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Izzie Steele (Actress, The Black Hole (2016))
Cassie Steele (I) (Actress, Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001))
Izzy Steel (Actress, No Regrets (2004))
Leslie Steele (III) (Actress, The Paperboy (2012))
Jodie Steele (Actress, The Two Wolves (2018))
Marjorie Steele (Actress, Tough Assignment (1949))
Maggie Steele (I) (Actress, Boardwalk Empire (2010))
Laurie Steele (III) (Actress, Dragon Ball Z: Doragon bôru zetto (1989))
Kirstie Steele (Actress, The Haunted (2018))
Lizzie Stearn (Assistant Director, For Granted (2011))
Abbie Steele (Actress, Shadows (2015))
Freddie Steele (I) (Actor, Hail the Conquering Hero (1944))
Laurie Steele (IV) (Self, Amazonian Proportions (2011))
Josie Steele (Assistant Director, Utopia (2014))
Stephanie Steele (I) (Actress, Arnie (1970))
Janie Steele (Actress, The Blacklist (2013))
Kelsie Steele (Actor, Q.U.E.E.N. (2015))
Mackenzie Steele (Actress, Instant Star (2004))
Leslie Steele (I) (Miscellaneous, Hard Rain (1998))
Leslie Steele (II)
Laurie Steele (II) (Self, Panic at the Disco: The Theatre of Imagination (2008))
Jamie Steele (I) (Actor, Vamplifier (2012))
Eddie Steele (Actor, Junebug (2005))
Cassie Steele (IV) (Actress, Wild Cherry (2016))
Johnie Steele (Composer, Should I Change? (2018))
Reggie Steele (Actor, Hey Monster, Hands Off My City (2014))
Julie Steele (II) (Self, American Masters (1985))
Laurie Steele (I) (Composer, Joe (1966))
Katie Steele (I) (Stunts, The Tree (2010))
Jamie Steele (II) (Assistant Director, Black Box )
Debbie Steele (II) (Actor, Watched! (1974))
Ruthie Steele (Actress, On the Outside Looking In (in development))
Carrie Steele (Actress, Christmas Evil (1980))
Richie Steele (Actor, The Social Network (2010))
Katie Steele (II) (Music Department, Paper Man (2009))
Susie Steele (Self, POWW: Powerful Women of Wrestling (1987))
Vickie Steele (Self, Unexplained Mysteries (2003))
Ronnie Steele (Actor, Red Rose of Normandy (2011))
Marie Steele (Self, This Morning (1988))
Maggie Steele (II) (Actress, Tojan (1986))
Ellie Steele (Actress, Outlasters (2016))
Minnie Steele (Actress, The Scarlet Empress (1934))
Archie Steele (Actor, Old Boys (2018))
Julie Steele (I) (Actress, The Piano (1993))
Debbie Steele (I) (Miscellaneous, National Treasure (2004))
Bonnie Steele (Miscellaneous, Monster High: Scaris, City of Frights (2013))
Lizzie Stewart (Actress, Binge (2017))
Lizzie Steelheart Taubeneck (Actress, We Are the Hartmans (2011))
aka "Lizzie Steeleheart"
Valerie Steele (II) (Self, Charivari: A Fashion Uproar (2019))
McKenzie Steele Foster (Costume Department, Waffle Street (2015))
Mckenzie Steele Foster (Actress, Secondhand Hearts (2017))
Chelsie Steele
Stephanie Steele (III) (Producer, Bad Girls All Star Battle (2013))
Stephanie Steele (IV)
Stephanie Steele (V) (Production Manager, Mystical Journeys: The Search for Miss Mystique (2006))
Bethanie Steele (Cinematographer, Criada De Leche (2017))
Stephanie Steele (II)
Melanie Steele (II)
Stephanie Steele (VIII) (Miscellaneous, Follow the Roses (2017))
Valerie Steele (III) (Self, Franca: Chaos and Creation (2016))
Natalie Steele (Actress, A Simple Game (2014))
Veronie Steele-Small (Actor, Engine Company X: The New Stentorians (2005))
Stephanie Steele (IX) (Actress, Christmas at Ben Dayho's (2011))
Melanie Steele (I) (Make Up Department, Love & Air Sex (2013))
Tiffanie Steele (I) (Actress, Surviving the Hunt (2018))
Tiffanie Steele (II) (Actor, No Strings Attached (2017))
Hannah Marie Steele
Charlie Steele (II) (Actor, Skin: The Movie (2018))
Stephanie Steele (VII) (Stunts, The 2008 South Coast Indie Gathering (2008))
Jeannie Steele (Actress, Midnight Carnival (in development))
Valerie Steele (I) (Art Department, Blowback (2000))
Stephanie Steele (XII) (Producer, The Cosmic Adventures of Doctor Fabulous (2010))
Laurie Steelsmith (Self, True.Health: Body, Mind, Spirit (2015))
Charlie Steele (I) (Producer, Flash (2012))
Valerie Steeles (Self, Great Canadians (2016))
Stephanie Steele (XI) (Actress, Turned (2016))
Stephanie Steele (VI) (Actress, A Fool$ Game )
Stefanie Steele (Self, One Rep Max (2015))
Freddie Steele (II) (Actor, Country Boy Co (2015))
Jennifer Marie Steele (I)
Jennifer Marie Steele (II) (Actress, Transcendent (2012))

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