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Peter Guber (Producer, Innerspace (1987))
Amber Petersen (II) (Actress, The Unprofessionals (2016))
Amber Peters (II) (Writer, Traveler's Fate (2018))
Agber Peter
Amber Peters (I) (Cinematographer, Attack of the Jurassic Shark (2012))
Jytte Cuber Petersen
Holger Peter Karberg (Camera Department, Et gensyn (2014))
Bente Berger-Peters (Make Up Department, Fairfield (2009))
Amber Peterson (Director, BYU Sports Nation (2013))
Amber Petersen (I) (Actress, Arc of a Warrior (2012))
Peter Paul Raubertas (Art Department, Mother's Boys (1993))
Roberta Lynn Mosier-Peterson (Writer, LIVED EXPERIENCE: Female Pastors in the Free Methodist Church (2018))