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Rick Hurst (I) (Actor, Steel Magnolias (1989))
Peter Strickland (Director, Katalin Varga (2009))
Rick Hurst (III) (Actor, Zwei im Wilden Westen - Auf dem Pferderücken durch Nordamerika mit Marie Bäumer (2016))
Rick Hurst (II) (Miscellaneous, The Pirates! Band of Misfits (2012))
Patrick Hurst (Producer, The Ardent Fruitcakes (2012))
Patrick Pankhurst (Actor, Mission: Impossible III (2006))
Rick Elmhurst (Actor, The Punisher (2004))
Tyler Strickland (III) (Composer, Hot Girls Wanted (2015))
Darrick Hurst (Actor, The Sixth Gun (2013))
Rick Thurston (III)
Ericka Hurst (Music Department, For the Love of Jazz (2013))
Rick Thurston (II)
Rick Thurston (I) (Art Department, The Boys Club (1996))
Patrick Parkhurst (II) (Art Department, Jackie Brown (1997))
Patrick Parkhurst (I) (Actor, Days of Our Lives (1965))
Patrick Parkhurst (III)
Horst Rickels (Composer, Babaji, an Indian Love Story (2009))
Patrick Durst (II)
Patrick Durst (IV) (Miscellaneous, The Road Trick (2017))
Patrick Durst (I) (Assistant Director, Gate to Heaven (2003))
Patrick Durst (III) (Producer, Simplify Your Soul (2014))
Patrick Hursley (I) (Production Manager, Dating Naked (2014))
Arthur Stringer (Writer, Womanhandled (1925))
Patricia Longhurst (Assistant Director, Leech (2012))
Patricia Akehurst (Actress, The Last Night of Baby Gun (2013))
Beatrice Hazlehurst (Miscellaneous, Watercooler (2014))
Ricky Bringhurst
Eric Kalkhurst (Actor, The Virtuous Sin (1930))
Frederick Luckhurst (Self, Cause for Concern (1967))
Heather Stricker (Actress, Traveler (2007))
Thurman Dee Strickland (Actor, The Bob Zula )
Patrick Thursby (Special Effects, In Fabric (2018))
Patrick Thursfield (II) (Writer, The Man in Room 17 (1965))
Patrick Hursley (II) (Self, Hard Breakers (2010))
Patrick Thursfield (I) (Special Effects, Tangiers (1982))
Patrick Arthurs (Self, Backyard Brawl (2013))
Hunter Strickland (Actor, Four Blood Moons (2015))
Chandler Strickland (Camera Department, Suburban Backlot (2012))
Tyler Strickland (IV)
Sumner Strickland (Writer, Bike Ride (2012))
Tyler Strickland (VI)
Jennifer Strickland (I) (Actress, Come Get Some! (2003))
Tyler Strickland (I) (Music Department, What Goes Up (2009))
Tyler Strickland (II) (Actor, Santo vs. The Wookilar (2009))
Roger Strickland (Location Management, Cold Sassy Tree (1989))
Roger Stricker (II) (Miscellaneous, Wings (1990))
Tylor Strickland
Jennifer Strick (Actress, Delivered (2006))
Eleanor Strickland (Cinematographer, Me, My Lass and Chris Green (2007))
Clair Strickland (Costume Designer, Me and My Mates vs. The Zombie Apocalypse (2015))
Alexander Stricker (Actor, Patient 39 (2018))
Peter Stricker (Self, Mensche i de Ostschwiz (2017))
Patrick Verstraeten (Actor, Schellebelle 1919 (2011))
John Torstrick (Composer, Someday I Suppose (2005))
Roger Stricker (I) (Make Up Department, Roseanne (1988))
Tyler Strickland (V)
Frieder Stricker (Actor, Die Geisha (1972))
Jennifer Strickland (III) (Writer, Ben 10 (2016))
Patrick Verstraete (Producer, Idi Amin's Boat (2018))
Lucinda Harstrick (Camera Department, The T (2018))
Spencer Strickland (I) (Self, From Wood to Singing Guitar (2009))
Forrest R. Strickland (Actor, Nightmare City )
Spencer Strickland (II) (Actress, Jack Logan (2016))
Jennifer Strickland (II) (Self, Girl Perfect Docudrama (2012))
Heather Strickland (Actress, In an Instant (2015))
Lucy Harstrick (Miscellaneous, Captain Fantastic (2016))
Roger Strickler (Self, Railroad Alaska (2013))
Walter Strickland (Actor, Zombellas (2017))
Lauren Strickland (Miscellaneous, The Pitch (2012))
Maureen Strickland (Production Manager, Parsley Days (2000))
Amber Starr Dewhurst-Richens (Actress, Young Souls (2011))
Christopher Strickland (Writer, Cross Life (2007))
Kaliyah Shamar Strickland (Actress, Pubert (2008))
Eli Trainor Strickland (Miscellaneous, Devious Maids (2013))
Richard Hurst (IV) (Actor, Prisoner (1979))

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