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Jane Hylton (Actress, My Brother's Keeper (1948))
Javine Hylton (Actress, Skins (2007))
Dianne Hylton (Costume Department, Birth (2004))
Maxine Hylton (Make Up Department, Entrenched: Prologue (2018))
Vivienne Hylton (Miscellaneous, Charlotte's Web (2006))
Caroline Hylton (Miscellaneous, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (2013))
Jermaine Hylton (Self, Goal Rush: Football League Tonight (2016))
Jane Hilton (Costume Department, Finding Wheel Love (2015))
Jeanette Hylton (Miscellaneous, The Garden Left Behind )
Arlene Hylton-Campbell (Make Up Department, The Shadow Effect (2009))

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