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Jeffrey Sayre (Actor, Men of San Quentin (1942))
Jeffrey Said (Writer, Only the Hard Way (2011))
Jeffrey Samai (Actor, Spotlight (2015))
Jeffrey Samet (Director, Business is War (2018))
Jeffrey Sachs (Self, Poor Us: An Animated History of Poverty (2012))
Jeffrey Lindsay Relf (Costume Designer, Up Against Amanda (2000))
Jeffrey Sanna (Actor, Star Maps (1997))
Jeffrey Saupp
Jeffrey Sabo (Composer, Rendezvous (2013))
Jeffrey Sands (Actor, Wild Honey (1972))
Jeffrey Saez (Assistant Director, Last Full Show (2005))
Jeffrey Saad (Self, Iron Chef America Countdown (2012))
Jeffrey Sake (Actor, Grinder (2016))
Jeffrey Saver (Music Department, From Broadway with Love: A Benefit Concert for Sandy Hook (2013))
Jeffrey Salce (Actor, You're the Pest (2016))
Jeffrey Sapin (Actor, Moonbeams (2001))
Jeffrey Sales (Miscellaneous, The OA (2016))
Jeffrey Sass (Miscellaneous, Ray (2004))
Jeffrey Salas (Assistant Director, El Sonido de las Cosas (2016))
Jeffrey Santos (I) (Actor, Kapag langit ang humatol (1990))
Jeffrey Saunders (Producer, Hope (2006))
Matthew Jeffrey Sama (Art Department, Noah (2014))
Geoffrey Sayre McCord (Self, The Sharing Project (2017))
Jeffrey Salsbury (Actor, Frames of Mind (2013))
Jeffrey Santoro (Producer, Completely Normal (2015))
Jeffrey Satinover (Self, What the #$*! Do We (K)now!? (2004))
Jeffrey Sandford Olson
Jeffrey Sacino (Make Up Department, The Kingdom (2007))
Jeffrey Sangalang (Actor, Animalia (2017))
Jeffrey Saabeel (Self, Idols! (2002))
Jeffrey Santiago Jr. (Composer, Victory (2011))
Jeffrey Santos (III) (Costume Department, Operation Rogue (2014))
Jeffrey Savant (Producer, Wanna Buy a Chocolate Bar (2013))
Jeffrey Sallusto (Actor, Yearn (2005))
Jeffrey Sanfilippo (I) (Producer, The Boneyard (1991))
Jeffrey Salcedo (Actor, Stills (2014))
Jeffrey Sandelman (Miscellaneous, Dancing in Jaffa (2013))
Jeffrey Saddoris
Jeffrey Sanfilippo (II) (Self, Unwrapped (2001))
Jeffrey Santana (III) (Actor, The Future Dead (2006))
Jeffrey Salgado (Producer, Pipe (2011))
Jeffrey Saatjian (Actor, Beirut... Hide & Seek (2011))
Jeffrey Sammons (Actor, The Hammer of Hank Aaron (2015))
Jeffrey Salane (Composer, Orchid Live at Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen, DK (2001))
Jeffrey Sargent (III) (Sound Department, Look Whose Sharing Thanksgiving (2015))
Jeffrey Sawalha (Thanks, Father of Nations )
Jeffrey Saresky (Stunts, Floating (1997))
Jeffrey Santos (IV) (Actor, Kaleidoscope World (2013))
Jeffrey Saville (Actor, Eliza's Romeo (1922))
Jeffrey Santos (II) (Miscellaneous, Separada (1994))
Jeffrey Sargent (I) (Miscellaneous, Columbus Circle (2012))
Jeffrey Santos (V) (Actor, Team Fortress 2: Overwatch Takeover (2017))
Jeffrey Sarpong (Self, Ajax: Daar hoorden zij engelen zingen (2000))
Jeffrey Sanzel (Actor, The Culper Spy Adventure (2016))
Jeffrey San Roque (Miscellaneous, Lorenzo's Time (2012))
Jeffrey Sargent (II) (Art Department, The Pipeline (2018))
Jeffrey Satwicz (Self, The Olin Experience (2005))
Jeffrey Sanford (Actor, The Bunk Witch Project (2000))
Jeffrey Saffle
Jeffrey Santana (II) (Actor, Sorta' Horny (2013))
Jeffrey Salisbury (II)
Jeffrey Sandler (Composer, Promises of Home (2012))
Jeffrey Salomonson (Actor, Westenwind (1999))
Jeffrey Salberg (Producer, Grizzly Mountain (1996))
Jeffrey Salisbury (I) (Actor, Syncretic Noise (2016))
Jeffrey Santos (VI) (Producer, The Wait (2017))
Jeffrey Sanchez (I) (Actor, One Day the Sun Turned Black (2017))
Jeffrey Sargent (IV)
Jeffrey Savell (Self, BBQ with Franklin (2015))
Jeffrey Santone (Miscellaneous, Awkward Silence (2018))
Jeffrey San Augustin (Special Effects, Lassie (2014))
Jeffrey Sauter (Actor, Tous les garçons et les filles de leur âge... (1993))
Jeffrey Santana (I) (Actor, Super Cyclone (2012))
Jeffrey Santos (VII) (Cinematographer, Above and Beyond: NASA's Journey To Tomorrow (2018))
Jeffrey Salamone (Self, Impact: Stories of Survival (2002))
Jeffrey Salthouse
Jeffrey Salter (Actor, PITtv (2007))
Jeffrey Sanchez (II) (Actor, Ante Up (2015))
Jeffrey Santana-Perez (Actor, There's Quite A Mess In The Theater Tonight (2018))
Jeffrey Sahapatanavana (Art Department, Locked Away (2010))
Jeffrey Santo Domingo (Actor, Taekwondo Kid )
Jeffrey Sabin-Matsumoto (Producer, Till the Cows Come Home (2009))