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Jake Lacy (Actor, Carol (2015))
Jake LaMotta (Writer, Raging Bull (1980))
Jake La Botz (Actor, Rambo (2008))
Akela Cooper (Producer, Luke Cage (2016))
Jake Lacey (II) (Sound Department, Rocket's Island (2012))
Jake Lacey (I) (Visual Effects, Bait (2014))
Jake Lahs (Self, Kids React (2010))
Jake Larsen (V) (Actor, Aussie Gold Hunters (2016))
Jake Lawson (I) (Casting Department, I, Tonya (2017))
Jake Lacouvee (Self, Flights (2016))
Jake Lackner
Jake Law (II) (Editorial Department, Simulate 2.0 (2017))
Jake Lam (Actor, Gayze (2015))
Jake Land (I)
Jake Law (I)
Jake Lai (Actor, Kung Phooey! (2003))
Jake Land (II)
Jake Lamb (Actor, Devil's Gold (2018))
Jake Lamar (II) (Actor, Mirror Rim (2017))
Jake Lane (I) (Director, My Second First Step (2013))
Jake Labow (Casting Director, Gone South: How Canada Invented Hollywood (2014))
Jake Lane (III) (Actor, She's in the Details (2011))
Jake La-Vey (Actor, Kusanagi (2017))
Jake Lambe (Stunts, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001))
Jake Lane (II) (Actor, Dare (2009))
Jake Lange (Actor, B@: It's a Wonderful Life, Batman! (2016))
Jake Lane (IV) (Camera Department, The Harvest (2013))
Jake Laine (Composer, Red Plague (2014))
Jake Lahut (Actor, King's Court (2013))
Jake LaPan (Sound Department, Red, Gray and Blue (in development))
Jake LaRue (Self, Modern Marvels (1993))
Jake Laisi (Director, Rockstarba: Ensimmäinen (2005))
Jake Lavoy (Sound Department, Back to Zero )
Jake Lamar (I) (Self, Ce soir (ou jamais!) (2006))
Jake Lang (Producer, Separate (2016))
Jake Lammi (Actor, Strangers (2009))
Jake Lanum
Jake Landon (Actor, Outlawed )
Jake Ladehoff (I) (Camera Department, Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List (2015))
Mike Lacy (II) (Camera Department, Rosemary (2017))
Mike Lacy (III) (Producer, Paper Thin (2014))
Luke Lacy (Actor, The Reveal (2015))
Mike Lacy (I) (Assistant Director, The Day When Facebook Disappeared (2014))
Mike Lacy (V) (Self, Good Eats (1999))
Mike Lacy (VI) (Assistant Director, The Other Capulet (2017))
Mike Lacy (IV) (Editor, 30 Minutes (2015))
Jake Laurence (Actor, Orpheus (2017))
Jaksa Mlacic (Actor, Kronika jednog zlocina (1973))
Jake LaFontaine (Actor, Scariest Night of My Life (2017))
Jake Laufer (Producer, Ghost Lab (2009))
Jake Lampert (Actor, EastEnders (1985))
Jake LaChapelle (Actor, Captain Blast (2014))
Jake Langhoff (Art Director, Green is Gold (2016))
Jake Lazarow (I) (Director, The Abyss of Man (2018))
Jake LaDuke (Composer, Self-Endeavor (2007))
Jake Larson (VII)
Jake Larson (VI) (Location Management, Meat (2015))
Jake Lazarus (Miscellaneous, 4 Minute Mile (2014))
Jake Lapeire (Actor, John Caster (2016))
Jake Lamere (Director, The Story of Priest Point (2010))
Jake Lasker (Actor, Senioritis (2011))
Jake Laferney (Actor, A Smile from the Dark (2015))
Jake Lampack (Miscellaneous, Sophomore (2012))
Jake Lavanway (Miscellaneous, Brazilian Wood )
Jake La Motta
Jake Laverde (Producer, Valentina's Dream (2015))
Jake Loveland (Director, The Tint (2013))
Jakela Neal (Assistant Director, Coffee: And Aliens (2013))
Jake Larson (II)
Jake Laslett (Self, Only Connect (2008))
Jake Laumann (Actor, The Guardian (2010))
Jake LaVallee (I)
Jake Laurie (Producer, The Shed (2012))
Jake Ladehoff (II) (Producer, Hero (2017))
Jake Lassiter (Actor, Amplify Hunger Games Promo (2017))
Jake Lavelock (Director, The Extraordinary Tale of Katie Bauer's Breakup (2014))
Jake Larsen (IV) (Actor, Cowboy and Lucky (2010))
Jake Lanning (Editor, Everest: The South West Face (2017))
Jake Lawson (II) (Actor, Dark Angel (2016))
Jake Larsen (III) (Art Department, Through the Pine (2016))
Jake Lawson (IV) (Camera Department, Channel Surfing (2018))
Jake La Furia (Actor, Solo per il weekend (2015))
Jake LaVallee (II) (Music Department, Evidence of Harm (2015))
Jake Ladehoff (IV) (Producer, Alpha Squadron (2017))
Jake Larsen (I) (Miscellaneous, Studio C (2012))
Jake Langham (I) (Music Department, Burn Your Name (2016))
Jake Larson (VIII) (Actor, Never Be Content (2018))
Jake Lawrence (Actor, Whereabouts Unknown (2010))
Jake Larson (V)
Jake LaMarka
Jake Langley (Music Department, Donkey (2010))
Jake LaVell
Jake LaPeire (Camera Department, Final Frequency (2019))
Jake Lazarow (II)
Jake Lannon
Jake Lafond (Cinematographer, Doug Cadaver: Living Dead (2016))
Jake Langerud (Actor, The Evening Star (1996))
Jake Larson (IV) (Assistant Director, FSM (2015))
Jake Larrabee (Actor, Much Ado About Nothing (2010))
Jake Lansing (Actor, Beauty and the Beast: A Latter-Day Tale (2007))
Jake Lazere (Actor, Killer Tranny (2011))
Jake Kelava (Actor, The Condenado League (2015))
Jake Lawson (III) (Actor, One Last Time (2018))
Jake Larsen (II) (Editor, Call Center (2012))
Jake Lawhead (Actor, Eat (2006))
Jake Ladley (Sound Department, Lilies That Fester (2014))
Jake Lakomiak
Jake Laystrom (Writer, Holiday (2016))
Jake Lambourn (Cinematographer, Boxford Masques: Joe Soap's Masquerade (2014))
Jake Lardot (Actor, The Man from Snowy River: Arena Spectacular (2003))
Jake Laptad (Self, 2008 Insight Bowl (2008))
Jake Langham (II) (Art Department, Alien: Covenant (2017))
Jake LaJolla (Miscellaneous, Web of Seduction (1999))
Jake Larson (III) (Actor, Underground (2012))
Jake Ladehoff (III) (Miscellaneous, Infiltrators (2014))
Jake Langheim (Actor, Cross My Heart (2018))
Jake Lawlor (Stunts, Wind River (2017))
Jake Lamanna (Actor, The Life and Hard Times of Guy Terrifico (2005))
Jake Laughlin (Actor, To the Horizon (2013))
Jake Lawton (Assistant Director, (500) Days of Summer (2009))
Jake Lambros (Composer, Cabs and Karma (2011))
Jake Larson (I) (Sound Department, Who Killed Cock Robin? (2005))
Jake Dela Cruz (II) (Art Department, Kokey (2007))
Jake Dela Cruz (I) (Camera Department, Babaeng hampaslupa (1988))
Kellie Lacy (Actor, M (2008))
Jake LaMotta Jr.
Jake Lagan Gonzalez (Actor, Insoma (2014))
Jake Laguardia (II) (Camera Department, The Adult Swim Golf Classic (2016))
Jake LaGuardia (Camera Department, Drinking in the Sun (2012))
Jake Lane Bassi (Sound Department, Breathe Easy (2016))
Jake Landsdowne
Zivile Jakelaityte (Actress, Suominis (1961))
Jake Lamber Gaude (Actor, Ghostly Encounters (2005))
Jake Lancaster (I) (Actor, Reuniting the Rubins (2010))
Valerija Kelava (Self, Givenchy: Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2018/2019 at Paris Fashion Weekk (2018))
Jake Laguardia (I)
Jake Landsberger (Self, Outsiders (2017))
Jake Lancaster (II) (Miscellaneous, Annihilation (2018))
Jake Langstaff
Jake Larragoite (Camera Department, The Journal of Mr. Willaby (2009))
Simonas Jakelaitis (Art Department, The Antique Teeth of Kashpirovsky: To Venezuela! (2015))
Aaron Jake Laloma (Actor, ABNKKBSNPLAko?! (2014))
Jake LaViolette
Jake Lane Bassil (Actor, Tag (2015))
Jake Lancelotta
Jake Lamontagne (Actor, K-Cup Pursuit (2017))
Takela Corbitt (Self, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood (2014))

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