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Isabel Lucas (I) (Actress, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009))
Isabel Lucas (II) (Visual Effects, Torrente 5: Operación Eurovegas (2014))
Isabel Lucas (III)
Abel Lucas (Actor, Living with Trevor (2017))
Isabelle Lucas (Actress, Outland (1981))
Lucas Abel (Editor, Against the Odds (2014))
Annabel Lucas
Isabel Lucus (Director, Clover Love (2012))
Isabel Lucena (Actress, João Só: A Marte (2010))
Isabella Cascarano (Actress, Beast Mode (2017))
Isabel Luque (Actress, Pieces (1982))
Isabelle Deluce (Actress, Trick 'r Treat (2007))
Isabella Castillo (Actress, Grachi (2011))
Lucas Isabella (Miscellaneous, Dark Skies (2013))
Lucas Abela (Self, Lanfranchi's Memorial Discotheque (2010))
Isabel Lunden (Actress, Inside (2013))
Isabel Luna (Actress, Santo Enredo (1995))
Isabel Luke (Actress, El oreja rajada (1980))
Isabel Lumani
Isabel Lluró Cuca (Actress, Expo-X (1994))
Lucas Labelle
Annalisa Bellucci (Make Up Department, Chrysalis (2007))
Isabel Luciano (Actress, Caprichosa y millonaria (1940))
Isabelle Fallu (Miscellaneous, Countdown (2016))
Lucas Abelanet (Actor, Feux rouges (2004))
Lucía Isabel Bazan (Actress, Buroinfierno (2009))
Luca Belluccini (Cinematographer, In forma: Dimensione benessere (2014))
Elisabeth Lucas (Costume Department, The Scent of Gentlemen (2015))
Teresa Bellucci (Make Up Department, Educazione siberiana (2013))
Isabel Luis Suarez (Actress, Cousas de Meigas (2013))
Isabelle Bolluyt (Actress, Tien voor twee (2005))
Isabelle de Marcellus (Actress, Les deux virus (1989))
Isabella Galluzzo (Actress, The Tattooist (2007))
Lisa Belluomini (Actress, The Awakening (2014))
Isabell Lukait (Editor, Kanzleramt Pforte D (2010))
Anne-Isabelle Ducassou (Miscellaneous, Douze hommes en colère (2010))
Luca Scarabelli (Production Manager, The Legionnaire (2017))
Lucas Mirabella (Miscellaneous, Ask a Filipino (2017))
Isabelle Bucaille (I) (Actress, Womanlight (1979))
Isabelle Bucaille (II) (Actress, Calomnies (2014))
Luca Bellisario (Self, Katie Chats (2011))
Isabella Paolucci (Producer, Un tango dalla Russia (1965))
Isabella Mastrodicasa (Miscellaneous, Finding Oscar (2016))
Lacasse Isabelle (Self, Sous les jaquettes (2005))
Isabelle Casparie (Actress, Liefde Maakt Blind (2018))
Isabel Castella (Writer, Bona nit (1995))
Isabella Caserta (Actress, Fango e Gloria (2014))
Isabella Cassanelli (Animation Department, Hell and Back (2015))
Isabella Cascioli (Miscellaneous, Senza pelle (1994))
Isabell Cassar (Miscellaneous, Revelation (2001))
Isabelle Lacasse (Self, Le Carré de Sable (2016))
Isabella Casola (Costume Department, Transpapa (2012))
Isabelle Castanet
Isabel Castelló Vidal (Miscellaneous, Habana Blues (2005))
Isabel Castells (Producer, Deshielo (2006))
Isabel Castellano (II) (Art Department, Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom (2009))
Isabel Castell (Self, Supervivientes: Perdidos en Honduras (2006))
Isabel Castellano (I) (Actress, Sirope de fresa (2000))
Isabella Casamento (Location Management, Shame on You (2016))
Isabella Castellon (Actor, Planet Boom (2014))
Isabella Cassar (Special Effects, Helen of Troy (2003))
Isaiah Casabella (Actor, Nostalgia (2016))
Isabel Castrella (Assistant Director, La comida (1997))
Isabel Castelliv (Self, Mandy Moore: Live from Park West (2007))
Cassandra Isabell (Sound Department, Chasing Hope (2015))
Isabella Cassano (Camera Department, La notte dei foghi (2005))
Cassar Isabelle (Actress, Sinbad (2012))
Isabel Castellanos (Producer, Hollywood Justice (2003))
Isabella Castro (Miscellaneous, Death Race (2008))
Isabelle Castelli (Actress, Un curé de choc (1974))
Isabelle Cassar (Special Effects, Cutthroat Island (1995))
Isabelle Casez (Camera Department, The City of Lost Children (1995))
Isabella Cassanova (Actress, Tu turno (2015))
Christian Isabel Luna (Writer, Antes de el usual trafico (2012))
Ariane Isabell Unfried (Production Designer, L'arbore di Diana, Dramma giocoso in due atti (2010))
Isabelle Myre Lacasse (Actress, Le Billet )
Isabelle Huchet-Castel (Production Manager, Jester Till (2003))
Isabella Casalenuovo (Actor, The Pressure of Freddie Bear and the Ballpoint Pen (2015))
Isabella del Castillo (Actress, La rosa de Guadalupe (2008))
Isabella Monteiro de Castro (Production Manager, 220 Volts (2011))
Christina Isabell Chavarria Castro (Costume Department, The Three Musketeers (2011))