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George Duke (Soundtrack, Spaceballs (1987))
George Dunn (I) (Actor, Faces (1968))
George Duning (Composer, From Here to Eternity (1953))
Duke George Brady (Self, Naked and Afraid (2013))
George Du (Cinematographer, Grounded: The Roots of Revolution )
George Dum (Music Department, School Spirits (2017))
George DuPont (Art Department, Good Time (2017))
George Dugdale (I) (Director, Living Doll (1990))
George Dunning (II) (Director, Yellow Submarine (1968))
Georgie Duke (Actress, Fun Size Horror: Volume One (2015))
George B. Duke (Self, Modern Marvels (1993))
George Duran (I) (Producer, House of Style (1989))
George Dunham (II) (Actor, This World Won't Break (2019))
George Dubois (Editor, Peuples de l'île de la Grande Tortue (1992))
George Duskin (Actor, Killers (2010))
George Dutton (I) (Sound Department, Henry and Dizzy (1942))
George Du Bois
George Dunn (VIII) (Actor, Telephone Time (1956))
George Dudley (IV) (Actor, The Clock (1945))
George Dunn (VII) (Special Effects, World War Z (2013))
George Duta (Actor, Talisman (1998))
George Durell (Actor, Sword of the Arab (1934))
George Duncan (II) (Self, Chasing Great (2016))
George Durant (Art Department, The Third Man (1949))
George Dufton (Miscellaneous, Jess//Jim (2011))
George Dunn (XI) (Editor, Selfie Addicts (2016))
George Duff (Actor, Cinderella Man (2005))
George Dunn (II) (Art Department, A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989))
George Dunne (II)
George Duryea (II) (Producer, Castles in the Air (2019))
George Dupree (Actor, The Carter Case (1919))
George Dubose (II) (Actor, The World's Greatest Tribute Bands (2013))
George Durando (I) (Producer, Blue Christmas (2009))
George Dutra
George Duran (II) (Actor, Z Dead End (2019))
George Duryea (I) (Self, I've Got a Secret (1952))
George Dunn (X) (Actor, In the Moon's Shadow )
George Duca (Writer, Jag älskar dig, argbigga (1946))
George Dutro (Actor, The New Dick Van Dyke Show (1971))
George Dupea (Writer, A Book About Jack (2018))
George Dudley (VI) (Art Department, South Pacific (1958))
George Dunn (V) (Actor, Alistair MacLean: Y'did Nefesh (2007))
George Dundes
George Ducker (Actor, Ex-Best (2015))
George Dupays (Camera Department, Stan Lee's Lucky Man (2016))
George Dunn (IX)
George Duffy (Self, History's Mysteries (1998))
George Dunkel (Art Department, The Last Detail (1973))
George Dugas (Animation Department, Scarecrow of Oz (2011))
George Dureau (Actor, The Big Easy (1986))
George Dunne (V) (Editorial Department, Where There's Blame, There's a Claim (2017))
George Durham (Writer, Texas Rangers (2001))
George DuToit (Self, Doctor, Doctor (2005))
George Duncan (I) (Actor, Double Edge (1986))
George Duthie (Actor, Too Much Johnson (1938))
George Duchin (Actor, Racket Squad (1950))
George Dunlap (Director, The Lonely Road (2009))
George Dudley (I) (Actor, The Laughing Lady (1946))
George Dudley (V) (Actor, One Came Home (2010))
George Dunne (IV) (Art Department, Celtic Woman: Home for Christmas - Live from Dublin (2012))
George Dunn (III) (Miscellaneous, 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968))
George Dudley (III) (Art Director, The Rains Came (1939))
George Durando (II) (Miscellaneous, Paradise Hotel (2003))
George Durbin
George Dubose (I) (Camera Department, House of Boys (2009))
George Duarte (Self, This Old House (1979))
George Dubber (Editorial Department, Beast: A Monster Among Men (2013))
George Dusek (Cinematographer, Santa de Um Louco (1953))
George Dunken
George Dutton (III) (Editorial Department, Dirty Tricks (2019))
George Dunne (I) (Self, American Experience (1988))
George Dudley (II) (Art Department, Remote (1993))
George Dutton (II) (Visual Effects, The Martian (2015))
George Dunne (III) (Editorial Department, Otto Floss: Freelance Watcher (2013))
George Dunsay (Miscellaneous, The Transformers: The Movie (1986))
George Dunn (IV) (Actor, Payback (1990))
George Dunham (I) (Actor, The Sand Castle (1961))
George Dunn (VI) (Miscellaneous, The Making of 'Pocahontas': A Legend Comes to Life (1995))
George Duffey (Actor, Left for Dead (2010))
George Duller (Actor, Hints on Horsemanship (1924))
George Duffield (Miscellaneous, The Devil's Own (1997))
Walter George Durst (Writer, Nina (1977))
George Duvanov (Producer, Band on the Run (2019))
George Du Count (Actor, White Fang (1936))
George C. 'Duke' Zalibra (Cinematographer, The Immigrant (1917))
George Cordukes (Miscellaneous, KKND Xtreme (1997))
George Dunning (I) (Actor, Noisy Noises (1929))
George Duque Estrada (Self, Vlado - 30 Anos Depois (2005))
George Dismukes (Actor, The Bay House (2019))
George Dull Knife (Actor, Songs My Brothers Taught Me (2015))
George Duvivier (Music Department, Satan in High Heels (1962))
George Dusheck (Writer, Ask Me, Don't Tell Me (1961))
George Duerden (Art Department, The Pig Child (2014))
George Du Brien (Actor, Il porno shop della settima strada (1979))
George Durgerian
George Dunstall (Director, Dutch Courage (1922))
George Duchidze (Actor, Negative Numbers )
George Dumitrescu (Actor, Mirrors (2008))
George Duffield Jr. (Soundtrack, Elmer Gantry (1960))
George Dudding (Self, The Mothman of Point Pleasant (2017))
George Dugdale (II)
George Duckett (I) (Self, Horizon (1964))
George Durning (Composer, Starship Valiant: Legacy (2014))
George Dugashvili (Actor, 247°F (2011))
George Dunscombe (Sound Department, I Am Sami (2014))
George Dunning (III) (Music Department, Star Trek: The Paradise Makers (2017))
George Duensing
George Duckett (II) (Actor, The Golfclub Killer (2017))
Allen George Duck (Writer, Central Park Walk (2003))
George Duckworth (II) (Self, Brighter Cricket (1955))
George Dunster (II)
George Dunster (I) (Actor, Sling Bat (2015))
George Duxbury (Miscellaneous, Shangani Patrol (1970))
George Durazzo (Producer, Waking the Sleeping Giant: The Making of a Political Revolution (2017))
George Durrant (II) (Self, Find Your Happy (2017))
George Duckworth (I) (Actor, Dead Man (1995))
George Dumitriu (Music Department, Retrospekt (2018))
George Dubouch (Animation Department, Camberwick Green (1966))
George Deduianu (Actor, Casatorie cu repetitie (1985))
George Dumpson (Self, George Dumpson's Place (1965))
George Duncombe Jr. (Composer, Marriage: Shattered Vows (2015))
George Dunagan (Camera Department, The Running Man (1987))
George Dudasik (Actor, Real Estate Milfia (2014))
George Durham Elder (Actor, Count on Me (1948))
George Dunklin
George Durrant (I)
George Duffree (Self, Satan at His Best (1995))
George Dumitru (Actor, They're Watching (2016))
Sako George Dudaklyan (Actor, Die Fighting (2014))
George DuBois Proctor (Writer, One Million Dollars (1915))
King George VI (Self, The Autobiography of a 'Jeep' (1943))
King George V (Self, Their Imperial Majesties in Bombay (1911))
John Spencer-Churchill (Actor, Hamlet (1996))
Edward Windsor (Self, A Queen Is Crowned (1953))
Duke of Gloucester (II) (Self, Today (1952))
Prince George (I) (Self, Duke of Cambridge Opening Earl's Court Exhibition (1899))
Michael G. Miller (II) (Casting Department, Shallow Hal (2001))

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