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Frankie Ingrassia (Actress, Election (1999))
Ninì Grassia (Writer, First Action Hero (1994))
Jon Ingrassia (Actor, In Her Shoes (2005))
Ciccio Ingrassia (Actor, Amarcord (1973))
Tim Ingrassia (Producer, Hair Brained (2013))
Tom Ingrassia
Jake Ingrassia (Actor, Dog Eat Dog (2016))
Nicky Ingrassia (Self, Louis Theroux: Extreme Love - Autism (2012))
Arielle Ingrassia-Smith (Actress, Lilac Hair (2017))
Jamie Ingrassia (Actress, Defiance (2013))
Robby Ingrassia (Director, Never in Our Town (2004))
Rich Ingrassia (Miscellaneous, Like Jumanji (2009))
Angelo Ingrassia (I) (Camera Department, Can't Get It Up (2009))
Nick Ingrassia (Writer, Always Connected (2015))
Mario Ingrassia (Production Manager, Studio legale per una rapina (1973))
Mary Ingrassia (Animation Department, A. B. Zone: An Anti-Bullying Film for Kids (2011))
Joseph Ingrassia (Producer, City of Lies )
Grey Ingrassia (Director, His Mind (2016))
Mike Ingrassia (Producer, Grand Theft Parsons (2003))
Stephanie Ingrassia (Producer, Hair Brained (2013))
Victor Ingrassia (Visual Effects, Roxana (2018))
Lisa Ingrassia (II)
Angelo Ingrassia (II)
Gisella Ingrassia (Art Department, Casanova (2005))
Lisa Ingrassia (I) (Producer, Unscripted (2012))
Christine Ingrassia
Robert Ingrassia (Actor, Mon âme par toi guérie (2013))
Sam Andrews-Ingrassia (Set Decorator, Robbery Homicide Division (2002))
Julika Ingrassia (Art Department, Ulisse Futura (2011))
Peter Ingrassia (Actor, Brewed Awakening (2009))
Fiorella Ingrassia (Costume Department, Sicilian Ghost Story (2017))
Larry Ingrassia (Self, Page One: Inside the New York Times (2011))
Christina Ingrassia (Miscellaneous, Jurassic World (2015))
Michael Ingrassia (Actor, In the Middle of the Woods 3 (2017))
Marino Ingrassia (Art Department, Pane e tulipani (2000))
Caroline Ingrassia (Director, Mighty Man (2007))
Giampiero Ingrassia (Actor, The Rite (2011))
Steve Ingrassia (Actor, Sonny Boy (1989))
Steven Ingrassia (Art Department, The Usual Suspects (1995))
Anthony Ingrassia (II) (Editor, Promise Land (2015))
David Ingrassia (Actor, Mighty Man (2007))
Rosa Ingrassia (Actress, To Paradise (2011))
Anthony Ingrassia (I) (Actor, Der Mord mit der Schere (1984))
James Ingrassia (Director, Hot Splash (1988))
Salvo Ingrassia (Self, Concours eurovision (1978))
Walter Ingrassia (Production Manager, Tiburtina 63 (2018))
Élisa Ingrassia (Costume Designer, Le coeur des hommes 3 (2013))
Vito Ingrassia (Animation Department, Three Fox Fables (1984))
Paul Ingrassia (Writer, Live Another Day (2016))
Jesus Ingrassia (Actor, The Amazing Doctor G (1965))
Catherine Ingrassia (Miscellaneous, Sire Gauvain et le Chevalier Vert (2014))
Timothy Ingrassia (Actor, Defiance (2013))
Alejandro Ingrassia (Cinematographer, Jelly (2015))
Giancarlo Ingrassia (Actor, Viola di mare (2009))
Shannon Ingrassia-Murphy (Actress, The Subdivision )
Gabriel Grey Ingrassia (Director, Flight (2015))
Jacqueline Ingrassia (Actress, Humane Treatment (2015))

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