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Julie Christie (I) (Actress, Doctor Zhivago (1965))
Julie Christie (II) (Producer, My Accomplice (2014))
Julie Christie (VI) (Actress, Some Days Are Bad (2009))
J.C. Cantos (Make Up Department, My Lady Boss (2013))
aka "Julie Christie T. Cantos"
Julie Christie Carlson (Miscellaneous, 101 Even Bigger Celebrity Oops (2005))
Julie Christie (IV) (Actress, Veludo e Cacos-de-Vidro (2004))
Julie Christie (III) (Writer, Red Hook (2012))
Julie Christiansen (II) (Actress, Lykke-Per (2018))
Julie-Christie Neal (Self, Without Prejudice? (2007))
Julianne Christie (Actress, Encino Man (1992))
Julie Christy (II) (Actress, Centrespread (1981))
Julie Chrisley (Self, Chrisley Knows Best (2014))
Julie Christy (I) (Actress, Faraway Hill (1946))
Jackie Christie (II) (Self, Basketball Wives LA (2011))
Julie Christensen (Actress, Bugsy (1991))
Julie Christine Hill (Actress, Fear Factor (2001))
Charlie Christie (Actor, Devil's Playground (2010))
Julie Christy Murray (Actress, Mausoleum (1983))
Natalie Christina (Actress, Se habla español (2005))
Julie Christeas (Producer, Monogamy (2010))
Julie-Christian Young (Actress, Afterlife (2005))
Julie Christianson (Composer, Raw Tunes (1985))
Julie Christiansen (I) (Writer, Husvild (2003))
Julie Christine (Actress, Activate (2017))
Julie Christina (Actress, Always Say Goodbye (1997))
Christie Christl (Miscellaneous, Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (1987))
Ollie Christie (Actor, Outlawed (2018))
Katie Christie (I) (Art Department, Fireflies (2004))
Katie Christie (II) (Actress, Voices United: The Documentary (2009))
Evie Christie
Willie Christie (I) (Director, The Whisper (1998))
Julie Christodoulou (Make Up Department, Oh Love (2016))
Karlie Christie (Art Department, The Bike Heist (2012))
Nathalie Christie (Actress, Bienvenue à Bouchon (2011))
Natalie Christie (Miscellaneous, Capital Letters (2004))
Willie Christie (II)
Carlie Christie (Make Up Department, Drift (2013))
Hollie Christie (Actress, What We Get Up To (2016))
Stephanie Christie (Miscellaneous, The Woods Have Eyes (2007))
Christie Chorley (Actress, Within Attractions (2009))
Christie Julien (Self, Le cercle de minuit (1992))
Katie Christian (I) (Miscellaneous, Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014))
Julie-Christine Parent (Composer, Daisy (2009))
Julie Christina Ortiz (Actress, John and Mary (2010))
Julie Christine Castle (Actress, Bloodlines (2015))
Julie Christin Larsen (Editor, Du kan beholde Zhang Li (2017))
Julie Christine Watts (Actress, Seeds of Change (2018))
Debbie Christie (I) (Producer, Blethering Referendum (2014))
Christie Chizmar (Actress, Since I Don't Have You (2013))
Julie Chrisman (Miscellaneous, Jerabek (2007))
Julie Chrisitian (Actress, A&C New York (2017))
Julie Chrisford (Actress, Ninja! (2012))
Christie Chaplin (Transportation Department, Escape Plan (2013))
Cathie Christie (Miscellaneous, Star Trek: A Captain's Log (1994))
Marjorie Christie (Actress, Brotherly Love (1970))
Jackie Christie (III) (Soundtrack, Beauty Shop (2005))
Bernie Christie (Miscellaneous, Wheelies (2011))
Ronnie Christie (Actor, The Revenue Men (1967))
Katie Christianson (Actress, The Benefits of Gusbandry (2015))
Jodie Christie (Production Manager, The Woman Who Came to Dinner )
Bridie Christie (Self, The Secret History of Our Streets (2012))
Rickie Christie
Christine Tieche
Christie Chong (Actor, Resistant Virus an STD (2017))
Christie Charlton (Miscellaneous, Britain's Greatest Bridges (2016))
Christie Chung
Debbie Christie (II) (Actor, ...And You're Back in the Room (2015))
Jamie Christie (II) (Actor, What's In A Name? (2015))
Sylvie Christie (Actress, Deadly Exposure (1993))
Jackie Christie (V) (Actress, Jersey 4 (in development))
Donna Marie Christie (Actress, New York Minute (2004))
Christie Charles (Self, Death by China (2012))
Christie Cheng
Christie Chilton (Animation Department, Arthur (1996))
Katie Christian (II)
Sharnie Christie (Self, This Morning (1988))
Debbie Christie (III) (Producer, Secrets of Our Favourite Snacks (2017))
Richie Christie (Transportation Department, Unsane (2018))
Christie Chang (Self, Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant (2017))
Carrie Christie (Actress, Artworks (2003))
Bonnie Christie (Self, Breeder of the Pack (2008))
Sophie Christie
Jamie Christie (I) (Editorial Department, Torso: The Evelyn Dick Story (2002))
Kerrie Christie (Miscellaneous, Four Corners (1961))
Katie Christiansen (Actress, Our Lost Translation (2007))
Hattie Christian (Actress, The Gunsaulus Mystery (1921))
Melanie Christie (Producer, BrainFood (2015))
Christie Chase (Camera Department, Sea Rescue (2012))
Jennie Christie (Miscellaneous, A Thousand Voices (2014))
Sweetie Christian (Actor, Sacrifice (2013))
Jackie Christie (I) (Actor, Tawny Pipit (1944))
Louie Christie (Actor, Rainey Day (2016))
Jackie Christie (IV) (Self, EOTM Awards 2013 (2013))
Kirstie Christopher (Sound Department, Impossible Engineering (2015))
Christie Chewka (Miscellaneous, Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001))
Mahulie Christmas (Actress, Why Do Men Cheat? The Movie (2012))
Natalie Christian (Actress, California Casanova (1991))
Amalie Christiansen (Actress, Villa Vennely, Home of Copenhagen Call Girls (1964))
Leslie Christin (Make Up Department, Passenger 57 (1992))
Hallie Christine (Miscellaneous, The Last Dufo (2015))
Charlie Christian (Soundtrack, Focus (2001))
Allie Christian (I) (Camera Department, Raising Matty Christian (2014))
Millie Christian (Self, The Mike Walsh Show (1969))
Lillie Christiano (Miscellaneous, Power of the Air (2018))
Allie Christian (II)
Julie Marie Christensen (Self, Food Choices (2016))
Natalie Christine Johnson (Make Up Department, Claws (2017))
Juliette Christophe
Julia Christie (Miscellaneous, The Armor of Light (2015))
Christian Julien (II) (Art Department, Navarro (1989))
Christian Julien (III) (Composer, Le Resistant Inconnu (1996))
Christian Julien (I) (Actor, Les bleus: premiers pas dans la police (2006))
Christine Julien (Actress, Mylène Farmer: Pourvu qu'elles soient douces (Libertine II) (1988))
Jane Christie Cottrell (Actress, The 25th Annual St Wallace-on-Sea Morris Dancing Festival (2014))
Pennie Christie Barger (Miscellaneous, Lawn Dogs (1997))
Marie-Christine Dostie (Miscellaneous, Odysseo by Cavalia (2015))
Marie-Christine Trottier (Actress, Un gars, une fille (1999))
Marie-Christie Olivier (Actor, Charlotte, dis à ta mère que je l'aime (1980))
Katie Christine Veale
Natalie Christian Waits (Director, Get Up and Play (2018))
Marie Christine Pouliot (Assistant Director, Cirque du Soleil: Kooza (2008))
Marie-Christine Pouliot (I) (Miscellaneous, Cirque du Soleil: Kooza (2008))
Marie Christine Giuliani (Actress, Tohuwabohu (1990))
Marie-Christine Culioli (Self, Le grand 8 (2012))
Marie-Christine Pouliot (II)
Julienne Christofferson (Writer, Mask of Fear (2013))
Christian Julien Robin (Self, Jésus et l'Islam (2015))
Julien-Christian Docin (Director, Moi aussi je suis à bout de souffle (2007))
Julie Overgaard Christiensen (I) (Art Department, Sjit Happens (2012))
Julie Overgaard Christiensen (II) (Art Department, Sjit Happens (2012))
Marie-christine Carpentier (Make Up Department, Bastille Day (2016))
Marie-Christine Pelletier (Miscellaneous, Havoc (2005))
Marie-Christie Bestoffelerie (Production Manager, I Want to Go Home (1989))
Rikke Emilie Christiansen (Actress, Escaping the Dead (2017))
Amalie Christine Thomasen (Self, Louise & Papaya (2004))

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