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Gary Hoffman (I) (Producer, Bonnie & Clyde: The True Story (1992))
Gary Hoffman (II) (Miscellaneous, Big Momma's House (2000))
Gary Hoffman (VI) (Actor, Nancy Drew: The Secret of Shadow Ranch (2004))
Gary Hoffman (XX) (Actor, Freud (2013))
Gary Hoffman (III) (Animation Department, The Secret of the Sword (1985))
Gary Hoffman (X) (Actor, Sons and Daughters (1982))
Gary Hoffmann (Editor, The Day of the Purple Sun: Part II (2017))
Gary Hoffman (IV)
Gaby Hoffmann (I) (Actress, Field of Dreams (1989))
Gary Hoffman (XV) (Sound Department, The Locked Room (2011))
Gary Hoffman (V) (Sound Department, The Babysitter (2008))
Gary Hoffman (XVII) (Actor, Flesh Eaters from Outer Space (1989))
Gary Hoffman (IX) (Cinematographer, Nickelodeon: 'The Last Day of Summer' - Behind the Scenes (2007))
Gary Hoffman (XVIII) (Actor, G.K. Chesterton: The Apostle of Common Sense (2000))
Gary Hoffman (XXII) (Sound Department, Science of Steroids (2008))
Gary Hoffman (VIII) (Self, Casals, La Musica Por La Paz (2012))
Gary Hoffman (XI) (Miscellaneous, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992))
Gary Hoffman (XVI) (Actor, Arad (2013))
Gary Hoffman (VII) (Self, Uptight (1967))
Gary Hoffman (XIII) (Actor, The Way the End Begins (2010))
Gary Hoffman (XIX) (Actor, G.K. Chesterton: The Apostle of Common Sense (2000))
Gary Hoffman (XXIII) (Self, On the Case with Paula Zahn (2009))
Gary Hoffman (XIV)
Gary Hoffman (XXI) (Actor, The Horrible 4: RESOLUTION (2014))
Gary Hoffman (XII) (Actor, Black and Jewish (Black and Yellow Parody) (2011))
Cary Hoffman (I) (Actor, Tunnel Vision (1976))
Jerry Hoffman (II) (Actor, A Little Light (2006))
Gordy Hoffman (Writer, Love Liza (2002))
Cary Hoffman (III)
Alphy Hoffman (Casting Department, Phat Beach (1996))
Mary Hoffman (V)
Mary Hoffman (IV) (Actress, The School in the Woods (2010))
Mary Hoffman (VI)
Cary Hoffman (II) (Producer, Men of a Certain Age (2009))
Mary Hoffman (II) (Animation Department, Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated (2010))
Mary Hoffman (III) (Actress, My Crazy Love (2014))
Mary Hoffman (I) (Writer, Badger Girl (1984))
Mary Hoffmann (Actress, Johnny Good Neighbor (2003))
Larry Hoffman (III) (Actor, Roger's Pass (2010))
Emily Hoffman (I) (Actress, Legion (2017))
Shelby Hoffman (Actress, A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004))
Wendy Hoffman (I) (Casting Department, The Green Hornet (2011))
Terry Hoffman (VII) (Actor, Black Sails (2014))
Hillary Hoffman (Actress, D.O.A. (1988))
Bobby Hoffman (I) (Casting Director, The Bad News Bears (1979))
Perry Hoffman (I) (Camera Department, X-Men (2000))
Larry Hoffman (I) (Miscellaneous, A Warrior in Two Worlds (2004))
Jerry Hoffman (IV) (Camera Department, Hungry Hearts (2002))
Henry Hoffman (IV) (Miscellaneous, Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut (2014))
Perry Hoffman (II) (Self, Back from the Edge: A Landmark Documentary-Style Short Film (2006))
Larry Hoffman (VI)
Henry Hoffman (V) (Actor, The Cutoff (2014))
Barry Hoffman (II) (Actor, That's My Majesty (2008))
Terry Hoffman (V) (Camera Department, Dark Blue World (2001))
Henry Hoffman (III)
Jerry Hoffman (VII) (Actor, Please Understand Me (2018))
Jerry Hoffman (III) (Editor, Legend of the Spirit Dog (1997))
Henry Hoffman (VI)
Henry Hoffman (II) (Actor, Neil and the Nun (2004))
Terry Hoffman (III) (Sound Department, 9 (2014))
Cory Hoffman (I) (Miscellaneous, The 2012 NCRM Freedom Awards (2013))
Jerry Hoffman (V) (Miscellaneous, Stone Rockwell (2008))
Harry Hoffman (V) (Self, The Silver Foxes 2: Shape Up America (2001))
Terry Hoffman (II) (Stunts, American Outlaws (2001))
Jerry Hoffman (I) (Producer, Speed to Burn (1938))
Larry Hoffman (II) (Miscellaneous, The Ninja Squad (1986))
Larry Hoffman (V) (Camera Department, Sanvean (2017))
Larry Hoffman (VIII) (Camera Department, Deadly Sanctuary (2017))
Larry Hoffman (X)
Larry Hoffman (IX)
Harry Hoffman (I) (Actor, Moonshine Mountain (1964))
Harry Hoffman (III) (Art Department, The Man Inside (1990))
Harry Hoffman (IV) (Actor, The Race for a Mine (1914))
Terry Hoffman (VI) (Production Manager, My Broer se Bril (1972))
Terry Hoffman (I) (Sound Department, Ironheart (1992))
Barry Hoffman (I) (Miscellaneous, Little White Boy (2002))
Cory Hoffman (II) (Miscellaneous, Filter )
Larry Hoffman (VII) (Sound Department, Edible Love (2013))
Harry Hoffman (II) (Art Department, Trapped (1937))
Jerry Hoffman (VI) (Actor, Together Forever (2013))
Henry Hoffman (I) (Actor, Great Performances (1971))
Larry Hoffman (IV) (Art Department, Jan-Gel 3: Hillbilly Monster (2003))
Terry Hoffman (IV) (Actor, Two Worlds (2007))
Jerzy Hoffman (Director, With Fire and Sword (1999))
Jerry Hoffmann (II) (Actor, Hitman: Agent 47 (2015))
Monty Hoffman (Actor, Howard the Duck (1986))
Katey Hoffman (Actress, Almost Human (2013))
Sonay Hoffman (Producer, American Crime (2015))
Andy Hoffman (XV) (Actor, The Keepers of Kielbasa )
Guy Hoffmann (Actor, Agnes of God (1985))
Randy Hoffman (II) (Art Department, I Love Your Work (2003))
Andy Hoffman (I) (Writer, Long Shadow (2010))
Judy Hoffman (I) (Producer, Local 70 (1975))
Andy Hoffman (III) (Cinematographer, SanFranLand (2014))
Mandy Hoffman (Composer, The Lovers (2017))
Courtney Hoffman (I) (Costume Designer, Captain Fantastic (2016))
Jay Hoffman (I) (Producer, Other Halves (2015))
Robby Hoffman (Writer, The Chris Gethard Show (2015))
Antony Hoffman (Director, Red Planet (2000))
Ginny Hoffman (I) (Actress, Camaleones (2009))
Sunny Hoffman (Actress, The Rule of Law (2012))
Zachary Hoffman (IV) (Sound Department, Shreds of Humanity (2009))
Hilary Hoffman
Zachary Hoffman (I) (Self, Orchard Revolution (2014))
Zachary Hoffman (III) (Miscellaneous, The Hustler of Money (1987))
Zachary Hoffman (II) (Camera Department, Letter Home (2004))
Sky Hoffmann (Actor, Dreamgirls (2006))
Haley Hoffman (Miscellaneous, Jason Bourne (2016))
Danny Hoffman (II) (Actor, Soon by You (2015))
Marty Hoffman (IV) (Actor, Free Hare (1999))
Ashley Hoffman (II) (Actress, The Mad Whale (2017))
Ruby Hoffman (Actress, The Lightning Raider (1919))
Conery Hoffman (Actor, Already Dead (2007))
Randy Hoffman (I) (Producer, John Mellencamp Live at Walter Reed Hospital (2007))
Kaley Hoffman (Casting Director, Joe Millionaire (2003))
Toby Hoffman (III) (Cinematographer, Indefinable (2016))
Jody Hoffman (Self, Hoarding: Buried Alive (2010))
Corey Hoffman (II) (Actor, Operation Nefarion: Mystery of the Horriversity - A Natasha Fighterblade Adventure (2013))
Emily Hoffman (III)
Holly Hoffman (V) (Self, Survivor (2000))
Emily Hoffman (VII) (Actress, Vive la baleine (1972))
Marty Hoffman (II) (Writer, Mongo Like Candy (2006))
Emily Hoffman (VI) (Miscellaneous, The Watermen (2012))
Joy Hoffmann (Producer, Heim ins Reich - Wéi Lëtzebuerg sollt preisesch ginn (2004))
Amity Hoffman (Actress, My Day in the Barrel (1998))
Jenny Hoffman (II) (Actress, Race War (2015))
Guy Hoffman (Soundtrack, The Color of Money (1986))
Gaby Hoffmann (III)
Nordy Hoffman (Self, Wake Up the Echoes: The History of Notre Dame Football (1982))
Tony Hoffman (VI)
Jenny Hoffman (IV)
Toby Hoffman (I) (Art Department, The Tragedy of King Lear (1982))
Cody Hoffman (II) (Actor, City of the Weak: White Fire Alarm (2014))
Billy Hoffman (I) (Actor, Guru, the Mad Monk (1970))
Jenny Hoffman (III) (Actor, Copy That (2015))
Kasey Hoffman
Marty Hoffman (V) (Camera Department, Vir Das: Abroad Understanding (2017))
Nancy Hoffman (II) (Self, My Name Is Alan, and I Paint Pictures (2007))
Wendy Hoffman (III)
Marty Hoffman (I) (Camera Department, Sordid Things (2009))
Emily Hoffman (IV) (Make Up Department, Disoriented (2009))
Tony Hoffman (IX) (Location Management, Run Up (2015))
Sandy Hoffman (I) (Make Up Department, All My Children (1970))
Ally Hoffmann (Actress, The Zombie Christ (2012))
Frey Hoffman (Cinematographer, Hollywood Jerome (2008))
Sandy Hoffman (III) (Art Department, Dark August (1976))
Jay Hoffman (II) (Producer, A Place for Jazz (1992))
Wendy Hoffman (II) (Miscellaneous, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013))
Teddy Hoffman (Miscellaneous, Diagnosis Stories (2011))
Emily Hoffman (XII) (Art Director, Last Night (2013))
Amy Hoffman (III) (Actress, The True Adventures of Wolfboy (2018))
Benny Hoffman (I) (Cinematographer, Hamsin (1982))
Emily Hoffman (XI) (Miscellaneous, Low Budget Sketch Show (2014))
Stacy Hoffman (I) (Miscellaneous, Bodily Harm (1995))
Holly Hoffman (IV) (Make Up Department, Wizards and Warriors (1983))
Naty Hoffman (Miscellaneous, God of War II (2007))
Cathy Hoffman
Randy Hoffman (VII)
Jimmy Hoffman (Sound Department, Rainfall Collapse (2018))
Judy Hoffman (II) (Self, In Search of Puppy Love (2007))
Jenny Hoffman (VII) (Actress, Fanta (1972))
Emily Hoffman (V) (Actress, Demon Unbound (2011))
Toby Hoffman (II) (Cinematographer, Wedding Season (2016))
Kelly Hoffman (II) (Miscellaneous, The New Reality (2018))
Sky Hoffman (Miscellaneous, America's Best Dance Crew (2008))
Roy Hoffman (Actor, Skyline (1984))
Kathy Hoffman (Actress, Devil's Deal (2013))
Tony Hoffman (IV)
Billy Hoffman (II) (Actor, Mental Prelude (2015))
Stacy Hoffman (III) (Camera Department, Lori's Legacy (2017))
Tony Hoffman (V) (Self, Global News Morning BC (2002))
Wisly Hoffman (Actress, Caça Talentos (1997))
Tony Hoffman (II)
Emily Hoffman (X) (Actress, Happy Hour (2012))
Tony Hoffman (X)
Danny Hoffman (I) (Actor, Two Knives and a Hatchet (2009))
Wendy Hoffman (VI) (Miscellaneous, Planes (2013))
Jenny Hoffman (I) (Director, Professor Quixote (2009))
Trey Hoffman (Self, House Hunters International (2006))
Andy Hoffman (II) (Actor, Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh (2014))
Betty Hoffman (Actress, Brian's Dots (2014))
Danny Hoffman (III) (Producer, Soon by You (2015))
Tony Hoffman (VII)
Vandy Hoffman (Editor, JLA/United (2018))
Sandy Hoffman (II)
Bobby Hoffman (II) (Self, ABC's Wide World of Sports (1961))
Nancy Hoffman (IV) (Self, The Incredible Dr. Pol (2011))
Benny Hoffman (II) (Miscellaneous, Flight of the Butterflies (2012))
Ebony Hoffman (Self, Comedy Bang! Bang! (2012))
Reny Hoffman (Actor, Ticker (2018))
Daisy Hoffman (Miscellaneous, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014))
Joey Hoffman (I) (Actor, John and Marsha sa Amerika (Part Two) (1975))
Bobby Hoffman (III) (Actor, The Plan (2007))
Casey Hoffman (Actor, A Moment with You (2006))
Rudy Hoffman (Assistant Director, Murder Weapon (1989))
Toby Hoffman (IV) (Camera Department, Lion Struggles (2017))
Andy Hoffman (XI) (Stunts, Mercs (2014))
Tommy Hoffman (Actor, For the Love of Jessee (2018))
Sandy Hoffman (IV) (Producer, Hybrid Vigor (2018))
Holly Hoffman (I) (Actress, Fierce Creatures (1997))

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