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Jörg Rothe (Producer, Klopka (2007))
Jorg Rothe (Producer, Abendland (1999))
aka "Jörg Rothe"
Jörg Roth (Producer, Hot Pursuit (2006))
Sylvester Groth (Actor, Inglourious Basterds (2009))
Jesper Groth (Actor, Journal 64 (2018))
Trevor Groth (I) (Miscellaneous, Unhook the Stars (1996))
Jorge Roth (Cinematographer, Sussi (1988))
Jorg Roth (Producer, The Memory Team (2015))
Jeff Groth (I) (Editor, War Dogs (2016))
Nikolaj Groth (Actor, Rita (2012))
Georg Roth (I) (Actor, Knockin' on Heaven's Door (1997))
Joerg Roth
André Groth (Cinematographer, Only One Day in Berlin (2018))
Georg Roth (II) (Producer, The Scribe (2012))
Joshua Grothe (Stunts, Berlin Station (2016))
Zaida Bergroth (Director, Hyvä poika (2011))
Jörg Rode (Animation Department, Ich will alles - Die Gitte Haenning Story (2006))
Walter Groth (Self, Dirty Money (2018))
Jörg Rohde (Actor, Alles was zählt (2006))
Jürgen Grothey (Art Department, A Most Wanted Man (2014))
Eric Groth (Producer, Paul, Apostle of Christ (2018))
Taylor Groothuis (Actress, Vanishing on 7th Street (2010))
Steffen Groth (Actor, Ninja Assassin (2009))
Peter Grothe
Einar Groth (I) (Actor, Doktor Glas (1942))
Ada Bergroth (Actress, Silmäterä (2013))
Trevor Groth (II)
Tom C. Bergroth (Miscellaneous, Hovimäki (1999))
Victor Groth (Composer, Tear (2008))
Luther Groth (Actor, The Great Midland Plains (2006))
Arthur Groth
Aina Bergroth (Writer, Hiukset (1998))
Günter Groth (Actor, Pedon merkki (1981))
Einar Groth (II) (Music Department, Man glömmer ingenting (1942))
Peter Groth (Self, Die Hochstapler (2006))
Tommy Groth (Actor, Burn Notice (2007))
Jacob Groth (I) (Composer, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009))
J.R. Grosso
Jörg Rohrer (Director, Balko (2005))
Jörg Rohne (Camera Department, Die drei ??? und der seltsame Wecker (2009))
Luma Grothe (Actress, Fleurs du Mal (2011))
Gro Therp (Casting Director, Kapringen (2012))
Birgit Tengroth (Actress, Ebberöds bank (1935))
E.G. Roth (Actress, Sins of Man: Rise of Mortis (2015))
Jan Groth (Actor, Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979))
Jürgen Roth (II) (Self, Whoismisterputin (2015))
Jürgen Roth (III) (Actor, Aktenzeichen XY... ungelöst! (1967))
Jürgen Roth (I) (Sound Department, Hirngespinster (2014))
Peter Grotek (Camera Department, Blade: Trinity (2004))
Nicole Grother (Actress, Her (2013))
Heather Grothues (Camera Department, The Fix (2018))
Jörg Rosskopf (Self, Die Chinesen Europas (2012))
Jörg Roßmanek (Sound Department, Leben mit Hannah (2006))
Jörg Romanski (Writer, Wenn du lügst (2003))
Jörg Rohleder (Self, Bambule - Das Magazin (2012))
J.P. Groth (Miscellaneous, Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain (2013))
D.J. Grothe (Self, 1000 Ways to Die (2008))
K.J. Groth
Jacob Daniel Groth (Actor, Paul, Apostle of Christ (2018))
Steven D. Grothe (Sound Department, San Andreas (2015))
David Grother (Camera Department, First List (2018))
Kersti Bergroth (Writer, Anu ja Mikko (1940))
Anna Groth (Actress, Verbotene Liebe (1995))
Ville Bergroth (Actor, Silmäterä (2013))
Georg Rothkegel (Writer, Clarissa (1941))
Oliver Grothoff (Editor, Westwind (2011))
Walter Grothkopp (Producer, Kommissar Rex (1994))
Alexander Groth (Actor, She's an Animal (2002))
Trevor Grothaus (Actor, Crossed Earth (2008))
Georg Rothe-Klein (Actor, Die Schaffnerin der Linie 6 (1915))
Georg Rothfischer
Werner Grothopp (Actor, Die Toteninsel (1955))
Jens-Peter Groth Jensen
Marcus Groth (Actor, Tali-Ihantala 1944 (2007))
Gary Groth (VIII) (Location Management, Monster (2005))
Jim Groth
Sam Groth (Actor, Best of Five (2008))
Gregg Roth (Camera Department, Body Shot (1994))
Paul Groth (Self, Off Limits (2011))
Jane Grothe (Music Department, Sudden Death! (2010))
Greg Roth (IV) (Director, #WeRideWhy? (2019))
Greg Roth (V) (Actor, God Has a Rap Sheet (2003))
Jeff Groth (III) (Producer, Man Maid (2008))
Greg Roth (II) (Visual Effects, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003))
Gary Groth (III) (Miscellaneous, Insidious: The Last Key (2018))
Ken Groth
Enno Groth (Self, I Didn't Do It (2012))
Ben Groth (Actor, Zombie Grandma (2014))
Matt Grothe (II) (Sound Department, Nina of the Woods )
Wade Groth (Art Department, 3 Way Junction (2017))
Lara Grothe (Actress, El comisario (1999))
Doug Roth (II) (Writer, Penny and Pru (2010))
Will Groth (Self, The AJ Ghent Band: Live at Terminal West (2015))
Jack Grothe (Actor, Okinawa rettô (1969))
Eric Grothe (Actor, Cleverman (2016))
Jon Groth (I) (Actor, Sportens Top 10 (2003))
Mike Groth (Miscellaneous, Brutal (2014))
Rene Groth (Miscellaneous, Die Katze (2015))
Liz Groth
Gary Groth (II) (Producer, Jurassic Fight Club (2008))
Jon Groth (II) (Actor, Nocturnal (2018))
Azy Groth (Writer, Kony 2012 (2012))
Timo Groth (Camera Department, Intensiv-Station - Die NDR Satireshow (2010))
Bob Grothe (Self, Paramedics (1998))
Jeff Groth (II) (Self, The NFL on NBC (1965))
Mike Grothe (Sound Department, Bones (2005))
Andre Groth (Actor, Barricade (2007))
Otto Grothe (Actor, The Oval Diamond (1916))
Nora Groth (Art Department, Attwenger Adventure (2007))
Alex Groth (Self, Project for Awesome 2015 (2015))
Sang Roth (Actor, The Road to Freedom: Year Zero (2016))
Gary Groth (IV) (Camera Department, Taps (2016))
Gary Groth (I) (Self, The Story of Rock 'n' Roll Comics (2005))
Kim Groth (Editorial Department, Kurs Mod Fjerne Kyster (2015))
Nick Grothe (Actor, The Last Sharknado: It's About Time (2018))
Sven Grothe (Actor, Flowers for the Man in the Moon (1975))
Matt Groth (Self, Fear Factor (2001))
Erna Groth (Actress, Åsa-Nisse på semester (1953))
Doug Roth (I) (Stunts, Alien Private Eye (1987))
Matt Grothe (I) (Self, 2008 magicJack St. Petersburg Bowl (2008))
Ed Grothus (Self, A Peace of the Anarchy: Ammon Hennacy and Other Angelic Troublemakers in the USA (2005))
Tim Grothe (Actor, 3 Türken & ein Baby (2015))
Dawn Grothe (Miscellaneous, Good Behavior (2016))
Mark Grothe (I)
Karen Groth
Greg Roth (III) (Actor, Otto and the Magical Vacuum Cleaner (2010))
Gary Groth (V) (Camera Department, Room (2005))
Eddy Grothe (Actor, Duo Valentianos (1987))
Ryan Groth (Self, Ice Road Truckers (2007))
Mark Grothe (II) (Self, Radical Body Transformation (2015))
John Groth (Miscellaneous, The Wiggles: Go Santa Go! (2013))
Nate Groth (Actor, Inanimate Insanity (2011))
Greg Grothe (Animation Department, The Sting Chronicles (2013))
Pam Groth (Self, Online for All: Bridging the Divide for Deaf and Blind Voters (2014))
Lutz Groth (Producer, Der letzte Zeuge (1998))
Kai Groth (Self, Hævnen er vor - et portræt af fange nr. 22, Palle Sørensen (1989))
Jürgen Rothert (Actor, Die Gänse von Bützow (1985))
Caroline Grothgar (Actress, Ein Fall für zwei (1981))
Antonio Tengroth (Actor, Maria Wern (2008))
Peter Grotto (Actor, There's Something Wrong with Aunt Diane (2011))
Ansgar Grote (Sound Department, Auf einer Wellenlänge (2012))
Ingeborg Rote (Actress, Vkus na biser (1984))
Esther Grotes (Actress, I Love You Rosa (1972))
Víctor Groten (Actor, Dientes de leche (2004))
Walter Grote (Self, The Geraldo Rivera Show (1987))
Heiner Grote (Actor, Im Schlaraffenland (1975))
Dagmar Grote (Actress, Kinderen voor kinderen (1980))
Tyler Groton (Actor, Off Her (2007))
Taylor Grote (Producer, The Truman Decision (2018))
Peer-André Grote (Camera Department, Sonne scheint über August (2018))
Roger Grotto (Camera Department, Bold Red (2018))
Linnea Tengroth (Actress, Housewife Alien vs. Gay Zombie (2017))
Lothar Großman (Writer, Einer vom Rummel (1983))
Othmar Grober (Actor, Teneriffa - Tag der Rache (1997))
Lothar Grob (Actor, Spring (2002))
Brigitte Grothum (Actress, Hexenjagd (1960))
Scott Penningroth (Visual Effects, Planet of the Apes (2001))
Robin Groth (Actress, Independence Day (1996))
Stephan Grothgar (I) (Actor, Saving Private Ryan (1998))
How Stella Got Her Groove Back 1998 Groove
Jürg Robustelli (Cinematographer, Swiss Epic (2014))
Jörg Romankiewicz (Stunts, Black Book (2006))
Jörg Rossmanner (Sound Department, Sexy Sadie (1996))
Michael Groth (I) (Self, Hearts of Gold (1988))
Norissa Groth (Miscellaneous, Little Woods (2018))
Hillary Groth (Camera Department, Kill Everyone (2009))
Raymond Grothé (Cinematographer, Duplessis (1978))
Wolfgang Roth (I) (Editor, Miss Austria 2009 (2009))
Mikesch Groth (Editorial Department, Endlich Urlaub! (2005))
Dorothée Gros (Miscellaneous, Music, passion, sharing (2003))
Lauren Groth (I) (Production Manager, Profane (2011))
Svein Groth
Helen Grothem
Jonas Groth (I) (Miscellaneous, APBL 2000 - Apoptygma Berzerk Live 2000 (2001))
Cameron Groth (Self, Chasing Utopia: Episode 11 - Prejudice (2002))
Erika Grothe (Miscellaneous, Feral (2017))
James Groth
Megan Grothe
Ernst Groth (Writer, Zenés TV színház (1970))
David G. Roth (Actor, Desert Rose (2009))
Frank Groth (II) (Actor, Bad Boys Bad Toys (2007))
Monika Groth (Director, So'n Schmaus! - Wie der Norden früher aß (2006))
Daniel Grothe (Actor, Otto; or, Up with Dead People (2008))
Michael Grothe (Director, Nachtspuren (2009))
Evan Grothjan (I) (Actor, The Nestling (2011))
Klaus Groth (Director, Bei zärtlicher Musik (1963))
Ludwig Roth (Actor, I Spy (1955))
Greg Rothwell (Actor, Creed (2015))
Samuelo Groth (Actor, Child )
Janine Groth (Art Department, Bastard (2011))
Annette Groth (Actress, Erobreren (2012))
Lauren Groth (II) (Producer, Table Talk (2014))
Øyvind Grothe (Self, Været på skjermen (1986))
Jordan Groth
Kurt Grothman (Producer, The Intruder (1975))
Friedo Grothey (Self, 'Blauer Peter' im Top - An Bord der 'Italia' (1954))
Domenik Grothe (Cinematographer, Abenteuer schreiben (2017))
Jorunn Groth (Actress, Den nye lægen (1943))
Martin Grothe (Camera Department, Dunkirk (2017))
Donna Grotheer (Actress, Feebee's Hop and Shop (2008))

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