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Richard Harris (I) (Actor, Gladiator (2000))
Richard Harrington (I) (Actor, Hinterland (2013))
Richard Harrison (II) (Actor, Secret Agent Fireball (1965))
Richard Harris (II) (Writer, Man in a Suitcase (1967))
Richard Harrison (XXIV) (Thanks, Pawn Stars (2009))
Steve Richard Harris (Actor, Sex and the City (1998))
Richard Harris (VI) (Assistant Director, Four Lions (2010))
Eric Harris (V) (Actor, Radioactive Clothing (1998))
Chris Richard (II) (Animation Department, Anthony Ant (1999))
Chris Richard (III) (Self, Sunday Night Baseball (1990))
Cris Richards (Composer, The Bouncer (2013))
Kris Richard (I) (Actress, Death Shot (1973))
Chris Richard (IV) (Visual Effects, Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas (1997))
Kris Richards
Kris Richard (II) (Self, The NFL on CBS (1956))
Jean-Louis Richard (Writer, Fahrenheit 451 (1966))
Zedric Harris (Stunts, The Amazing Spider-Man (2012))
Chris Richardson (V) (Composer, Paris Hilton: Come Alive (2014))
Denis Richard (III) (Actor, The Phantoms (2012))
Chris Richards (XIX) (Actor, Castle Rock (2018))
Michele Lamar Richards (Actress, The Bodyguard (1992))
Harris Rice (Miscellaneous, Jimmy Buffett: Live by the Bay (1986))
Dennis Richards (II) (Actor, The Young and the Brave (1963))
Richard A. Harris (Editor, Titanic (1997))
Richard Harris (LVI) (Assistant Director, God's Own Country (2017))
Richard Harris (V) (Producer, The Last Detective (2003))
Richard Harris (XXV) (Actor, Jack and Jill (2011))
Denis Richard (II) (Camera Department, 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards (2012))
Avis Richards (II) (Director, Tostan (2013))
Lewis Richard (Actor, Kecksburg (2019))
Denis Richard (I) (Composer, Robichaud (1989))
Louis Richard (III) (Actor, Sans dessein (2009))
Louis Richard (II) (Actor, Kee en Janus naar Parijs (1924))
Louis Richard (IV) (Editorial Department, Tazzeka (2018))
Louis Richard (I) (Camera Department, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002))
Denis Richard (IV) (Actor, Cirque du Soleil: Solstrom (2003))
Régis Richard (Actor, Kluane (1981))
Yanis Richard (Actor, Plus belle la vie (2004))
Avis Richards (I) (Producer, Lunch (2010))
Richard Harris (LIX) (Actor, Connected (2017))
Richard Harris (XXXIX) (Actor, Sweet Caroline (2018))
Richard Harris (LXIII) (Self, Late Night with David Letterman (1982))
Richard Harris (LXXI) (Editor, The Boss (2017))
Richard Harris (XLI) (Editorial Department, The Temptation of Sainthood (1993))
Richard Harris (XLIX) (Actor, Postal Delivery (1971))
Richard C. Harris (IV) (Actor, River of Fundament (2014))
Richard Harris (VII) (Actor, In Watermelon Sugar (1986))
Richard Harris (XXXVI) (Writer, Waterwalk (2012))
Richard Harris (XVII) (Actor, The Flying Scissors (2009))
Richard Harris (LIII) (Actor, Bette (2000))
Richard Harris (LII) (Producer, Sleepwalker (in development))
Richard Harris (LXX)
Richard Harris (XLII) (Producer, After Newtown: Guns in America (2013))
Richard Harris (XXXII) (Actor, Portrait (2009))
Richard Harris (LXVII) (Art Department, Annedroids (2013))
Richard Harris (XLIII) (Self, The Brains Trust (1955))
Richard Harris (L) (Self, The NFL on CBS (1956))
Richard Harris (XXX) (Miscellaneous, Royal Recipes (2017))
Richard Harris (IV) (Music Department, The Wiz (1983))
Richard Harris (XIX) (Cinematographer, We Dreamed America (2008))
Richard Harris (XXXVIII) (Director, Serious Mixing Part 1 (2003))
Richard Harris (XIII) (Visual Effects, One Man and His Dog (2004))
Richard Harris (XLV)
Richard Harris (XXXIII) (Editor, An Act of Terror (2017))
Richard Harris (XI) (Self, The Harriman Alaska Expedition Retraced (2003))
Richard Harris (LI)
Richard Harris (LVIII) (Editorial Department, A1: Britain's Longest Road (2017))
Richard Harris (XLVII)
Richard Harris (XLVI) (Actor, That Time We Talked (2013))
Richard Harris (XLIV) (Sound Department, The Beggar and the Road Kid (2013))
Richard Harris (XIV) (Actor, The Burkittsville 7 (2000))
Richard Harris (XXVII) (Writer, Dernier appel (1977))
Richard Harris (XXXV) (Miscellaneous, Oranges and Sunshine (2010))
Richard Harris (XVIII) (Miscellaneous, Straight Boys (2006))
Richard Harris (XX) (Assistant Director, Lost in Austen (2008))
Richard Harris (LXVIII) (Actor, Treasure of Albion (2006))
Richard C. Harris (II) (Director, Henpecked in Morocco (1927))
Richard Harris (XV) (Editor, Invisible Diplomats (1965))
Richard Harris (LXII)
Richard Harris (LX) (Assistant Director, Kat and the Band )
Richard Harris (LXXII)
Richard Harris (XXIX) (Self, Pros vs. Joes (2006))
Richard Harris (XXVIII) (Thanks, Danger 5 (2011))
Richard Harris (XVI) (Miscellaneous, Girls from Santa Cruz (2003))
Richard Harris (LV) (Self, Ball State University: Centennial Documentary (2018))
Richard Harris (LXV) (Director, Something I Prepared Earlier (2007))
Richard Harris (IX) (Miscellaneous, Rollerball (2002))
Richard Harris (XXII) (Sound Department, Six for the Road (2008))
Richard Harris (XII) (Miscellaneous, Fat Friends (2000))
Richard C. Harris (III) (Actor, Step Fast (1994))
Richard Harris (LXI) (Self, Treasures Decoded (2012))
Richard Harris (LXVI)
Richard Harris (XXXVII) (Camera Department, World War Z (2013))
Richard C. Harris (I) (Music Department, The Children's Hour (1961))
Richard Harris (LXIX) (Self, Masterchef New Zealand (2010))
Richard Harris (XXVI) (Producer, Donut Shop Hero (2008))
Richard Harris (XXIII) (Actor, Wanna Watch a Sequel? (2013))
Richard Harris (XXI) (Producer, ABC News Nightline (1980))
Richard Harris (LVII) (Miscellaneous, Care (2016))
Richard Harris (XL) (Music Department, America's Next President (2012))
Richard Harris (XXXI) (Composer, Sweet Nothing (2009))
Richard Harris (XXXIV) (Camera Department, Sanctum (2011))
Richard Harris (LIV) (Camera Department, The Fare (2016))
Richard Harris (III) (Art Department, Brazil (1985))
Richard Harris (VIII) (Miscellaneous, Spice World (1997))
Richard Harris (X) (Actor, The Return (1986))
Richard Harris (XXIV)
Richard Harris (LXIV)
Richard Harris (XLVIII) (Actor, Golf Links (2015))
James Richard Harris (Camera Department, The Neighborhood Ball: An Inauguration Celebration (2009))
Richard Morris (VII) (Actor, The Intruder (1953))
Francis Richard Conolly (Writer, JFK to 9/11: Everything Is a Rich Man's Trick (2014))
Richard Garrison (I) (Actor, A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988))
Richard Garrick (I) (Actor, A Streetcar Named Desire (1951))
Bettis Richardson (Actor, CSI: NY (2004))
Luis Richard Gomez (Sound Department, Tears in the Night (2018))
Chris Richards (XIII) (Actor, One Night Rodeo Official Music Video (2011))
Chris Richards (XVIII)
Chris Richardson (XL) (Editor, Battlehawk: The Aerial Threat )
Chris Richardson (X) (Sound Department, Stranger Things (2008))
Chris Richardson (XIX)
Chris Richards (XIV) (Actor, She Loves (2013))
Chris Richardson (XXVII) (Sound Department, Caring for the Recently Deceased (2014))
Chris Richardson (IV) (Actor, Everyday (1976))
Kris Richardson (Sound Department, Computer Chronicles (1983))
Chris Richards (III) (Actor, Toaster (2002))
Chris Richardson (XXXIX) (Actor, St. Teilo's Year 11 Leavers (2018))
Chris Richardson (XVI)
Chris Richards (XX) (Costume Department, Caught (2008))
Chris Richards (XVI) (Actor, Night Ride (2012))
Chris Richardson (XXXIII) (Camera Department, Could I Live There (2016))
Chris Richards (XV) (Actor, Assassin (2013))
Doris Richards (Writer, Barnet (1985))
Chris Richardson (XIII) (Sound Department, Tattoo Rescue (2013))
Chris Richardson (XX) (Sound Department, Holding Hands for 74 Years (2013))
Chris Richardson (XXXVII) (Director, Stolen Lives: Bexley (2009))
Chris Richardson (III) (Camera Department, The Huntley Way (2006))
Chris Richardson (XXII) (Self, Pawn Stars (2009))
Chris Richardson (XXIII) (Miscellaneous, The People V God (2014))
Chris Richardson (XI) (Self, 1992 Thrifty Car Rental Holiday Bowl (1992))
Chris Richardson (XXXVI) (Casting Department, Urban Street Gangs (2013))
Chris Richardson (XVII) (Miscellaneous, Field of Lost Shoes (2015))
Chris Richards (XXI)
Chris Richardson (XXIX) (Sound Department, The Principle (2014))
Chris Richardson (XXIV) (Sound Department, Come, Said the Night )
Deloris Richardson (Actor, Meathead Goes Hog Wild (2015))
Chris Richardson (XXXV) (Director, Urban Street Gangs (2013))
Chris Richardson (XIV) (Actor, Marty's Magnificent Day-Glo Dream-A-Thon (2011))
Chris Richardson (XXVI) (Actor, Franklin: A Symphony of Pain (2015))
Chris Richardson (IX) (Actor, Who Do You Love (2008))
Chris Richardson (XXI) (Miscellaneous, The Great Christmas Light Fight (2013))
Chris Richardson (XXXI) (Miscellaneous, Starting Strong (2013))
Chris Richards (I) (Actor, A Safe Danger (1918))
Chris Richardson (VI) (Producer, Now You Know (2002))
Chris Richardson (XXXII) (Sound Department, Sea Horse (2013))
Chris Richardson (XVIII) (Visual Effects, From the Earth to the Moon (1998))
Chris Richards (XI) (Miscellaneous, Nothing Rhymes with Orange (2008))
Chris Richards (XXII) (Producer, Cleaning Up (2015))
Chris Richards (V) (Actor, Click... a 'Nam War Flick (2003))
Chris Richards (XVII) (Editorial Department, The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police (1997))
Chris Richardson (XXXIV) (Miscellaneous, Could I Live There (2016))
Chris Richards (X) (Animation Department, Mia and Me (2011))
Chris Richardson (VIII) (Camera Department, My Big Redneck Wedding (2008))
Chris Richardson (I) (Self, Lateline (1990))
Chris Richardson (XV) (Producer, Deadly Shootouts (2016))
Chris Richardson (XXVIII) (Miscellaneous, Insectula! (2015))
Chris Richardson (XXXVIII) (Self, Tha L. Spot Show (2017))
Chris Richardson (XII) (Assistant Director, Commercialisms (2010))
Chris Richards (IV)
Chris Richards (IX) (Actor, That Time of Night (2011))
Chris Richardson (VII) (Transportation Department, K Street (2003))
Lyris Richards (Actress, Wheel of Sacrifice (2016))
Chris Richards (XII) (Music Department, Love Off the Cuff (2017))
Charis Richardson (Music Department, Léo (2017))
Chris Richards (VIII) (Actor, Final Curtain (2003))
Chris Richards (VII) (Visual Effects, Toonstruck (1996))
Chris Richardson (XXX)
Chris Richardson (XXV)
Chris Richards (II) (Director, The Pool (2004))
Chris Richardson (II) (Art Department, The Chronicles of Riddick (2004))
Matthew Richard Harris (Art Department, A History of Violence (2005))
Derric Harris (Actor, Finding Julia (2018))
Char Richards (Actor, Matt Houston (1982))
Richard E. Harris (Actor, Bronx SIU (2018))
Travis Richards (V) (Actor, Neverending Nights (2004))
Omar Richards (II)
Omar Richards (I) (Actor, A Man of the Ways (2014))
Richard Morris (I) (Writer, Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967))
Eric Harris (XIV) (Actor, Black Cain (2013))
Aric Harrison
Eric Harrison (XXI) (Cinematographer, Enginemen (1959))
Eric Harris (I) (Costume Department, Thor (2011))
Eric Harrison (XXVII) (Miscellaneous, Mobile Homes (2017))
Eric Harris (VI) (Actor, The Kung Fu Mummy (2005))
Eric Harrison (XXVIII) (Writer, Legacy (2016))
Eric Harris (XXI) (Make Up Department, Clown (2014))
Eric Harris (XVI) (Camera Department, Seeing Things (1981))
Eric Harrison (XXIX) (Self, Visnews (1962))
Eric Harris (VIII) (Composer, Major Organ and the Adding Machine (2008))
Eric Harris (II) (Actor, The Music Box (2017))

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