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Brent Anthony (I) (Actor, The Chair (2016))
Anthony Hunt (I) (Actor, Wallander (2008))
Anthony Fantano (Writer, The Needle Drop (2009))
Brent Anthony (VI) (Actor, Dead Weight (2015))
Anthony Hunt (II)
Anthony Hunt (VII) (Music Department, Don Giovanni (2011))
Anthony Hunt (VI) (Art Department, Dread (2009))
Anthony Hunt (VIII) (Actor, Aussie Gay Sitcom: Buck House (1998))
Anthony Hunt (IX) (Self, The Brits Who Built the Modern World (2014))
Anthony Hunt (III) (Actor, Murder Call (1997))
Anthony Hunt (V) (Actor, White Elephant (2011))
Anthony Hunt (IV) (Actor, Verdict (2014))
Anthony Hunt (X) (Actor, Great Expectations (2014))
Anthony Hunt (XI) (Actor, Beach Blanket Frankenstein (2015))
Grant Anthony (Actor, Great Performances (1971))
Brent Anthony (V)
Clint Anthony (Actor, 7 Hours (2011))
Brent Anthony (IV)
Kent Anthony (Editorial Department, Shadow of the Hawk (1976))
Brent Anthony (II) (Art Department, One Hell of a Plan (2010))
Saint Anthony (Actor, Hello Au Revoir (2018))
Brent Anthony (III) (Miscellaneous, Ultimate Spider-Man (2012))
Robert Anthony Hunt (Actor, Dallas (2012))
Anthony Armentano (Actor, Monkey with a Mustache (2013))
Vincent Anthony (III) (Actor, 404 (2015))
Anthony Fontana (I) (Actor, Deuce of Spades (2011))
Anthony Sant'Anselmo (Miscellaneous, Team America: World Police (2004))
Anthony Montanino (I) (Miscellaneous, Men, Women & Children (2014))
Anthony Hunter (III) (Actor, Dead End (2010))
Anthony Hunter (VII)
Anthony Perry Hunt (Director, Cuniculus (2015))
Anthony Hunter (IV) (Editor, The Sex Trade (2012))
Hunter Anthony
Anthony Huntrod
Anthony Hunter (V)
Anthony Hunter (I) (Miscellaneous, Legends (2003))
Anthony Hunter (VI) (Director, Salad (2001))
Anthony Hunter (II) (Actor, Brain Warehouse (2007))
Anthony Hunter (VIII) (Actor, Let Go (2014))
Anthony Chiarantano (Visual Effects, Mad Max: Fury Road (2015))
Anthony Suntay (I) (Actor, A.B. Normal College (Todo na 'yan! Kulang pa 'yun!) (2003))
Anthony Fountain (V) (Producer, Unpaid (2017))
Anthony Fountain (III) (Make Up Department, Waiting for the Storm (2017))
Anthony Giunta (Make Up Department, The Woodsman (2004))
Anthony Fountain (II) (Special Effects, The Walking Deceased (2015))
Anthony Fountain (I) (Actor, Love My Way (2004))
Anthony Suntay (II) (Self, ONE Fighting Championship 10: Champions and Warriors (2013))
Anthony Fountain (IV) (Assistant Director, Strange Places )
Anthony P. Giunta III (Make Up Department, Hounddog (2007))
Anthony Fontanez (Camera Department, Just My (Racial) Type (2016))
Anthony Quintano (Producer, Education Nation: Teacher Town Hall (2010))
Anthony Fontane (Actor, La gatta in calore (1972))
Anthony Montaner (Visual Effects, Black Panther (2018))
Anthony Celentano
Vincent Anthony (II) (Self, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (1968))
Anthony Jacob Santana (Actor, Time in Between )
Anthony Quintana (Miscellaneous, Manuela and Manuel (2007))
Anthony Montanino (II) (Animation Department, It All Started with Mom (2013))
Anthony Santaniello (Actor, Origins (2015))
Vincent Anthony (IV) (Actor, Phaesporia (2015))
Feisal Saint-Anthony (Actor, Das gestohlene Gesicht (1991))
Anthony Santangelo (I) (Actor, Scars of a Predator )
Anthony Santangelo (II)
Anthony Tantalo (Make Up Department, The Hole (2009))
Anthony Santana (Actor, Raspberry Magic (2010))
Vincent Anthony (I) (Actor, S.O.L.stice (2014))
Vincent Anthony (VI) (Actor, That's Not a Thing (2016))
Clint Anthony Olivo
Anthony Maentanis (Art Department, Stir of Echoes (1999))
Anthony Montano (II) (Actor, On-Site (2018))
Anthony Montanez (Actor, Tweeked (2001))
Vincent Anthony (V)
Anthony Montanio (Miscellaneous, Jessie (2011))
Anthony Montana (Miscellaneous, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (2003))
Anthony Montano (I) (Music Department, At the Concert Hall (2008))
Anthony Fontana (II) (Miscellaneous, That Hashtag Show (2013))
Anthony Carfantan (Sound Department, Amontillado (2007))
Clint Anthony Jamias (Camera Department, Ipaglaban mo (2014))
Vincent Anthony Labarbera (Actor, Beauty School (1993))
Anthony Joseph Giunta (Director, Contest (2013))
Trent Anthony Davis Jr. (Actor, Chi-Raq (2015))
Vincent Anthony Gerace (Producer, Meeting of Minds (2014))
Anthony Montana Sliot (Actor, A Convenient Truth (2014))

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