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Robert Hardy (I) (Actor, Sense and Sensibility (1995))
Brady Roberts (I) (Actor, Arrow (2012))
Robert Richardson (I) (Cinematographer, Inglourious Basterds (2009))
Ferdy Roberts (Actor, What You Will (2012))
Robert Ri'chard (Actor, Coach Carter (2005))
Andy Roberts (XXV)
Randy Roberts (XIII) (Actor, Any Day Now (2012))
Cindy Roberts (Actress, Rocky V (1990))
Buddy Roberts (Self, Spectrum Wrestling (1977))
Edy Robert (Actor, Aux frais de la princesse (1969))
Andy Robert (Actor, Avis de mistral (2014))
Ardy Roberto Jr. (Self, Wagas (2013))
Robert Emhardt (Actor, 3:10 to Yuma (1957))
Robert Hardy (VIII) (Actor, Mrs. Columbo (1979))
Andy Roberts (I) (Composer, Priest (1994))
Randy Roberts (I) (Editor, Chicago Hope (1994))
Cody Roberts (I) (Actor, A Promise of Time Travel (2016))
Robert Hardy (IX) (Actor, Up from Slavery (2011))
Robert Hardy (VI) (Miscellaneous, Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar (1985))
Robert Hardy (II) (Camera Department, The Silver Moonlight (2015))
Robert Hardy (III) (Production Manager, Defying Gravity (2009))
Robert Hardy (XII) (Producer, Bloom (2017))
Robert Hardy (XIII) (Cinematographer, Pater (in development))
Robert Hardy (XI)
Robert Hardy (IV)
Robert Hardy (V) (Sound Department, Saga Tier I (2006))
Robert Hardy (X) (Camera Department, On Such a Winter's Day (2012))
Robert Hardy (XIV) (Writer, House Call with Dr. Yvette Lu (2017))
Robert Hardy (VII) (Self, NFL Monday Night Football (1970))
Andy Robertson (I) (Visual Effects, The X Files (1998))
Paddy Roberts (I) (Soundtrack, The Good Companions (1957))
Edy Roberts (I) (Actress, Riptide (1984))
Robert Hardy Andrews (Writer, The Man from Colorado (1948))
Randy Roberts (V) (Miscellaneous, History Detectives (2003))
Wendy Roberts (III)
Andy Roberts (XI) (Director, Fanny & Jesus (2008))
Jody Roberts (I) (Miscellaneous, Seventh Soldier (2014))
Wendy Roberts (I) (Actress, She-Man: A Story of Fixation (1967))
Jody Roberts (VII) (Producer, The Instrumental Chemist (2018))
Judy Roberts (V) (Miscellaneous, Autumnwatch (2006))
Jody Roberts (VI) (Actor, War'n MoodPill Music Video (2018))
Andy Robertson (XIII) (Self, Granada Reports (1992))
Edy Roberts (II) (Miscellaneous, Riddle Me This: Why Is Batman Forever? (1995))
Wendy Roberts (II) (Actress, He Died with a Felafel in His Hand (2001))
Andy Robertson (III) (Camera Department, Aquila (1997))
Andy Roberts (IV) (Miscellaneous, Fergus (2013))
Andy Roberts (XXIII) (Actor, Pitcher's Hand (2017))
Andy Roberts (VII) (Self, Britain's Closest Encounters (2008))
Teddy Roberts (Composer, Get Rid of Family (in development))
Andy Roberts (XV) (Actor, Celebrity Ghost Stories (2008))
Cody Roberts (III) (Actor, Goat (2016))
Sandy Roberts (III) (Actor, Sandy Roberts Presents: The Wordsmith (2015))
Randy Roberts (X) (Producer, 4th and Goal (2009))
Jody Roberts (IV) (Camera Department, Where the Skin Lies (2017))
Andy Roberts (XXII) (Actor, The Great Big Block (2018))
Judy Roberts (III) (Cinematographer, What Catholics Really Believe (2001))
Paddy Roberts (II) (Self, The Naked Queen (2007))
Eddy Robert (Actor, Pourquoi t'as fait ça? (2001))
Andy Robertson (VI) (Miscellaneous, Play Ball!: The Authentic Little League Baseball Guide to Rules & Regulations (2003))
Andy Roberts (X) (Camera Department, Jack Dee Live at the Apollo (2004))
Woody Roberts (Actor, Austin Groove Vol. 1, 30 Years Inside Austin's Music (2003))
Randy Roberts (XVII) (Producer, Saul's Melody (2018))
Jody Robert (Art Department, 1959 (2016))
Mandy Roberts (III) (Editor, Verraaiers (2012))
Jody Roberts (III) (Art Department, Unreality )
Andy Robertson (II) (Camera Department, Superhero Wannabe (2004))
Judy Roberts (XII) (Self, The Bob Braun Show (1967))
Andy Robertson (V) (Actor, Dirty Diamonds Are Forever (2006))
Andy Roberts (XIII) (Actor, Work in Progress (2006))
Rudy Roberts (II) (Actor, Boricua (2004))
Brody Roberts (Actor, The Man Who Loved Flowers (2010))
Sandy Roberts (II) (Self, Rod Hull: A Bird in the Hand (2003))
Andy Robertson (IX) (Actor, Across the River (2016))
Randy Roberts (XII) (Self, What's the Matter with Kansas? (2009))
Andy Roberts (IX) (Sound Department, At the Surface (2008))
Judy Roberts (I) (Costume Department, The Revenge of Al Capone (1989))
Andy Roberts (VIII)
Lindy Roberts (Art Department, Hapgood (1991))
Andy Roberts (XIV) (Actor, Enter the Hamster (2011))
Randy Roberts (XV) (Writer, Are You Ready? (2013))
Andy Robertson (VIII) (Camera Department, Josh Widdicombe: What Do I Do Now (2016))
Brady Roberts (II) (Actor, Modern Day Craft (2012))
Andy Roberts (VI) (Editorial Department, The State Within (2006))
Andy Robertson (XII)
Andy Robertson (XIV)
Judy Roberts (II) (Special Effects, The Colour Merchant (1998))
Cody Roberts (IV)
Randy Roberts (VI) (Editor, Rewrite for Murder (1991))
Sandy Roberts (V)
Randy Roberts (VII) (Actor, Apartment 12 (2000))
Andy Roberts (XVIII)
Cody Roberts (V) (Actor, H.A.N.N.A.H. (2016))
Brandy Roberts (I) (Actress, The Unspoken (1999))
Judy Roberts (VIII) (Actress, Ten Dollar Bill )
Andy Robertson (XI) (Music Department, Rockpalast (1974))
Judy Roberts (XI) (Self, Cluedo (1990))
Andy Roberts (XXIV) (Self, PBS NewsHour (1975))
Randy Roberts (XVI) (Self, United Gates of America (2007))
Grady Roberts (Casting Department, Night Court (1984))
Jody Roberts (II) (Camera Department, The Toad and the Butterfly (2016))
Mandy Roberts (V) (Miscellaneous, Lost in Spring (2016))
Mandy Roberts (II) (Production Manager, EarthPulse (2001))
Judy Roberts (X) (Actress, Redemption of the Heart (2015))
Brady Roberts (III)
Jody Roberts (V) (Camera Department, LA Galaxy (2017))
Andy Robertson (IV) (Producer, Reaching Blue: 20min (2014))
Judy Roberts (VI) (Self, The Joey Bishop Show (1967))
Andy Robertson (VII) (Cinematographer, Haunted Airplane (2009))
Andy Roberts (XVI) (Self, Fire in Babylon (2010))
Judy Roberts (VII) (Self, The Joey Bishop Show (1967))
Sandy Roberts (I) (Casting Department, End of the Line (1987))
Andy Roberts (XIX) (Actor, BJ: The Show (2014))
Sandy Roberts (IV) (Actor, Dangerous Intersection )
Andy Roberts (XVII) (Actor, Chop Suey (2012))
Roddy Robert (Actor, La fureur de voir (2017))
Randy Roberts (XIV) (Camera Department, Remote Control (2012))
Andy Robertson (X) (Self, Newsround (1972))
Andy Roberts (II) (Actor, Ted Mack Family Hour (1951))
Andy Roberts (V) (Actor, The Mythologist (2004))
Andy Roberts (XXI) (Editorial Department, How the Earth Works (2013))
Brandy Roberts (II) (Producer, Peace Patch (2009))
Randy Roberts (III) (Art Department, Viper (1988))
Mandy Roberts (IV) (Production Manager, Shooting Blanks (1999))
Candy Roberts (Make Up Department, Hobgoblin (2000))
Judy Roberts (IX) (Visual Effects, The Keeping Room (2014))
Randy Roberts (IV) (Visual Effects, Amazing Stories (1985))
Randy Roberts (IX) (Actor, God and Country (2008))
Wendy Roberts (IV) (Actress, Murder Made Me Famous (2015))
Judy Roberts (IV) (Actress, One Size Fits All (The Hat Is Magic) (1999))
Randy Roberts (VIII) (Actor, Gloria Jesus (2014))
Andy Roberts (XX) (Actor, Ultimax Force (1987))
Cody Roberts (II) (Camera Department, Mi Amor (2018))
Andy Roberts (III) (Special Effects, Babylon A.D. (2008))
Robert Hardie (II) (Actor, The Freelands (2011))
Robert Hardin (I) (Actor, Jurassic: Stoned Age (2013))
Robert Hardie (I) (Camera Department, Little Boy Lost (1978))
Jody Robert Lessard (Sound Department, Liberty Stands Still (2002))
Robert Harden (Actor, Surf Nazis Must Die (1987))
Richard Roberts (I) (Set Decorator, Guardians of the Galaxy (2014))
Harvey Roberts (II) (Actor, All Square (2018))
Richard Dee-Roberts (Actor, Eleven (2018))
Sandy Robertson (I) (Stunts, Clue (1985))
Robert Bardy (Visual Effects, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003))
Robert Sardy (Camera Department, For Charlie (2012))
Robert Prichard (I) (Actor, Class of Nuke 'Em High (1986))
Robert Reinhardt (II) (Actor, Counterpart (2017))
Sandy Robertson (VI) (Self, Boise Boys (2017))
Harry Roberts (VI) (Miscellaneous, Wednesday's Child (2009))
Harry Roberts (VII) (Self, World Wide '60 (1960))
Harry Roberts (XII)
Harry Roberts (II) (Sound Department, All About Eve (1950))
Harry Roberts (I) (Actor, Struck Oil (1919))
Harry Roberts (IV) (Music Department, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987))
Harry Roberts (V) (Producer, Biography (1987))
Harry Roberts (III) (Self, Autumnwatch (2006))
Robert Lee Hardy (Actor, Me Myself & Us (2011))
Robert E. Chehardy III (Actor, My Friend, Oscar. (2010))
Robert McHardy (Actor, Les dents, pipi et au lit (2018))
Robert Thomas Hardy (Writer, The Man Across the Street (1916))
Jean-Robert Hardy (Director, Grillages (1991))
Robert L. Hardy Jr. (Assistant Director, Teenage Graffiti (1977))
Roberta Reichhardt (Actress, Department Q: A Conspiracy of Faith (2016))
Woody Robertson (II)
Randy Robertson (II) (Actor, Zorgon: The H-Bomb Beast from Hell (1972))
Cassidy Robertson (Miscellaneous, Delivery Man (2013))
Brandy Robertson (Actor, Point Mugu (2013))
Sandy Robertson (III) (Self, Underwater Universe (2011))
Rudy Robertson (Actor, Minges Alley (1994))
Wendy Robertson (Animation Department, The Phantom Treehouse (1984))
Randy Robertson (III) (Art Department, Roger Waters: The Wall (2014))
Cindy Robertson (II) (Actress, poliKiDz (2016))
Sandy Robertson (IV) (Production Manager, Kirstie's Handmade Christmas (2014))
Freddy Roberts (II) (Actor, The Marriage Bargain (1935))
Elgoldy Roberts (II) (Actress, Alienate (2016))
Jody Robertson (Actress, The Crow Road (1996))
Cody Robertson (I) (Miscellaneous, Snow Cake (2006))
Freddy Roberts (I) (Actor, The Running Man (1963))
Sandy Robertson (V)
Cody Robert Cameron (Director, Ominous (2017))
Woody Robertson (I) (Actor, Liberty or Death (2007))
Andy Robertshaw (Self, Globe Trekker (1994))
Melody Robertson (Actress, Jonathan degli orsi (1994))
Cody Robertson (II)
Mandy Robertson (Miscellaneous, Only the Brave (1994))
Elgoldy Roberts (I) (Miscellaneous, The Sex Doll She-Bitch (2009))
Freddy Robertson (Miscellaneous, 18th Annual Trumpet Awards (2010))
Woody Robertson Jr. (Actor, Hush (1998))
Cindy Robertson (III) (Actress, Drawing Near )
Judy Robertson (III) (Miscellaneous, Blizzard Island (1988))
Cindy Robertson (I) (Art Department, Good Luck Chuck (2007))
Judy Robertson (II) (Producer, No Bikini (2007))
Randy Robertson (I) (Actor, Life & Death (2001))
Sandy Robertson (II) (Self, Ex-S (1990))
Judy Robertson (I) (Self, The God Makers (1982))
Brady Robertson
Robert Richard Jorge (Actor, Hamlet A.D.D. (2014))
Robert L. Richards (I) (Writer, Winchester '73 (1950))
Robert S. Birchard (Editorial Department, Highpoint (1982))
Harry Robertson (I) (Composer, Prisoners of the Lost Universe (1983))
Robert Hardin (II) (Miscellaneous, Shane (1966))

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