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Geena Davis (Actress, Thelma & Louise (1991))
Dena Davis (Actress, Jeeves and Wooster (1990))
Steven A. Davis (I) (Stunts, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014))
Rena Davis (Actress, I Crave Your Body (1961))
Lena Davis (I) (Actress, The End of Innocence (1990))
Lena Davis (II)
Tena Davis (Miscellaneous, Manchester by the Sea (2016))
Serena Davis (Actress, My Women: Inst Msgs (2009))
Lorena Davis (I) (Miscellaneous, The Hawk Is Dying (2006))
Lorena Davis (II) (Producer, Angel in the Rough (2018))
Tarena Davis (Actress, Rage of the Mummy (2018))
Steven A. Davis (III)
Talena Davis (Costume Department, A Time for Love (2013))
Redena Davis
Glen A. Davis (Transportation Department, Smokin' Aces (2006))
Alena Davis (Producer, Dead by Dawn (1998))
Selena Davis (Production Manager, Forbidden Woman (2013))
Elena Davis
Karena Davis (Actress, Cherish (2002))
Helena Davis (Actress, Vice Squad Women (1973))
Steven A. Davis (II) (Producer, The Shadow Tapes (2015))
Njena Davis (Actress, I-Be Area (2007))
Margena Davis (Actress, Deceitful Storm (2008))
Jill Malena Davis (Actress, The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime (1997))
Nena Davis Ross (Make Up Department, Disney Channel's This Is Who I Am (2012))
Ryan Malena Davis (Actor, The Unicorn (2018))
Philomena Davis (Special Effects, Aliens (1986))
Rena Davis Phoenix (Self, BloodSisters (1995))
Helena Davis Perry (Costume Department, Star Trek: Discovery (2017))
Treena David Chirico (Actress, 30 Beats (2012))

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