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Giuseppe Fortis (Actor, War of the Planets (1977))
aka "Joseph Fortis"
Joseph Forte (I) (Actor, Reefer Madness (1936))
Joseph Forti
Joseph Fortin (Cinematographer, Tupada '92: The Philippines in the Year of the Elections (1995))
Joseph Foster (I) (Actor, Doubt (2008))
Joseph Folks (Actor, Brian Banks (2018))
Joseph Fox (V) (Director, Question One (2012))
Joseph Ford (I) (Miscellaneous, Blade II (2002))
Joseph Fox (II) (Camera Department, 666: 'The Omen' Revealed (2000))
Joseph Ford (III) (Producer, Crossroads (2015))
Joseph Ford (VI) (Miscellaneous, What Remains (2018))
Joseph Ford (V) (Casting Department, Brock's Diner vs. The Undead )
Joseph Fox (III) (Stunts, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (2007))
Joseph Fox (IV) (Sound Department, Grove Lake (2008))
Joseph Fox (I) (Producer, Halome Ami (1933))
Joseph Ford (II) (Cinematographer, The Lost Door (2008))
Joseph Forte (II) (Camera Department, Live from the Artists Den (2008))
Joseph Fortner (I) (Actor, Certainty (2013))
Joseph Fortner (II) (Self, The Bob Braun Show (1967))
Joseph Forte II (Actor, The Last Strands of Man (2012))
Curtis Joseph (II) (Self, TSN Hockey (1987))
Joseph Fortinos (Actor, On Second Thought (2008))
Joseph Foley (I) (Actor, Lux Video Theatre (1950))
Joseph Foley (V)
Joseph Foley (VI) (Sound Department, Why Is There Anything Instead of Nothing (2017))
Joseph Foley (VII) (Sound Department, Our Eddy (2018))
Joseph Foley (VIII) (Actor, Blank (2017))
Joseph Folk (Actor, Agents wen manong (1968))
Joseph Fosco (Composer, The Birthday Card (2007))
Joseph Foret (Actor, The Molers: Searching for the Mole People (2013))
Joseph Formato (I) (Actor, I Am Super (2013))
Joseph Forlini (Actor, Deliverance Creek (2014))
Joseph Formato (II)
Joseph Forrest (III) (Director, The Considerate Stalker (2015))
Joseph Forest (Miscellaneous, The Possession (2012))
Joseph Formosa (Art Department, The Devil's Double (2011))
Joseph Foley (III)
Joseph Foster (III) (Director, En plein air (2012))
Joseph Formica
Joseph Foley (IV) (Director, The Mayan Man (2009))
Joseph Foster (IV) (Miscellaneous, The Elm Tree (2013))
Joseph Forsythe (Sound Department, Jack and Jill (2011))
Joseph Foster (II) (Writer, Doubting Thomas (2010))
Joseph Fowler (II) (Editorial Department, Slaves of the Saints (2011))
Joseph Fowler (III)
Joseph Fowler (I) (Producer, Fresh Cut Grass (2004))
Joseph Forrest (I) (Camera Department, Red Riding: The Year of Our Lord 1983 (2009))
Joseph Fouts (Director, Infidelity: When Love Gets Complicated (2015))
Joseph Fourez (Actor, Famille d'accueil (2001))
Joseph Foss (Actor, Spring Fling! (1995))
Joseph Foulk (Writer, Line of Descent (2016))
Joseph Forbes (Art Department, State of Grace (1990))
Joseph Fonti (Actor, Close Up (1996))
Joseph Fordham (Editorial Department, Showdown (1993))
Joseph Foley (II) (Location Management, Soul Man (1986))
Joseph Formosa Randon (Location Management, Assassin's Creed (2016))
Joseph Wortis (Self, Nova (1974))
Joseph Fortunato (Camera Department, A Most Violent Year (2014))
Joseph Forsberg (I) (Writer, Zer0-Tolerance (2017))
Braydon Joseph Ford (Actor, Faithfully (2019))
Joseph Curtis Callender (Actor, Gunslingers (2014))
Joseph Foggiato (Actor, Brazilian Device (2015))
Joseph Fontano (Art Department, Futurestates (2010))
Joseph Fontaine (Actor, Stick with Me (2009))
Joseph Fondreist (Actor, Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance (2015))
Joseph F. O'Brien (Writer, Boss of Bosses (2001))
Joseph Forester (II) (Miscellaneous, In Performance at the White House: Fiesta Latina (2009))
Joseph Fondessy
Joseph Fournier (II)
Joseph F. O'Connor (Actor, Many a Slip (1927))
Joseph Forsstrom (Actor, Caregiver (2018))
Joseph Fornelli (Self, Inside the Vietnam War (2008))
Joseph Fournier (I) (Actor, Inhumane (2018))
Joseph Forester (I) (Actor, 106 & Park Top 10 Live (2000))
Joseph Fountain (Actor, Boi Visual -The Real Ink (2018))
Joseph Fotinos (Actor, The Wizard of Stone Mountain (2011))
Joseph Forsberg (II)
Paul Joseph Foster
Joseph Fossum-Perez (Miscellaneous, Aspen the Series (2011))
Joseph Forghani (Editor, Davis, I Love You (2017))
Craig Joseph Forrest (Make Up Department, Neds (2010))
Joseph Formichella (Editor, Dante's Arizona (2005))
Joseph Fonseca (II) (Self, The Investigators (2000))
Joseph Ford Proctor (Producer, That's Life (1979))
Craig Joseph Fox (Actor, Lethal Justice (1991))
Joseph Fonseca (I) (Camera Department, Mahal (1949))
Joseph Fondacci (Actor, Itinéraire bis (2011))
Joseph Folladori (Actor, Lights, Camera, War! (2000))
Curtis Joseph (V) (Actor, The Caribbean Heist (2013))
Joseph Curtis (III) (Actor, ESPN City Slam (2006))
Joseph Curtis (IV)
Joseph Curtis (I) (Miscellaneous, Paint Your Wagon (1969))
Curtis Joseph (I) (Writer, They Crawl (2001))
Curtis Joseph (IV) (Self, Jeopardy! (1984))
Curtis Joseph (III) (Actor, Tower (2012))
Joseph Kurtis (Actor, Crime no Sacopã (1963))
Alanjoseph Fortenberry Jr. (Camera Department, Trakked (2015))
Sullivan Joseph Fortner Jr. (Actor, Miguel Zenón y su Caravana Cultural en Aibonito: la música de Louis Armstrong (2015))
Alan Joseph Fortenberry (Camera Department, Trakked (2015))
Josepho Ortiz (Actor, Los Plateados (2005))
Joseph Ortiz (III)
Joseph Ortiz (V) (Actor, L'oeil du cyclone (1991))
Joseph Ortiz (VI) (Actor, The Darq (2011))
Joseph Ortix (Animation Department, Kronk's New Groove (2005))
Joseph Ortiz (II) (Writer, The Rip Stick Retards Movie (2012))
Joseph Ortiz (IV) (Producer, P.O.V.: The Camera's Eye (2003))
Joseph Ortiz (VII) (Camera Department, A Sock's Life (2014))
Kurtis Josephs (Actor, #NotAllMen (2018))
Joseph Conforti (Miscellaneous, Edge of Darkness (2010))
Joseph Courtis (Visual Effects, Doctor Strange (2016))
Joseph Forest Riccobono (Editor, Tale of Two Dragons (2011))
Joseph K. Curtis (Sound Department, Generic Girl (2011))
Curtis R. Joseph (Actor, The Stand (2016))
Josephine Curtis (Producer, Soho Remembers, Extracts FromThe Recollections of Harold Lun (2014))
Joseph Leportier (Actor, Moi, Pierre Rivière, ayant égorgé ma mère, ma soeur et mon frère... (1976))
Joseph Cortina (Director, Shipwrecked: La Belle the Ship That Changed History (2014))
Joseph Ortiz Luis (Visual Effects, The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave (2016))
Joseph Ortiz Noriega (Actor, Fallen (2018))
Josephine Ortiz (Actress, This Can't Be Life (2008))
Martin Joseph Fairhurst (Stunts, Django Unchained (2012))
Lucien Joseph Fontanarosa (Self, Chroniques de France (1964))
Curtis Joseph O'Malley (Producer, Alien Life )
Joseph Martinez-McWhorter

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