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James Righton (Composer, Benjamin (2018))
Jason James Richter (Actor, Free Willy (1993))
James Riordan (I) (Actor, The Post (2017))
James Rick (Editor, Call of the Wild (1992))
Rick James (II) (Soundtrack, Suicide Squad (2016))
James Rittinger (Actor, Good Witch (2015))
James Rich (III) (Actor, Rogues (2003))
James Patrick Stuart (Actor, Gettysburg (1993))
James Ricker II (Actor, Cryptid: The Swamp Beast (2014))
James Ricker (Cinematographer, Sweet Lullaby (2003))
James Hamrick (I) (Actor, Devil's Knot (2013))
James Ridgley (Sound Department, Beginners (2010))
James Ritz (I) (Actor, Cocoon (1985))
James Rickard (I) (Camera Department, Children of the Revolution (1996))
James Rickard (II) (Production Manager, The Hours (2002))
James Rickman (Visual Effects, Battlestar Galactica (1978))
James Rickie (Actor, The Obligation (1912))
James Rickard (III) (Miscellaneous, Roaring Camp (2012))
James Rickert (Miscellaneous, Misery Harbour (1999))
James Ricks (Actor, The Waiting Man (2013))
James Rice (VI) (Actor, Magic in the Forest (2010))
James Rice (V) (Miscellaneous, The Teddy Bears' Scare (1998))
James Rich (XVII) (Actor, That Awkward Moment When (2014))
James Rice (X) (Actor, Shanghai Calling (2012))
James Rich (XI) (Soundtrack, V for Vendetta (2005))
James Rich (I) (Actor, Amongst Friends (1993))
James Rice (III) (Self, Caverns of the Mojave: An Expedition with Real Cavers (2006))
James Rice (I) (Self, The Loss of Nameless Things (2004))
James Rich (XXI)
James Rice (II) (Miscellaneous, I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (2003))
James Rich (XX) (Actor, Hero Corp (2015))
James Rice (XV) (Costume Department, The Lost City of Z (2016))
James Rich (XII) (Producer, Storage Hunters (2011))
James Rice (XIV)
James Rich (V) (Producer, Petronella (1985))
James Rich (XIII) (Actor, Stony Hearts (2016))
James Rich (XVI) (Camera Department, Fake Fingernails, Cash and Viagra (2012))
James Rice (XII) (Actor, Mr Happy (2017))
James Rice (XI)
James Rich (VIII) (Make Up Department, Acts of Mercy (2009))
James Rice (XIII)
James Rich (II) (Actor, Men of Two Worlds (1946))
James Rich (XV) (Actor, Slutty Summer (2004))
James Rich (XIV) (Location Management, Beauty in the Broken (2015))
James Rich (XIX) (Camera Department, Curse of War (2016))
James Rich (XXII) (Director, Follower (2018))
James Rice (VII) (Actor, The Job (2006))
James Rice (IV) (Camera Department, Face Time (2013))
James Rice (VIII) (Actor, Broken Child (2001))
James Rich (IX) (Editorial Department, Hill Street Blues (1981))
James Rich (IV) (Self, ESPN SportsCentury (1999))
James Rico (Editor, A Step Away (2017))
James Rice (IX) (Producer, Mr Happy (2017))
James Rich (XVIII) (Miscellaneous, Being (2015))
James Rich (VI) (Art Department, Careless (2007))
James Richer (Actor, Port Charles (1997))
James Broderick (I) (Actor, Dog Day Afternoon (1975))
Joshua James Richards (Cinematographer, God's Own Country (2017))
Jesse James Rice (Editor, Corra at Home (2014))
James Riffel (Director, Black-Eyed Susan (2004))
Rick James (IV) (Actor, Blake's 7 (1978))
James Rickards (Self, End of the Road: How Money Became Worthless (2012))
James Ritz (II) (Writer, Leo and Loree (1980))
James Ritchie (IX) (Actor, Subject to Change (2016))
James Richardson (IV) (Producer, Monsters (2010))
James Ricardo (Writer, Opie Gets Laid (2005))
James Richard (II) (Actor, The Demon Headmaster (1996))
James Riker (I) (Actor, The X-Files (1993))
James Riley (XXXI) (Actor, The Plug (2016))
James Riddick (Writer, Hampton 10-10 (2018))
James Richard (X)
James Richey (Camera Department, Pareidolia (2017))
James Rich Jr. (Producer, Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl (1982))
James Richie (Cinematographer, This Year-London (1951))
James Ricci (Writer, Redeemer (2002))
James Richard (XI) (Actor, Disturbed (2012))
James Richard (IV) (Self, Won't Anybody Listen (2001))
James Richard (VII) (Actor, Amber Dreams (2010))
James Richard (V) (Actor, Castle on the Hudson (1940))
James Ricotta (Actor, Beautiful Dead Things (2017))
James Richard (III) (Sound Department, In the Heat of the Night (1967))
James Riccio (Transportation Department, The Blues Brothers (1980))
James Richman (Director, 832 Cleon St. (2010))
James Richard (IX) (Actor, Drama Class (2011))
James Richter (Composer, 24 Minutes to Die Hard (2006))
James Richard (VIII) (Producer, Heirloom (2016))
James Ricceto (Actor, Gone (2014))
James Ring (IV) (Self, The Sky at Night (1957))
James Ring (III)
James Ritz (III) (Writer, Look What They've Done to My Song (1979))
James Rios (Miscellaneous, Six Feet Deep (2012))
James Riby (Sound Department, Panto! (2012))
James Riff (Producer, The Captain and Casey Show (2004))
James Risa (Cinematographer, The Stranger (2009))
James Rim (I) (Sound Department, June (2016))
James Ring (II) (Special Effects, Dark City (1998))
James Rim (IV) (Sound Department, The 7 Day (2005))
James Rix (Music Department, Lillemand (2015))
James Rinn (Camera Department, Pick a Card, Any Card (2012))
James Rimes
James Rim (III) (Visual Effects, Positive Buy (2010))
James Rim (II) (Visual Effects, Seraphim Falls (2006))
James Rio (Composer, I Giusti Elementi (2014))
James Rish (Actor, Battleship (2012))
James Ring (I) (Miscellaneous, Night Life (1989))
James Richard Wilson Jr. (Actor, Hershel's Land Finale (2013))
Derrick James (II) (Actor, Rebelde (2004))
James Riehle (Actor, Rudy (1993))
James Riemer (II) (Actor, Chappelle's Show (2003))
James Ricketson (I) (Director, Blackfellas (1993))
James Rickleton (Miscellaneous, The Minister of Chance (2014))
James Ricketson (II)
James Ricketts (II) (Art Department, Mann gegen Mann (2014))
James Ricky Coward (Actor, Advanced Technical Mittwork (2009))
James Ricketts (I) (Miscellaneous, To Be on Camera: A History with Hamlet (1997))
James Ridley (II) (Director, Bigger Than Me: My Fight With ALS (2018))
James Riddle (I) (Actor, Jingle All the Way (1996))
James Richardson (XII) (Actor, Fast Girls (2012))
Rick James (III) (Sound Department, Specter's Rock (2003))
James Rorick (Visual Effects, Stargate SG-1 (1997))
James Richards (VII) (Stunts, Agent Provocateur (2012))
James Richard Marshall (Actor, Criminal (2016))
James Ridgway (Sound Department, The Imitation Game (2014))
James Rivers (I) (Actor, The Bridges of Madison County (1995))
Rick James (V) (Camera Department, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009))
James Reddick (II) (Self, The American Baking Competition (2013))
James Riddle (III) (Director, 9 Minutes (1966))
James Ridley (I) (Actor, The Expert (1995))
James Rizer (I) (Camera Department, Baja (1995))
James Riley (XIX) (Actor, The Glassed Eye (2012))
James Riley (VI)
James Riordan (VII) (Actor, Adulting (2016))
James Ritchie (VII) (Miscellaneous, The Five Murders of John Dawley (2009))
James Ritchie (IV) (Miscellaneous, The Granstream Saga (1997))
James Riley (XII) (Music Department, Intermission (2009))
James Rigal (Miscellaneous, Smart People (2008))
James Riley (XVI) (Camera Department, Are You Looking (2011))
James Riley (XIV) (Cinematographer, Creflo Dollar and Sam Collier: Grace (2012))
James Ritts (Visual Effects, Help (2015))
James Riley (XXV) (Producer, Consider the Generations: Thoughts from Boomers and Millennials (2013))
James Rietz
James Rigas
James Rigual (Camera Department, Empty Rounds (2008))
James Rigby (II) (Visual Effects, Kinect Fun Labs: Air Band (2011))
James Riella (Cinematographer, Amizade Colorida (1981))
James Riley (X) (Actor, Signs of the Time (2008))
James Riley (III) (Actor, La pecora nera (1968))
James Ridge (Actor, Reeseville (2003))
James Risolio (II) (Actor, Dreamhouse (2014))
James Risney (Visual Effects, Spirits of Xanadu (2015))
James Riley (XV) (Actor, Mob Hitz (2005))
James Rigdon (Self, Legalize It (2014))
James Riley (XXXIII) (Actor, Honor Bound (2017))
James Risch (Art Department, Major League (1989))
James Riding (IV) (Cinematographer, Ivy (2017))
James Riley (XXIII) (Producer, Astraea (2014))
James Risen (Self, Jeopardy! (1984))
James Riley (IX) (Self, Virgin School (2007))
James Rippe (Actor, Disengaged (2014))
James Rider (I) (Stunts, Bushwhacked (1995))
James Riddell (Actor, Cannonball Run: Italy or Bust (2006))
James Riemer (I) (Assistant Director, A Million to One (1937))
James Riley (XXX) (Actor, Destiny World Wrestling: Carnage (2016))
James Risolio (I) (Actor, Secrets in the Snow (2012))
James Riggs (III)
James Riding (II) (Assistant Director, Saving Turtles (2017))
James Rigby (I) (Actor, Blue Heelers (1994))
James Rivas (II) (Producer, God Complex (2016))
James Ristas (Director, Some Love from Above (2014))
James Rideout (Art Department, Monkey Up (2016))
James Riley (XXVII)
James Riley (IV) (Camera Department, Far Eastern Cookery (1989))
James Riggs (I) (Art Department, The Divine Emerald (2004))
James Ridpath (II) (Transportation Department, I Could Never Be Your Woman (2007))
James Riley (XVIII) (Camera Department, S.H.I.E.L.D.E.D. (2012))
James Riley (I) (Actor, Always in the Way (1915))
James Risolo (Producer, Mind Jack (2016))
James Rigler (Producer, The Hollywood Bowl: Music Under the Stars (2003))
James Riley (XXVI) (Cinematographer, World News WCCI (2006))
James Riley (VIII)
James Ritten (Actor, Cost of a Soul (2010))
James Ritchey (Self, The NFL on NBC (1965))
James Riley (XIII) (Location Management, Orange Inn (2011))
James Rizer (IV) (Casting Department, Dracula 2000 (2000))
James Rippon (Miscellaneous, Kick-Ass (2010))
James Ridpath (I) (Assistant Director, Blonde Fist (1991))
James Ritchie (III) (Transportation Department, Dolores Claiborne (1995))
James Rincon (Camera Department, Like It Is : Yes at Mesa Arts Centre (2015))
James Rivera (V) (Actor, The Ills (2018))
James Riley (V) (Editorial Department, Hoot (2006))
James Ringos (Actor, The Salmon King (2012))
James Riding (I) (Editor, The Ex and the Why )
James Risdon (Self, Braille Music (2017))
James Ritchie (II) (Director, Thirty Million Letters (1963))
James Riemers (Actor, The Great Grunklumpen Circus (2015))
James Risby (Sound Department, Calamity (2016))
James Riseden (Actor, Fubar (2001))
James R. Irwin (Director, The Role of the Observer (1982))
James Riley (XX) (Producer, Missed Connections (2012))
James Risbey (I) (Composer, Broke (2015))