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Lorenzo James Henrie (Actor, Fear the Walking Dead (2015))
James Henry (III) (Writer, The Delivery Man (2015))
James Henry (IV) (Director, Incy Wincy Spider (in development))
Henry James (I) (Writer, What Maisie Knew (2012))
James Henry (XXI) (Actor, Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire (2000))
James Henry (XII) (Art Department, Shopgirl (2005))
James Henry (XXXIX)
James Henry (XLV) (Actor, Pens (2018))
James Henry (XXIX)
James Henry (X) (Writer, Planet Cook (2005))
James Henry (XXVI) (Camera Department, Aziz Ansari: Buried Alive (2013))
James Henry (XXXVII) (Actor, Legends & Lies (2015))
James Henry (XLIII) (Actor, Deer in Headlights (2018))
James Henry (VIII) (Self, Winter Soldier (1972))
James Henry (XXVIII) (Sound Department, Beneath Heaven (2012))
James Henry (XL)
James Henry Jr. (Self, Highland Park 100 Year Documentary (2018))
James Henry (XVII) (Actor, Fish Lips (2010))
James Henry (XXIII) (Cinematographer, Omikron: The Nomad Soul (1999))
James Henry (XXXVI) (Self, Football League Tonight (2015))
James Henry (XLI) (Actor, There's a Dead Man in the Kitchen (2017))
James Henry (XIX) (Sound Department, 3 Ways to Kill a Mook (2012))
James Henry (XXXIII)
James Henry (XXV) (Actor, I Work (2012))
James Henry (XV) (Director, Without Light (2007))
James Henry (XLIV) (Actor, Sergey's Fortune (2018))
James Henry (XXXII) (Camera Department, Omikron: The Nomad Soul (1999))
James Henry (XXXVIII)
James Henry (XVIII) (Self, 1988 Independence Bowl (1988))
James Henry (XXVII) (Sound Department, Deadbeat Dads (2013))
James Henry (IX) (Actor, Rachel's Attic (2002))
James Henry (I) (Actor, Horseplay (2003))
James Henry (V) (Writer, Banged Up (2003))
James Henry (XXIV) (Miscellaneous, Dish Nation (2011))
James Henry (XI) (Actor, Honky Holocaust (2014))
James Henry (XXX) (Actor, Fighting Season (2018))
James Henry (XX) (Actor, Fallstown (2008))
James Henry (II) (Producer, Growing Hair (2002))
James Henry (XXXV) (Miscellaneous, The Elm Tree (2013))
James Henry (XXXIV) (Self, J-Hen: Baby Come On (2014))
James Henry (XIV) (Writer, Rabbit Fall (2007))
James Henry (XXXI) (Actor, DNK in the Basement, K? (2006))
James Henry (XIII) (Visual Effects, Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. (2007))
James Henry (XVI) (Composer, Our Community (2005))
James Henry B. (Actor, Julia (2014))
James Henry (XLII) (Actor, The Book (2018))
James Henry (XXII) (Writer, Canimals (2011))
James Henry (VII)
Henry James (V) (Actor, Uninhabited (2010))
James Henry Hall (Writer, Spin (2012))
James Henrie (Producer, H+ (2011))
James Henri-Thomas (Actor, Hurricane (2018))
James S. Henry (Self, We're Not Broke (2012))
James Henry Williams (I) (Actor, Minute Matrimony (2002))
James Henry Williams (II) (Art Department, Lord of War (2005))
James Henriksen (Actor, Kill Me Again (1989))
Evan James Henderson (Actor, Kommando 1944 (2018))
James Henry Ball Jr. (Actor, Gator King (1997))
James Henry Holland (Actor, Daughters of the New Republic: Sarah Bradford and Harriet Tubman (2016))
James Henry Macharia (Actor, Heartbeat FM (2006))
James Henry Eldridge (Actor, Skullduggery (1970))
James Henry Wood (Soundtrack, Heroes of the Range (1936))
Bobby James Henry (Composer, Solid Air (2003))
James Henry Campbell
James Henry Puckett (Actor, Finality (2017))
Gary James Henry III (Camera Department, Last Weekend (2014))
James Henry Anderson (Actor, Trouble on a Plane (2009))
Jacob James Henry (Producer, Save the Dog (2015))
James Henry Markos (Actor, Roadkill: A Love Story (2014))
James Henry Hayden (Art Department, Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice (1992))
James Henry Gunn (Actor, 8 Seconds (1994))
James Henry Parker (Actor, Daylight Robbery (1999))
James Henry Breasted (Actor, The Human Adventure (1935))
James Henry Harrison (Miscellaneous, Clayfighter 63 1/3 (1997))
James Henry Moseley (Camera Department, Godzilla vs. Ghost Godzilla (2004))
James Henry White (Actor, Bookworms (1998))
James Henry Doan (Actor, Madam Secretary (2014))
Henry Jameson (Actor, Knight Knight (2012))
Henry C. James (Writer, Swiss Honeymoon (1947))
Henry James (II) (Actor, Truly Madly Deeply (1990))
James Henderson (II) (Miscellaneous, Interstellar (2014))
James R. Henry (Actor, Dr. Gutman's Eulogy (2012))
Henry James (IX) (Miscellaneous, Lost Stallions: The Journey Home (2008))
Henry James (III) (Actor, Ramshackle House (1924))
James F. Henry (I) (Actor, Calvary (1920))
James B. Henry
Henry James (VIII) (Self, Democracy Now! (2001))
Henry James (VII)
James F. Henry (III) (Writer, The Love Boat (1977))
Henry James (IV) (Actor, The Mind of Henry Lime (2007))
James W. Henry (Self, Highland Park 100 Year Documentary (2018))
James F. Henry (II) (Special Effects, Total Recall (2012))
James McHenry (Director, Anything Once (1925))
Henry James (VI) (Actor, Henry James & the Man Next Door (2005))
Henry O. James (Director, Alone (2018))
James Hendy (I) (Art Department, Les Misérables (2012))
James Henney (I) (Producer, Visioneers (2008))
James Heidenry (Writer, Maxim's Supercars (2004))
James Hennigan (Actor, Deviance (2017))
James Hender (Actor, Half Moon (2010))
James Hendrie (Writer, Work Experience (1989))
James Henniks (Art Department, Shark Attack (1999))
James Hensley (Actor, Rivals (1981))
James Hendy (V)
James Hendy (IV)
James Henschen (Director, The Monkey's Paw (2003))
James Henchy (Sound Department, House Arrest (2013))
James Henley (II) (Actor, Bastard (2015))
James Hendry (I) (Casting Department, The Death of Jack Hamilton )
James Henshaw (II) (Self, BBC Proms (2016))
James Hendy (III) (Camera Department, Mangrove (2012))
James Henkle (Actor, Royal Crown and a Moon Pie: The David Beebe Story (2012))
James Hensher (Miscellaneous, Huldra: Lady of the Forest (2016))
James Hendren (Producer, Iconoclast (2012))
James Henshaw (I) (Art Department, World's End (2015))
James Hendrix (II) (Transportation Department, Mr. McAllister's Cigarette Holder (1994))
James Hensel (Writer, Schlitz Playhouse (1951))
James Henager (Director, Phantom Progress Committee (2009))
James Hendo (Actor, Night Court (1984))
James Henken (Music Department, Selena (1997))
James Hendy (VI)
James Henson (I) (Actor, Invader (1992))
James Hendry (II) (Camera Department, Work Life (2018))
James Hendrix (I) (Art Department, I Am Number Four (2011))
James Hendrix (IV) (Actor, State of Emergency (2011))
James Henke (Self, American Masters (1985))
James Henley (I) (Miscellaneous, Mass Effect (2007))
James Henning
James Henson (II) (Director, Rut (2017))
James Hendy (II)
James Henley (III) (Camera Department, DEAF: Shards (2018))
James Hendrix (III) (Self, NWA Florida: Rage in the Cage (2005))
James Henchel (Location Management, Broken Glass (2013))
James Henney (II) (Transportation Department, The Last Lighthouse Keeper (2017))
James Hendricks (V) (Soundtrack, Corky (1972))
James Henrickson (Editor, Jud (1971))
James Henriques (Composer, The Third Society (2002))
Henry James Hofelline
Henry Angell-James (Producer, A Small Silent Film About Death (2009))
Henry James Vinten (Camera Department, In the Long Run (2018))
James Riley Henry III (Producer, Optimism (2003))
James 'Jimmy' Henry (Actor, The Edge of the World (1937))
Oliver Henry James (Actor, Waking the Dead (2000))
Henry Davis James (Miscellaneous, The Prize Fighter (1979))
Henry James Forman (Writer, The Pony Express (1925))
Henry James Pearce (Composer, Re-Evolution (2011))
James Peter Henry (Actor, Sillent Assassin: The L Is Silent )
Henry James Baulch (Director, The Beast, and Silence (2013))
Henry & James Robinson
Henry James Burgess (Actor, Golf Links (2015))
Benjamin James Henry Stevens (Miscellaneous, Round Six (2011))
Henry Gibson (I) (Actor, Nashville (1975))
James Henderson (VII) (Director, Shut Up and Deal (2007))
James Heneghan Jr. (Actor, Mr. Novak (1963))
James Hennessy (I) (Writer, Heaven Sent (1994))
James Hendricks Jr. (Camera Department, Lily Dale (1996))
James Henderson (X) (Director, Troxler's Truckers: Memories of Vietnam (2009))
James Hendricks (II) (Transportation Department, Extramarital (1998))
James Henderson (XXIV) (Actor, Synching (2017))
James Henderson (XVIII) (Sound Department, The Depiction of a Series of Brutal Murders (2013))
James Henderson (XXXIII) (Producer, If Not Now, When? )
James Henderson (XXXIV)
James Henderson (VI) (Sound Department, Living the Change: Inspiring Stories for a Sustainable Future (2018))
James Henderson (XIX) (Actor, Princess Daisy (2014))
James Henderson (XXVIII)
James Henderson (XXI) (Writer, Error 404 (2015))
James Hennessey (Visual Effects, I, Robot (2004))
James Henderson (IV) (Actor, C.C.UNIT (2015))
James Hendricks (VII) (Special Effects, Good Omens (2019))
James Henderson (XI) (Actor, Minor Details (2009))
James Hennessy (IV) (Art Department, Sacrifice (2016))
James Hennessy (V) (Self, Forensic Files (1996))
James Henderson (XVII) (Composer, Bayne el Wilayat (2005))
James Henderson (VIII) (Miscellaneous, The Four Children of Tander Welch (2008))
James Heathen Miller (Writer, When All Else Fails )
James Henderickson (Actor, Terrarium (2003))
James Henderson (XXV)
James Henderson (XV) (Miscellaneous, Swimming Lessons (2006))
James Henderson (XXII) (Miscellaneous, Do You Believe? (2015))
James Heinichen (Writer, War for the Overworld (2015))
James Henderson III (Writer, What's Happening Now! (1985))
James Hennessy (III) (Actor, The Swordsman (1974))
James Henderson (I) (Art Department, Blind Fury (1989))
James Henderson (XX) (Sound Department, Suburban Wildlife )
Jesse James Hennessy (Director, Mr. Dark (2014))
James Henderson (IX)
James Henderson (V) (Writer, Valley of the Dinosaurs (1974))
James Hennessy (II) (Costume Designer, Porn (1994))
James Henderson (XII) (Editor, The Golden Mallard (2009))
James H. English (Producer, Madhouse Mecca (2018))
James Henderson (XXIX) (Actor, The Checkout Line (2018))
D. James Henderson (Writer, EVP: The Whidbey Haunting )
James Hendricks (I)
James Henderson (XIV) (Composer, Searching (2014))
James Henderson (III) (Camera Department, Bad Boy (2002))
James Henderson (XVI) (Editor, Imperfect Solace (2011))
James Hendricks (III) (Actor, Third Watch (1999))
James Henderson (XXIII) (Actor, Sheltered (2015))
James Henaghan (Actor, A Mother's Touch (2018))
James Henderson (XXXII) (Sound Department, Elizabeth: Our Queen (2018))

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