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Gene Barry (Actor, The War of the Worlds (1953))
Gene Barry-Hill (Actor, 227 (1985))
June Barry (I) (Actress, The Forsyte Saga (1967))
Gene Barge (Actor, Under Siege (1992))
Eugene Barry (Actor, The Circus (1928))
Genevieve Barr (Actress, The Silence (2010))
Gene Barr (Actor, In the Grey (2012))
Caroline Barry (I) (Actress, 10 Days in a Madhouse (2015))
Yane Barry (Actress, A Man and a Woman (1966))
Marlene Barry (Actress, The Secret (2003))
Kaylene Barry
Irene Barry (Actress, George White's Scandals (1934))
Gene Barros (Camera Department, The Spearhead (2012))
Gene Barretta (Animation Department, Sesame Street: The Great Numbers Game (1998))
Eugene Barr (Producer, Our Five Daughters (1962))
Gene Barretto (Actor, Return to Me (1972))
Anne Barry (III)
Jane Barry (II) (Make Up Department, The Last Horror Film (1982))
Jane Barry (V) (Actress, The Family Law (2016))
Hélène Barry (Actor, Hors saison (2018))
Jane Barry (IV) (Miscellaneous, Jane's Life (2010))
June Barry (II) (Miscellaneous, La mort aux doigts (2012))
Jane Barry (I) (Actress, In Her Defense (1999))
Anne Barry (II) (Producer, Adventures in the Mind of Jack Quimby (2006))
Anne Barry (IV) (Miscellaneous, Obscure (2018))
Jane Barry (III) (Editor, The Box (2010))
Anne Barry (I) (Actress, Night of the Flood (1996))
Carolyne Barry (Actress, Star Trek (1966))
Gene Barth (Self, Super Bowl XVIII (1984))
Gene Barbe (Editorial Department, Manderlay (2005))
Irene Barr (Actress, The Professor (1958))
Rene Barra (Actor, Berlin Syndrome (2017))
Denée Barr (Cinematographer, Generation (2018))
Jo-anne Barry (Miscellaneous, Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989))
Loraine Barry (Self, Dancing with the Stars (2017))
Gene Barnath (Actor, Today You Are a Fountain Pen (2002))
Pauline Barry (II) (Make Up Department, Numb (2003))
Irene Barrie (Actress, The Angry Silence (1960))
Simone Barry (I) (Actress, Pentimento (1989))
Celine Barry (Costume Department, Berlin Nights (2005))
Duane Barry (Composer, Dinosaur (2011))
Lynne Barry (Miscellaneous, Lindsay Wagner: Another Side of Me (1977))
Diane Barry (Actress, Battling Beauties (1983))
Elaine & Barry (Actor, Shoes with Rhythm (1937))
Nadine Barry (Miscellaneous, Little Lies (2004))
Brianne Barry (Producer, Self Portrait: A Story of Acceptance (2014))
Jeanne Barry (Writer, Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955))
Pauline Barry (I) (Actress, The Green-Eyed Monster (1916))
Maxine Barry (Self, British Sex (2000))
Simone Barry (II) (Actress, Rebecca: Off the Floor (2017))
Solène Barry (Miscellaneous, Artistes femmes, à la force du pinceau (2015))
Dianne Barry (II) (Costume Department, Fraud! (1974))
Jeanine Barry (Miscellaneous, Failure to Launch (2006))
Blaine Barry (Actor, AIR: The Musical (2010))
Régine Barry (Actress, La crise est finie (1934))
Ondine Barry (Actress, Pour une femme (2013))
Wayne Barry (I) (Assistant Director, The Year of Living Dangerously (1982))
Wayne Barry (III) (Director, Irasshai (1996))
Wayne Barry (II) (Camera Department, Margaret Cho: Cho Dependent (2011))
Jasmine Barry (Miscellaneous, Paycheck (2003))
Antoine Barry (Composer, Mano a Mano (2014))
Shane Barry (Miscellaneous, Inspector Lewis (2006))
Dianne Barry (I) (Producer, Fortune's Cost (2012))
Gene Barnes (Actor, Where Danger Lives (1950))
Gene Bartow (Self, ESPN 25: Who's #1? (2004))
Eugene Baron (Actor, Basmati Blues (2017))
Gene Barnhart (Costume Department, Scary Movie 4 (2006))
Eugene Barmak (Miscellaneous, Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984))
Eugene Barnes (II) (Actor, Acting for the Camera (2009))
Eugene Barnes (III) (Self, Democracy Now! (2001))
Eugene Barnes (IV) (Actor, All the Beautiful Things (2014))
Imogene Baron
Gene Baratta (Art Department, Flight of the Conchords (2007))
Eugene Barnes (I) (Actor, R.I.O.T.: The Movie (1996))
Gene Barber (Actor, Virtuous (2015))
Gene Bartlett (Make Up Department, Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen (1981))
Gene Baretta (Miscellaneous, Dot (1982))
Larry Gene Bell
Marlene Barr (Writer, The Odd Couple (1970))
Myrlene Barr (Production Manager, The Alive Tribe (1997))
Irene Barros (Self, Fama Show (2008))
Charlene Barr (I) (Art Department, Scream (1996))
Rene Barrueta (Animation Department, Dilbert (1999))
Rene Barrie (Actress, The Rag Trade (1961))
Marlene Barre (Actress, The Villains Anthology (1999))
Darlene Barr (Actress, Browncoats: Independence War (2015))
Irene Barragán (Assistant Director, The Last of the Nights (2012))
Solene Barrez (Actress, Echappée Belle (2013))
Charlene Barr (II) (Actress, Zoo (2015))
Dene Barram (Stunts, The Outsider (2002))
Irene Barroso (Actress, Juzgado permanente (1953))
Larene Barrett (Actress, The Book Club (2006))
Rene Barrera (Animation Department, Fall Project (2015))
Baby Charlene Barry (Actress, Trails End (1935))
Eugene Barrios (Actor, Blood In, Blood Out (1993))
Eugene Barragy (Camera Department, Simon, King of the Witches (1971))
Eugene Barrington (Actor, The Girl of the Sunny South (1913))
Imogene Barron (Art Department, Ice Cream (2013))
Renee Barry (Actress, Mugsey Grant 96 Hours (2014))
Barry Gene Murphy (Writer, Two Wheels Good (2012))
Barry Gene Murphy (Director, Two Wheels Good (2012))
Barry Gene Williams (Actor, Rabbit Test (1978))
Katherine Barry (I) (Costume Department, Humans (2015))
Jacqueline Barrymore (Actress, Police Story: Monster Manor (1988))
Arlene Barreto (Actress, Yoga Xplosion (2012))
Marlene Barrett (Actress, Plus (2007))
Marlene & Barry Greenberg
Caroline Barry (II) (Producer, Snowblind (2014))
Christine Barry (II) (Self, The Jury Speaks (2017))
Cazerine Barry (Actress, Tease (1996))
Christiane Barry (Actress, Bonsoir mesdames, bonsoir messieurs (1944))
Avangeline Barry (Self, Conversations with Windemere (2004))
Natalie Lynne Barry (Actor, Sally - What's Left (2018))
Violaine Barry (Actress, Poliche (1934))
Caroline Barry (V)
Christine Barry (IV)
Lorraine Barry (Actress, The Country Girls (1983))
Bernadine Barry (Actress, Curry & Chips (1969))
Catherine Barry (Actress, Children First! (1996))
Maryanne Barry
Souleymane Barry (Camera Department, ...Et vint la liberté (1968))
Caroline Barry (III) (Writer, Ros na Rún (1996))
Alhassane Barry (Actor, Gospel According to Harry (1994))
Vivienne Barry (Director, Como alitas de chincol (2002))
Katherine Barry (II) (Actress, Big Deal (1984))
Caroline Barry (IV)
Georgene Barnes (Actress, The Todd Killings (1971))
Eugene Barkowski (I) (Transportation Department, Tomato Red (2017))
Gene Barsamian (Actor, Surge of Power: The Stuff of Heroes (2004))
Eugene B. Arthur (Transportation Department, The Man in the Moon (1991))
Eugene Barkley
Eugene Baranov (Director, Skazka pro Nastyu (2017))
Eugene Barkowski (II) (Art Department, The Humanity Bureau (2017))
Gene Bartolome (Actor, Ray Meets Helen (2017))
Irene Barrilero (Miscellaneous, The Book of Truth (2015))
Lynn Gentle-Barry
Denis Rene Barre (Transportation Department, Monkey Up (2016))
Marlene Barros (I) (Actress, Eu Sou o Tal (1959))
Mylene Barrette (Miscellaneous, Quantico (2015))
Charlene Barre (Art Department, Goutte d'Or (2013))
Marlene Barrows (Producer, Rendezvous (2019))
Marlene Barroso (Actress, Carnaval Atlântida (1952))
Juliene Barros (Actor, Inner Beauty (2017))
Marlene Barros (II)
Savannah Renée Barros (Actress, Reel Life (2018))
Dionne Barrens (Actress, Welcome, Sinners! The Velvet Hammer Story (2001))
Darlene Barrett (Actress, Leonard Part 6 (1987))
Jolene Barr-Cain (Director, The Trouble with Love Is (2011))
Marlene Barreto (Actress, A Carta (2013))
Jeanene Barrett (II) (Self, E! True Hollywood Story (1996))
Rene Barraza Jr. (Actor, Battlefield 2025 )
Helene Barrett (Actress, Get Pony Boy (2007))
Jeanene Barrett (I) (Make Up Department, Crown Heights (2017))
Sary Selene Barrera (Art Department, Sundown (2016))
Silene Barralon (Writer, Little Doll (2018))
Marie-Helene Barris (Actress, Evagelou (1999))
Genésio de Barros (Actor, Friendly Fire (1998))
Geneviève Barrier (Self, Du côté de chez Fred (1988))
Barry Morgenstein (Actor, First Lady (2019))
Marguerite-Anne Barry (Production Designer, Un cri au bonheur (2007))
Geraldine Barry Murphy (Actress, Jameson1780 (2011))
Gregory Eugene Barnes (Actor, Red Folder (2016))
Rene Barrientos Ortuno (Self, World in Action (1963))
Marlene Barriga Leyva (Actress, Le concierge (2017))
Betty Barry (I) (Actress, Burke's Law (1963))
Barry Davis (VI) (Camera Department, The Jackal (1997))

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