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James Stacy (I) (Actor, Cagney & Lacey (1981))
James Stacy (VI) (Actor, West Point (1956))
James Stacey (V) (Director, The Alchemist (2015))
aka "James Stacy"
James Barbour (I) (Actor, American Experience (1988))
James Stacy (III) (Sound Department, Guild Wars 2 (2012))
James Stacy (IV) (Self, The First 48 (2004))
James Stacy (II) (Producer, The Girl from Manhattan (1948))
James Stacy (V) (Thanks, "Live PD Presents PD Cam" (2018))
James Staley (I) (Actor, Vacation (1983))
James Stack (I) (Actor, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (1968))
James Stacey (I) (Actor, Bolero (1984))
James Stacey (IV) (Visual Effects, Vampirina (2017))
James Stack (II) (Camera Department, Hollyoaks Later (2008))
James Stacey (III) (Director, Origin (2011))
James Stacey (II) (Actor, Caregiver (2008))
James Start (Actor, Merlin of the Crystal Cave (1991))
James Staddon (Actor, Bodyguard (2018))
James Stanley (II) (Writer, Homefront (1991))
James Starace (Actor, No Reservations (2007))
James Stan (Actor, One Week in Windchocombe (2011))
James Stanley (X) (Casting Director, Death Jr. 2: Root of Evil (2006))
James Stayne (I) (Miscellaneous, The Wolf Hour (2019))
James Stanton (II) (Editor, The Rotten Tomatoes Show (2009))
James Statham (Director, All Inclusive Holiday: Is It Worth It? (2019))
James Staszkiel (Actor, Nothing But Trouble (1991))
James Stamos (Music Department, Ed's Night Party (1995))
James Stanley (XIX) (Actor, Redfern Now (2012))
James Stanford (Editor, Balkanization (2002))
James Starr (Miscellaneous, Inception (2010))
James D. Stacy (Director, K9: WES (2018))
Stacy James (I) (Self, No Limits (2014))
Stacie James (II) (Actress, Burning Men (2019))
Stacy James (III)
Stacy James (II)
Stacie James (I) (Writer, Why I Run (2009))
James Staton (Miscellaneous, 2010 Soul Train Awards (2010))
James Stanton (I) (Actor, Sentimental Reasons (1984))
James Stanton (V) (Visual Effects, Psyche the Prologue (2013))
James Stanley (XII) (Art Department, Where the Truth Lies (2005))
James Stanley (V) (Actor, Yu Yu Hakusho: Fight for the Netherworld (1994))
James Stafford (I) (Sound Department, Judgment Night (1993))
James Stanton (VI) (Actor, Tom's Day Out (2014))
James Staples (III) (Special Effects, Scary Movie 2 (2001))
James Stahl (Actor, First Kiss (2010))
James Stanley (XXVIII) (Miscellaneous, Dust (2018))
James Stanley (XXI) (Actor, Love N Success (2015))
James Staten (II) (Self, Computer Chronicles (1983))
James Stanley (XVI) (Production Designer, Lost Tracks (2011))
James Stanton (IX) (Actor, The Barbara Stanwyck Show (1960))
James Stanton (VII)
James Startt (Miscellaneous, The Armstrong Lie (2013))
James Stander (Actor, Long Dark Way (2009))
James Stanley (IX) (Producer, Grand Theft Auto Advance (2004))
James Staples (II) (Producer, UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied (2006))
James Stafford (IV) (Editor, Super Geoquest Brothers (2012))
James Stanley (XXVI) (Actor, Ghost House: A Haunting (2018))
James Stark (III) (Writer, Partners in Crime (1984))
James Starks (I)
James Stanley (XXV) (Actor, Mainspring )
James Stark (I) (Actor, The West Point Story (1950))
James Stanger (II)
James Stafford (VIII) (Actor, City Boyz (2018))
James Stanley (XVIII) (Self, The Cost of Construction (2016))
James Starlin (Camera Department, Henryk (2012))
James Stanley (XV) (Art Department, Blackadder Back & Forth (1999))
James Stanley (IV) (Sound Department, Once Upon a Mouse (1981))
James Stathis (Cinematographer, A Greek Islands Destination Cooking Class (2007))
James Stahr (II) (Producer, Pusher (2010))
James Stafford (VI) (Actor, Reich (2017))
James Stark (II) (Editor, White Rat (1972))
James Stark (V) (Cinematographer, The Glitterati Overnight Superstar Music Video (2010))
James Stahr (I) (Assistant Director, Give 'em Hell, Harry! (1975))
James Stant (Sound Department, Jurassic World Evolution (2018))
James Stapp (Visual Effects, Kangaroo Jack (2003))
James Stanley (III) (Editorial Department, Mr. Mom (1983))
James Stanis (II)
James Stafford (III) (Actor, Woolly and Tig (2012))
James Stanis (I) (Animation Department, BD2K: Big Data to Knowledge (2018))
James Stanley (VI) (Actor, The Girl from Monday (2005))
James Stanton (VIII) (Self, 60 Minutes (1968))
James Stanley (I) (Sound Department, Soul of the Slums (1931))
James Starnes (Sound Department, The Horseman (2008))
James Staley (III) (Actor, Bar Night (2013))
James Stanger (I) (Editor, The Chromium Hook (2000))
James Stark (IV) (Producer, Tiszta Amerika (1987))
James Stanitz (Actor, Crime Stoppers Case Files: Southern California (2011))
James Static (Director, Little Changes (2010))
James Stayne (II) (Actor, CSI: SFP 'Lab Stories' (2015))
James Stanek (Cinematographer, Devils Are Dreaming (2004))
James Stanley (XXIV)
James Staten (I) (Miscellaneous, BET Hip Hop Awards 2008 (2008))
James Stasek (Actor, Daggers in Men's Smiles (2017))
James Stafford (VII) (Assistant Director, Saying Goodbye (2018))
James Starkie (II) (Director, The Dread (2013))
James Starkie (I) (Camera Department, Tomorrow at Noon (2014))
James Starks (II) (Actor, Origin: Beyond the Impact (2015))
James Stavely (Camera Department, Blood & Straw: CrossRoads (2011))
James Staiti (Art Department, Iron Man (2008))
James Staats (Camera Department, The Cain Complex (2015))
C James Starr
James Stavena (Producer, Del cielo (2006))
James Staubes (Actor, The Heckler (2005))
James Staley (II) (Actor, Screen Two (1985))
James Stanley (XIII) (Music Department, Gridiron Glory (1929))
James Stanley (XX) (Production Designer, The 11 O'Clock Show (1998))
James Stanley (XXVII) (Actor, Legion of the Damned (2018))
James Stanley (XI) (Miscellaneous, Father Ted (1995))
James Stanley (XXIII) (Actor, Trojan (2013))
James Stanley (XIV) (Actor, Where's Dookie Cannata? (2008))
James Stanyer (Actor, How to Become a Criminal Mastermind (2013))
James Stanley (VIII) (Art Director, Thin Lizzy: Outlawed - The Real Phil Lynott (2006))
James Stanton (IV) (Actor, The Preacher's Daughter (2013))
James Standish (Writer, Changing History: One Heart at a Time (2015))
James Stanley (VII) (Art Director, Baddiel & Skinner Unplanned (2000))
James Stanley (XXII) (Actor, Hell on Wheels (2011))
James Staples (I) (Art Department, Survivor (2015))
James Stafford (V) (Self, This May Be the Last Time (2014))
James Standley (Camera Department, Poker Run (2009))
James Stanton (X) (Self, The Bob Braun Show (1967))
James Stanton (III)
James Starkey (Editorial Department, Foul Play (2010))
James Stadden (Actor, Reunion (1932))
James Stanley (XVII)
James Stathem (Miscellaneous, The Last Showing (2014))
James Stadler (Miscellaneous, Bennie's (2016))
James Stafford (II)
James Stachini (Art Department, Lifeforce (1985))
James Stachnik (Music Department, Margarine Wars (2012))
James Staunton (I) (Actor, The Witches of Eastwick (1987))
Stacy James Fry
James Starbuck (Miscellaneous, Shower of Stars (1954))
James Stavridis (Self, MSNBC Live (1996))
Stacy Rose James (Animation Department, The Plague Dogs (1982))
James Stanton-Cooke (Actor, Love Child (2014))
James Stapleton (VI) (Transportation Department, The Pit (2019))
James Stannard (II) (Producer, October Baby (2011))
Dustin James Stansel
James Stapleton (I) (Miscellaneous, The Man Who Came to Dinner (2000))
James Stapleton (III)
Wyatt James Stafford (Actor, Ain't Them Bodies Saints (2013))
James Stankunas (Actor, The Night Listener (2006))
Chris James Stanley (Special Effects, Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep (2006))
Stuart James Stafford (II)
James Stapeley (Actor, We've Got the Toaster (2006))
James Stallworth (Writer, Charlie & Carl (2011))
James Starbird (II) (Miscellaneous, Alita: Battle Angel (2019))
James Staunton (II) (Miscellaneous, Give (2014))
James Stapleton (II) (Actor, Dangerous Game (2017))
James Stammers (Miscellaneous, Freedom (1982))
James Stapelton
James Stadtfeld (Self, Forensic Files (1996))
James S. Stanley (Producer, ABC Stage 67 (1966))
Kelly James Stamp (Self, Cold Justice: Sex Crimes (2015))
James Staskelunas
James Stapleton (IV) (Producer, Grannie (2017))
James Stampley (Actor, Navy Seals vs. Zombies (2015))
James Stamulis (Camera Department, G String Divas (2000))
James S. Starkey (Producer, Cinderella (1965))
James Stabbert
James Stamatis (Camera Department, Strawberry Surprise (2015))
James Starbird (I) (Actor, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (2015))
Paul James Staffiero (Actor, Jesus Henry Christ (2003))
James Stansberry (Actor, Equinox Knocks (1999))
Stuart James Stafford (I) (Composer, The Caretaker 3: The Just Business Saga )
James Stanley Thomas (Costume Designer, Sensate (2016))
Kathy & James Stabler
James Stangier (Writer, Crusader (1955))
James Star Comes Out (Self, We Are a Horse Nation (2014))
James Stapleton (V) (Cinematographer, Journeyman (2017))
James Stanfield (II) (Self, Photographers (1999))
Roger James Stafos
James Staublein (Actor, Second Chances: New Beginnings (2017))
James Stannard (I) (Actor, Winter Ridge (2018))
James Starkman
James Stauffer (Actor, Joe's Apartment (1996))
James Staunton (III) (Camera Department, 7 Days (2009))
James Stanfield (I) (Director, Job Smart (1996))
James Star Pierre (Actor, Port-au-Prince, dimanche 4 janvier (2015))
James Stanistreet (Actor, It's Not You. It's Bree. (2012))
James Stanberry (Art Department, From Dusk Till Dawn (1996))
James Stankard (Miscellaneous, Eraser (1996))
James Stanley Gordon
Michael James Stamberg (Actor, Avia Vampire Hunter (2005))
William James Stambaugh (Actor, Pinsky (2017))
James Statik Peterson (Composer, Scene Not Heard (2005))
James Stephen Mastaler (Producer, Glacial Balance (2013))
Kelvin James Stallings (Actor, A History of Wise Men (2019))
Fredrick James Staves (Self, Baby Gangster (2014))
James Charles Standring II (Actor, The Almighty O (2016))

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