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Katie Weiland (Editor, Game of Thrones (2011))
Katie Weiller (Miscellaneous, Roman Empire (2016))
Katie Weir (Actress, Spooky Stakeout (2016))
Julie Weiland (Production Manager, NASCAR Drivers: 360 (2004))
Carrie Weiland (III) (Self, Steppin' Out: Ultimate Interval Training System (1994))
Carrie Weiland (I) (Composer, Wombs Discovering the Next Dimension (2011))
Maggie Weiland (Actress, Milk (2008))
Carrie Weiland (II) (Sound Department, The Reel Britain (2014))
Katie Weide (Actor, Jap (2018))
Katie Weinner (Actress, Top Chef (2006))
Katie Weigl (Actress, Will Reading (2017))
Katie Neilan (Assistant Director, Hit & Run (2016))
Sophie Weilandt (Actress, The Myth of Eligos (2012))
Katie Weiss Porter (Miscellaneous, Escape Plan (2013))
Katie Weizenegger (Miscellaneous, D.E.B.S. (2004))
Katie Weidmaier (Actress, Slash Fiction (2011))
Katie Weinsteing (Production Manager, The Bullet Catcher (2011))
Katie Weihbrecht
Katie Weinbach
Katie Weindler (Miscellaneous, How a Good Goat Can Be a Homewrecker Too (2014))
Katie Weinstein (II) (Actor, Glory Daze (2018))
Katie Weissman (Art Department, Vacation House for Free (2014))
Katie Weidmann (Actress, The Gamers (2002))
Katie Weinstein (I) (Producer, Chinese Takeout (2011))
Katie Westmoreland (II)
Katie Westmoreland (I) (Actor, Angel Tears (2014))
Katie Weissenborn Vanoncini (Producer, Write It Is )

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