Actor, Avalanche (2018))
Nape Tremblay (Actor, Ally, I Love You (2014))
Anne Tremblay (III) (Production Manager, Are You Afraid of the Dark? (1990))
Yvan Tremblay (Actor, Les voitures d'eau (1972))
Karl Tremblay (Music Department, Dérapages (2012))
Marc Tremblay (II) (Actor, Les grandes chaleurs (2009))
Paul Tremblay (I) (Camera Department, The Words (2012))
Max Tremblay (Editorial Department, Goalie (2018))
Hélène Tremblay (I) (Assistant Director, A Bullet in the Head (1990))
Yves Tremblay (Visual Effects, X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014))
Ron Tremblay (Camera Department, All American Bikini Car Wash (2015))
Karen Tremblay (Animation Department, Space Jam (1996))
Andie Tremblay
Émile Tremblay (II) (Director, Shooting Ranges (2017))
Luc Tremblay (V) (Cinematographer, The Morning Commute (2008))
Paul Tremblay (IV) (Producer, The Divide: Enemies Within (1996))
Yvon Tremblay (II) (Actor, Sapo (2005))
Don Tremblay (Self, Sonicsgate (2009))
Eric Tremblay (III) (Miscellaneous, War (2007))
Joël Tremblay (Miscellaneous, Les hauts et les bas de Sophie Paquin (2006))
Rod Tremblay (Composer, Bye-Bye (1968))
Hélène Tremblay (III) (Actress, Petit déjeuner compris (1980))
Luc Tremblay (II) (Miscellaneous, New York Stories (1989))
Eric Tremblay (II) (Editorial Department, Zombie Punch (2009))
Erik Tremblay (Location Management, The American Revolution (1994))
Andrée Tremblay (Costume Department, Heist (2001))
Leta Tremblay (Producer, Whiskey Neat (2016))
Line Tremblay (Miscellaneous, Agnes of God (1985))
Anne Tremblay (II) (Visual Effects, Arrival (2016))
Émile Tremblay (I)
Greg Tremblay (IV) (Actor, Hard Rock Medical (2013))
Eric Tremblay (VII) (Actor, Tiger Lily (2015))
Lise Tremblay (Actress, Prémonitions (2016))
Marc Tremblay (III) (Miscellaneous, The 9th Life of Louis Drax (2016))
Éric Tremblay (II) (Camera Department, Maz (2018))
J.R. Tremblay (II) (Camera Department, Hank and Mike (2000))
Bruno Tremblay (II) (Actor, The Polar Explorer (2011))
Régis Tremblay (Director, Traces (1978))
Pete Tremblay (I) (Composer, Withinsanity (2011))
Frank Tremblay (I) (Writer, Out of Thin Air (2018))
Mike T. Tremblay (Actor, Moving Parts (2017))
Alanna Tremblay (Actress, First Kill (2017))
Christian Tremblay (I) (Writer, Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron (1993))
Pierre Tremblay (II) (Assistant Director, Brokeback Mountain (2005))
Jacob Tremblay (II) (Miscellaneous, Hollywood Today Live (2015))
Kaitlyn Tremblay (Actress, Unholy Night (2018))
Maxime Tremblay (I) (Actor, C.R.A.Z.Y. (2005))
Grant Tremblay (Self, How the Universe Works (2010))
Édouard Tremblay-Grenier (Actor, Les affamés (2017))
Michel Tremblay (I) (Writer, It's Your Turn, Laura (1998))
Claudelle Tremblay (Actress, Noah's Truck (2017))
Brigitte Tremblay (Actress, Nitro Rush (2016))
Donna Tremblay (Actress, Kenny vs. Spenny (2002))
Marie-Josée Tremblay (Actress, Le collectionneur (2002))
Regis Tremblay (Director, The Ghosts of Jeju (2013))
Johanne-Marie Tremblay (Actress, Jesus of Montreal (1989))
Linda Tremblay (II) (Visual Effects, I Am Number Four (2011))
Elizabeth Tremblay (Miscellaneous, The Walk (2015))
Félix-Antoine Tremblay (Actor, Starbuck (2011))
Pierre Tremblay (I) (Actor, A Better Tomorrow (1986))
Véronique Tremblay (II) (Actress, Apoptose (2008))
Louise Tremblay (III) (Composer, Crossfire (2016))
Anton Tremblay (Art Department, Stargate (1994))
Robert Tremblay (VI) (Writer, The 6th Amendment (2017))
Denys Tremblay (Art Department, A Little Bit Zombie (2012))
Amaryllis Tremblay (Actress, District 31 (2016))
Réjean Tremblay (I) (Writer, Lance et compte (2010))