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Rance Howard (Actor, Nebraska (2013))
Howard Raishbrook (Miscellaneous, Nightcrawler (2014))
Howard Ray (III) (Transportation Department, Alpha Male (2006))
Howard Ray (I) (Actor, 15 Seconds (2008))
Howard Ransom (Writer, Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes (1974))
Howard Randall (Self, Bill Moyers' Journal (1972))
Frances Howard (I) (Actress, The Shock Punch (1925))
Terrance Howard (Miscellaneous, Run (2013))
Howard Rayner (I) (Costume Department, The Madness of King George (1994))
Howard France (I) (Actor, Beyond Redemption (2011))
Howard France (II) (Miscellaneous, Bowl of Dreams (2011))
Howard Rainey (Actor, Rude Boy (1980))
Howard Raskin (Actor, Epiphany: The Journey Begins (2016))
Howard Ramos (Composer, One Stolen Moment in Time (2013))
Howard Raines (Miscellaneous, Fight Science (2006))
Howard Raik (Actor, Day of the Tergiversate (2017))
Howard Ramsom (Actor, Big Time (1977))
Howard Raynor (Director, Polar (2011))
Howard Rayner (II) (Visual Effects, Alien: Isolation (2014))
Howard Rains
Howard Raske (Miscellaneous, On Location: Women of the Night (1987))
Howard Ramor (Producer, Indian (1977))
Howard Rada (Art Department, The Spirit of '76 (1990))
Howard Rabach (Composer, Carnival Mirror (2017))
Chance Howard (I) (Actor, Indelible (2017))
Vance Howard (Actor, One Step Beyond (1959))
Lance Howard (II) (Self, Pinoy Big Brother (2005))
Howard Randolph (I) (Actor, Horror of the Hungry Humongous Hungan (1991))
Howard Randolph (III) (Camera Department, Affliction (2018))
Howard Randolph (II) (Editor, Body Bag (2000))
Dana Howard Randles (Production Manager, One Life to Live (2013))
Lance W. Howard (Actor, Brown Shoe Diaries (2017))
Chance Howard (II) (Actor, Womanliness (2017))
Lance Howard (IV) (Visual Effects, Boar (2018))
Chance Howard (III) (Actor, Dog Tag (2018))
Howard Ralston (Actor, Pollyanna (1920))
Howard Rawlinson (Actor, Z Cars (1962))
Howard Ray Huff (Actor, Angels' Brigade (1979))
Howard D. Liverance (Miscellaneous, A Pirate's Tale (2016))
Frances Howard (II) (Actress, The Battlers (1968))
Howard Raymond (Self, Battle of Soho (2017))
Howard Rabinowitz (I) (Writer, Sky Blue (2003))
Howard Rayfiel (Writer, Kate McShane (1975))
Howard Ragsdale (Actor, Badlands (1973))
Lucy Howard Rails (Camera Department, Lindsay Loves Learning (2007))
Howard Rayfield (Writer, ABC Afterschool Specials (1972))
Howard Rabinowitz (II)
Howard Rachofsky (Self, The Starck Club (2016))
Howard Ray Gunter (Actor, Finding Chambers (2016))
John Francis Howard (Actor, Purge (2010))
Constance Howard (I) (Actress, The Smart Set (1928))
Constance C. Howard (Actress, Eve of October: Sol Trinity (2014))
Constance Howard (II) (Actor, The Wolf's Robe )
Howard Chancellor
Terri Steward Ranch
Terrance Collins-Howard (Writer, Hook Up My Son! (2014))
Frances Howard Gordon (Self, Making the Most of the Micro (1982))
Francis Howard (IV)
Francis Howard (VIII)
Francis Howard (V) (Self, Pathé's Weekly, No. 21 (1912))
Francis Howard (I) (Actor, The Killing Edge (1984))
Francis Howard (IX) (Producer, Dealin' Dirty (2003))
Francis Howard (III) (Camera Department, Innate (2014))
Francis Howard (II) (Camera Department, Lust for Freedom (1987))
Francis Howard (VII) (Camera Department, Moving Back in All Directions (2018))
Howard Francis (Actor, The Army Game (1957))
Francis Howard (VI)
Howard-Paysee Dancers (Actor, Hit Tune Jamboree (1943))
Francis Humphrey Howard (II)
Francis Humphrey Howard (I) (Actor, Clambake (1967))
Francis Morton Howard (Writer, Mr. Chedworth Steps Out (1939))
Howard Ray Executive Transport Services (Transportation Department, Kids in Love (2016))