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James Coburn (I) (Actor, The Great Escape (1963))
James H. Coburn IV (Sound Department, How High (2001))
aka "James Coburn Jr."
James Coburn (III) (Producer, Ring of Five (in development))
James Coburn (VIII) (Cinematographer, Mysterium (2017))
James Coburn (IX) (Actor, Designated Survivor (2016))
James Coburn (VII) (Self, Bruce Lee, the Legend Continues (2001))
James Coburn (XII)
James Coburn (VI) (Actor, Roobha (2017))
James Coburn (XI) (Sound Department, Man v. Animal (2017))
James Coburn (V) (Actor, Petrol (2016))
James Coburn (II) (Editorial Department, 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd (1999))
James Coburn (IV) (Camera Department, The Shepherd and the Orb )
James Coburn (XIII)
James Coburn (X) (Camera Department, Impending (2017))
James C. Burns (I) (Actor, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (2018))
Charles Coburn (I) (Actor, The More the Merrier (1943))
Timothy James Coburn (Miscellaneous, Grief Counseling (2018))
Keegan James Coburn (Actor, Grief Counseling (2018))
James Colburn (III) (Miscellaneous, Hair Gel: A Student Directed Musical (2019))
James Cobb (VII) (Actor, Brown Paper Bag (2018))
James Colburn (II) (Self, Coaching Colburn (2015))
James Colburn (IV) (Camera Department, Hair Gel: A Student Directed Musical (2019))
James Colburn (I) (Sound Department, Blind Hole (2012))
Giles Coburn (Camera Department, Avatar (2009))
Miles Coburn (Actor, The Emergence (2011))
James Cobb (III) (Camera Department, Banshee (2013))
James Cobb (II) (Composer, Spring Heeled Jack (2008))
James Cobb (IV) (Actor, Operation Dead One (2007))
James Cobb (I) (Sound Department, Kansas: Device-Voice-Drum (2002))
James Cobb (V) (Producer, Pawn Stars (2009))
James Cobo (Music Department, TiMER (2009))
James Cobb (VI) (Actor, The Rescue )
James Miller-Coburn (Actor, Don Pasquale (1973))
James Coblentz (Editor, The X-Files (1993))
James Cobalt (Camera Department, Improv Everywhere Originals (2006))
James Coberly (II) (Actor, Must Get More Zahh (2010))
James Coberly (I) (Actor, Screwball: The Ted Whitfield Story (2010))
James Cobban
James Cobb Jr. (Soundtrack, Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011))
James Coberly (III) (Actor, Must Get More Zahh (2010))
James Cobbold (Sound Department, The Wrong Door (2008))
James C. Burns (IV)
James Clyburn (I) (Self, ESPN SportsCentury (1999))
James Clyburn (II) (Self, HouseQuake (2009))
James Colburn IV
James Conway Burns (Director, Dreamtime (2006))
Charles Coburn (II) (Self, 34 Years Later (2018))
Charles Coburn (III) (Camera Department, Wings of Faith (2010))
Charles Coburn (IV) (Self, 60 Minutes Wednesday (1999))
Brendan James Cobia (Actor, Pidgeon Pie (2016))
Jameson Escobar (Sound Department, Enemy Within (2016))
'Blue' James Cobb
James Escobedo (Camera Department, Auctioneer$ (2010))
Billy James Cobb (Actor, A Lyrical Love (2013))
Sr. Mary Frances Coburn
James Chadburn (Actor, Romeo and Juliet (2018))
Anthony Coburn (Writer, The Borderers (1968))

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