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Helen White (X) (Actress, Bust (1987))
Helen White (V) (Camera Department, Bid for My Life (2015))
Helen White (III) (Self, Dirt! The Movie (2009))
Helen Whitehouse (I) (Actress, Bent (1997))
Helen White (VII) (Miscellaneous, Wildest India (2012))
Helen White (II) (Producer, Britain in Bloom (2018))
Helen White (VI) (Miscellaneous, Resident Evil 6 (Commercial) (2012))
Helen Whitelow (Actress, A Mom for Christmas (1990))
Jeremy Allen White (Actor, Shameless (2011))
Helen White (IV) (Miscellaneous, BBC Proms (2011))
Helen White (VIII) (Self, Fiddlin' (2018))
Helen White (XI) (Actor, The Racket (2018))
Helen White (I) (Actress, Baptists at Our Barbecue (2004))
Helen Whiteley (Producer, Shadow Halation (2009))
Helen Whitson (Miscellaneous, Dr. No (1962))
Glen White (II) (Actor, The Schedule (1997))
Helen Whitney (Director, Frontline (1983))
Glen White (I) (Actor, Camille (1917))
Len White (Visual Effects, The 6th Day (2000))
Helen Whitman (Animation Department, Happily Ever After (1990))
Helen Whiting (III) (Make Up Department, Mr. Bean (1990))
Helen Whitty
Helen Whiting (I) (Actress, The Phantom Kid (1977))
Helen Whittle (Make Up Department, The Meeting Place (2011))
Helen Whiting (II) (Assistant Director, The Honeytrap (2002))
Helen Whitehouse (II) (Miscellaneous, Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs (2007))
Helen Whitelaw
Cynthia Helen White
Helen Whitehead (Sound Department, Truly Madly Deeply (1990))
Kate Helen White (Actress, The Sleeping Dictionary (2003))
Ellen White (V) (Miscellaneous, Whitney (2018))
Ellen White (IV) (Actor, Horseplay 2: Black Beauty (2018))
Allen White (III) (Cinematographer, Britain at Bay (1940))
Len Whitehead (Thanks, Lost Heroes of World War One (2011))
Rowlen White (Art Department, The Silent Princess (2018))
Allen White (VII) (Actor, The Friar's Lantern (2013))
Glen Whiteman (Self, Stage 4: Braving Uncertainty (2018))
Allen White (VIII) (Actor, The Friar's Lantern, A Comedy of Terrors (2015))
Cullen White (Actor, Bite Me Back (2010))
Kellen White (Actor, Fresh Off the Boat (2015))
Allen White (I) (Writer, Me & Mrs. Jones (2001))
Allen White (IX) (Costume Department, Bodies of Water (2018))
Allen White (VI) (Actor, Mr. Doppler's Effect (2012))
Ellen White (III) (Self, The Women's Football Show (2013))
Ellen White (I) (Actress, Sacred Trust: An Indigenous Perspective (2008))
Galen White (Self, Screen Junkies Movie Fights (2014))
Suellen White (Actor, How Do You Like Them Apples? (2011))
Glen Whiteford (Camera Department, Adventures in Dinosaur City (1991))
Allen White (IV) (Self, Ultimate Playground (2005))
Ellen White (II) (Actress, Harbour (1967))
Allen White (V) (Production Designer, Sins of the Father (2009))
Ben Whiteley (Music Department, Nuit blanche (2009))
Ken Whiteley (Composer, Falling Angels (2003))
Helen Whiskey (Actress, Stabbed in the Face (2004))
Helen Whincup (Make Up Department, Freight (2010))
Helen While (Miscellaneous, Wildest Africa (2010))
Helen Whittaker (II) (Self, Britain's Most Fragile Treasure (2011))
Helen Whitwell (Miscellaneous, Silent Witness (1996))
Helen Whittaker (I) (Miscellaneous, Bail Jumper (1990))
Helen Whitton Bruce (II) (Actor, Vandalis (2014))
Helen Whitfield
Helen Whitton Bruce (I)
Ellen White Kyei (Actress, Fake Feelings (2007))
Helene White (Producer, Women in Motion (2011))
Helene M. White (Actress, Cyber-Tracker 2 (1995))
Mary Ellen White (Self, The Paul Ryan Show (1977))
Forest Glen Whitehead (Soundtrack, The 59th Annual Grammy Awards (2017))
Greg Allen Whitesell (Actor, Sorority Girls and the Creature from Hell (1990))
Glen Whitehurst (Self, Day of the Shark (2008))
David Allen White (Self, The Secret Still Silenced (2009))
William Allen White (Writer, In the Heart of a Fool (1920))
Sue Ellen White (Actress, Santa Claws (1996))
Caroleen Whiteley (Miscellaneous, Second Chance: Making It Work (2002))
Warren Whiteley (Self, The Dan Nicholl Show (2015))
Aiden Whiteley (Animation Department, I Wish I Went to Ecuador (2011))
Lauren Whiteley (Actor, Upon a Midnight Clear (2009))
Loveleen White (Miscellaneous, Joy Ride Turbo (2012))
Damien Whiteley (Editor, My Pet's Gone Viral (2013))
Kirsten Whiteley (Animation Department, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (2010))
Lauren White Steele (Producer, Gardening by the Yard (2004))
Stephen Whiteley (Producer, Re/collection (2017))
Gaelen Whittemore (Actor, The Discussion (2009))
Christopher Allen White (Actor, Second Thoughts (2012))
Helen Marla White (Actress, What Happened to Girl's Night? (2018))
Helene Whitehall (Cinematographer, Small Time (1996))
Helene Whitson
Helen Musselwhite (Self, Made You Look (2015))
Kate McClure (Actress, Amish Haunting (2014))
Helen Eustis (Writer, The Fool Killer (1965))

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