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Richard Tucker (I) (Actor, The Squall (1929))
Gina Tucker-Richardson (Producer, PopFuzion TV (2018))
Richard McKerrow (Producer, The Great British Baking Show (2010))
Dr. Richard Becker (Actor, Your Health (2010))
Richard Zucker (II) (Transportation Department, Web of Spies (2017))
Richard K. Smucker (Producer, One Fall (2016))
Richard Tucker (V) (Actor, The Prize Fighter (2003))
Richard Tucker (II) (Actor, Stone (1974))
Richard Tucker (VII) (Cinematographer, Desert People (1967))
Richard Tucker (XIII) (Actor, Stars on Sunday (1969))
Richard Tucker (III) (Actor, Desperate Journey: The Allison Wilcox Story (1993))
Richard Tucker (XI) (Self, Most Haunted (2002))
Richard Tucker (IX) (Actor, Damnation of Souls (2006))
Richard Tucker (VIII) (Producer, Dedd Brothers (2009))
Richard Drucker (I) (Stunts, A Gunfighter's Pledge (2008))
Richard Ducker (I) (Visual Effects, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004))
Richard Zucker (I) (Producer, The Fancy Men (2011))
Richard Ducker (II) (Actor, The Power (2015))
Richard Drucker (II) (Actor, Sharing the Rough (2015))
Richard Drucker (IV)
Richard Drucker (III) (Writer, Dorrits Chauffeur (1915))
Richard Stucker (Producer, Phedre (2002))
Richard Tucker (IV) (Actor, Song of Surrender (1949))
Richard Tucker (VI) (Actor, Ghost Stories for Christmas (2000))
Richard G Tucker
Richard Tucker (XII) (Production Manager, Skippy (1967))
Richard Tucker (X) (Soundtrack, Down Terrace (2009))
Richard Kerrigan (II) (Producer, A Dying Breed (2007))
Richard Kerrigan (I) (Actor, Hijack! (1975))
Richard Kerris
Richard Kerrill (I) (Actor, River Guard (2016))
Parker Richardson (Director, Parker Production Films (2015))
Richard Kerrigan (III)
Kerri Ann Richard (Miscellaneous, American Experience (1988))
Richard Kerrigan (IV) (Actor, Pet Rock: The Movie (2016))
Walker Richards (Actor, The Shaft (2001))
Dottie Parker-Richardson (Actress, Marty's Project (2010))
The Richard Tucker Music Foundation

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