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Jacqueline Bisset (Actress, Bullitt (1968))
Jacqueline Byers (Actress, Timeless (2016))
Jacqueline Bassett (Self, 21 Up (1977))
Jacqueline Bissoon (Miscellaneous, The Curious Case of Vitamins and Me (2015))
Jacqueline Bisson (Actress, Le premier jour (2005))
Jacqueline Bynon (Producer, Psychic Investigators (2006))
Jacqueline Bispalle (Actress, L'orsalher (1984))
Jacqueline Bishop (Actress, Red Lightning (2005))
Jacqueline Bismuth (Actress, Villa Jasmin (2008))
Jacqueline Risset (Self, La passione di Laura (2011))
Jacqueline Roussety (Actress, Danach (2011))
Jacqueline Bidoux (Actress, L'amant de paille (1950))
Jacqueline Biollo (Actress, Black and Blue (2018))
Jacqueline Byrne (II) (Writer, The Lifeboat (1994))
Jacqueline Biels (Actress, The Woods (2012))
Jacqueline Byrne (I) (Actress, Train of Events (1949))
Jacqueline Hekneby (I)
Jacqueline Billings (Actress, The American Ruling Class (2005))
Jacqueline Binder (Actress, Der gute Engel (1983))
Jacqueline Bir (Actress, Le départ (1967))
Jacqueline Hekneby (II)
Jacqueline Basse (Miscellaneous, Firefly (2018))
Jacqueline Brasseur (Actress, La renégate (1948))
Jacqueline Vasset (Actress, L'appel de la vie (1937))
Jacqueline Jisseau (Miscellaneous, Coup de tête (1979))
Jacqueline Matisse (Cinematographer, Living with Happiness (2002))
Jacqueline Heurtebise (Actress, L'auberge en folie (1957))
Jacqueline Billingsley (Actress, Man, Moment, Machine (2005))
Jacqueline Louisse Cruz (Actress, Pi7ong tagpo (2007))
Jacqueline Sissenstein (Writer, The Traffickers (2013))
Jacqueline Bijou Hudspeth (Assistant Director, Please Stand By (2013))

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